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Weather isn't the only thing that wreaks havoc on dog paws. Rough terrain, hot or freezing surfaces, sand, ice melting salts, and chemicals can also damage a dog's paw pads. Paw protection wax for dogs is very effective at keeping your pet's paws healthy as well as providing extra traction.

Note that if you're looking for a product that will nourish and moisturize a dog's dry paws, these waxes aren't the best option, even if some of them claim to do that. Generally, they're designed specifically for protection, as an alternative to dog booties. To fight dry or cracked paws, or hyperkeratosis, paw balms, and lotions, or dry skin remedies, are best used instead.

Dog paw protection waxes are made out of a variety of waxes that are blended together and then applied to the pads of a dog's feet. The pads will have a slightly tacky feel after being coated with the wax.

When to Use Paw Protection Waxes for Dogs?

A dog showing his pawWhile these products are helpful for daily walks and mots any outdoor activity in certain weather conditions, typically, paw wax is used for sled dogs, hunting dogs, and show dogs. Wax that is specifically made for sled dogs is called mushing wax (e.g. the first best paw protection wax below).

This type of mushing wax for dogs is formulated to protect the pads from cracking, and bleeding and also to keep snow from building up between the toes. Mushing wax can also be used for dogs required to walk on extremely hot asphalt in hot weather.

Sometimes, show dogs will also have paw wax applied to their pads. This is because the floors of the show arena are slippery, and these waxes are made to leave a tacky residue on the pads of the feet. They keep dogs from “ungracefully” slipping while walking.

These types of dog paw protection waxes can also be beneficial for senior dogs with hip or joint issues, like arthritis. If your home has slick hardwood floors, a paw protection wax can help your pooch gain traction and stability while walking around the house.

It's a good idea to pick a product with natural ingredients that's easy to clean because you will need to wipe the wax off your dog's paws eventually. For example, if you're taking your pet for a ride, you don't want the wax getting onto the car upholstery. You also may need to clean the wax off your furniture, flooring, or other belongings from time to time.

The Best Paw Protection Wax for Dogs

1Mushers’ Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax
by Mushers

It’s important that we give our canine partners adequate paw protection especially from the rough elements outdoors. Paw pads usually become burnt, dry, and cracked from frequent contact with gravel, hot pavements, ice, and snow. Not all dogs can be made to wear shoes, however, so it’s a great thing that there’s Mushers’ Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax.

This non-toxic and anti-allergenic formulation includes vitamin E to help moisturize dogs’ paws, treat wounds, and maintain overall paw health. When applied as a thin film on paw pads and between toes, it dried out fast and was not messy. It can be bought cheaply in several sizes from the smallest at 60 grams to the biggest at 200 grams per pack of 2.

This stuff worked great both on snow and hot surfaces. Dogs could go mushing, walking, or hunting with nary a hitch, and compared to booties, our dogs liked the lack of restriction on their feet while romping in deep snow. Aside from conditioning the paws, Mushers' Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax also keeps ice from building up between toes and pads.

Musher's Secret Dog Paw Wax 60 g (2.1 oz) -...
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Musher's Secret Dog Paw Wax 60 g (2.1 oz) -...
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Dogs may occasionally lick on it, so while that reduces the wax’s efficacy, it doesn’t do them any harm because of its all-natural ingredients. This wax did not stay on our dogs' paws as long as we had anticipated, however. It was a tiny bit too oily and rubbed off eventually.

  • Non-toxic
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Includes vitamin E to help moisturize dogs’ paws, treat wounds, and maintain overall paw health
  • When applied as directed, it dries quickly
  • The wax did not stay on dogs' paws as long as we had anticipated
  • A little too oily and rubbed off quickly


2Four Paws Dog Paw Guard
by Four Paws

Four Paws has formulated a balm infused with lanolin that restores moisture to dog pads and conditions against drying and cracking from constant contact with various surfaces and environments. It’s available in a 1.75-ounce (49 g) pack for easy carry and contains all-natural and non-toxic ingredients. It does not cause stains on floors, carpets, or furniture.

Compared to the above, this dog paw wax is much more firm, making it easier to apply than other brands that are either oilier or stickier in their consistency. We liked the conditioning effect of the wax to dogs’ paws. Leaving a thin film of wax overnight on rough and chafed paws did a good job and the next day paws were much softer and cracks slightly reduced.

This paw protection wax is good for ailing dogs to move around hard surfaces. If walking is already been difficult for your pooch, the Four Paws Dog Paw Guard provides some healing to the paws, improving quality of life.

Four Paws Healing Remedies Paw Guard for Dogs,...
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Four Paws Healing Remedies Paw Guard for Dogs,...
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This product is safe even when licked. The main drawback, however, is again the consistency – we weren't thrilled with its firmness. It was somewhat difficult to get the wax out of the container, which is a minor inconvenience. This wax worked well to protect paws from the outdoor elements but was not that good for indoor floors.

  • Infused with lanolin that restores moisture and conditions paws
  • All-natural and non-toxic ingredients
  • Does not cause stains on floors, carpets, or furniture
  • The consistency made it difficult to get the wax out of the container and causes an inconvenience when applying
  • Worked well to protect paws from the outdoor elements, but was not helpful on indoor floors


3Paw Defense Paw Protection Wax

Dry and cracked paw pads are commonly caused by constant walks on hard icy sidewalks or rough hot roads, and snowballs or stones stuck in dog paws. This paw wax from Top Performanceaims is effective at shielding the paw from these damaging elements. It contains vitamin E to maintain pad moisture, hasten the healing of wounds, and support the overall health of a dog's paws.

PetEdge Top Performance Paw Defense Paw Protection...
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PetEdge Top Performance Paw Defense Paw Protection...
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It is easy to apply, contains non-toxic and hypoallergenic ingredients to ensure top-quality performance, and is made in the USA. It's available in a 60-gram pack or in a pack of two at a discounted price. We've detected an apparent improvement in the overall wellness of the paws – they felt softer, blisters have healed faster, and the dog got more active.

Its applicability for both cold and hot weather conditions makes Paw Defense Paw Protection Wax a mainstay in our pet first aid kit. The texture of the wax is thinner and wetter than the above best paw protection waxes for dogs, making it a better choice for massaging damaged paws. This thinner consistency also makes for faster absorption, which is great for optimum moisturizing and healing effects.

Ideally, however, this paw wax has to be paired with a thicker paw balm to be applied before walking the dog for added protection. For some dogs and certain conditions, this product may be a little too thin, making it specifically not effective enough for dogs that need help gaining traction on slippery surfaces.

  • Contains Vitamin E to maintain pad moisture, hasten the healing of wounds, and support the overall health of paws
  • Made with non-toxic and hypoallergenic ingredients
  • Safe if pets lick it off of their paws
  • Thinner consistency than many other similar products, making for faster absorption
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Has to be paired with a thicker balm to be applied for added protection
  • The thinner consistency also makes this product lack effectiveness on slippery floors


4Nutri-Vet Pad Guard Wax
by Nutri-Vet

As with humans, skin care is very vital in maintaining wellness in pets. Superficial wounds on dog paws allow harmful microbes to set in which may lead to permanent damage if left untreated. This skin care product by Nutri-Vet helps restore dry and cracked paw pads, heals and prevents nasty scrapes, and protects from other potential skin irritants.

This fourth best paw protection wax for dogs is safe and non-toxic, a perfect dog pad protection for harsh surfaces, such as snow, ice, hot pavement, and chemically-treated roads. We found this to be the perfect solution for dogs that have a strong aversion to wearing dog shoes or socks.

Nutri-Vet Pad Guard Wax has a nice smell and leaves no stain on the carpets. Compared to the above options, this brand is much thicker. This could be either a pro or a con, and in some cases, it'll be difficult to apply to the dog’s paws.

Nutri-Vet Pad Guard Wax for Dogs | Prevent Pad...
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Nutri-Vet Pad Guard Wax for Dogs | Prevent Pad...
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The wax’s high viscosity does make it difficult to lick off or rub off the pads it is designed to coat. For certain surfaces, however, it's still not going to be enough – while it's thick, it doesn't aid in good enough traction on slick surfaces.

  • Non-toxic
  • Pleasant odor
  • Does not stain carpeting
  • So thick that it may be difficult to apply on a dog’s paws
  • While it's thick, it doesn't aid well enough in traction on slick surfaces


5Human Grade Paw Protection Wax for Dogs
by PawZ

PawZ MaxWax is another decent product for keeping dog paws somewhat moisturized and for protecting them from cracking. Formulated with all-natural human-grade ingredients, like beeswax, lanolin, mineral jelly, and vitamin E, this wax helps restore moisture. It is non-toxic and safe even when licked by pets, and provides protection against the weathering effects of snow, ice, and other unfavorable elements.

MaxWax Dog Paw Balm - 100% All Natural Paw Balm...
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MaxWax Dog Paw Balm - 100% All Natural Paw Balm...
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Pawz MaxWax is good for all-year-round use, so you don’t need a different type or brand for the next season. Dogs may try licking the wax off at first, but with a bit of training, you can teach your pup not to mind it being there. Even if your dog did lick it off, as long as the wax has stayed there for several seconds, it would have already been absorbed. This quick absorption means it is able to work at once after application.

The wax only contains human-grade ingredients, so you need not worry about your pet ingesting it. While we're happy with its performance outdoors, it leaves much to be desired for indoor use. Due to its consistency, instead of helping with traction, it actually makes it easier for dogs to slip on smooth floors.

  • Formulated with all-natural human-grade ingredients
  • Non-toxic, meaning it's safe if your dog licks it
  • Can be used to protect paws every season
  • Instead of helping with traction, it actually makes it easier for dogs to slip on smooth floors

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