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Review: Pawz Paw Sanitizing Wipes and Paw Wax


We've all become more aware of the need to sanitize our hands in the last year. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many pet owners wondering if they're doing enough to keep their furry family members safe and healthy. Pawz Paw Sanitizing Wipes are designed specifically to eliminate bacteria, virus and fungus that may contaminate your pet's paws.

If you're like me, you've used more hand sanitizer in the last 12 months than you have in your entire life. The constant use of sanitizer leaves my skin extremely dry, so I also use more hand cream than ever before.

Pawz has created paw sanitizing wipes and spray to help pet owners keep their pooches safe and healthy. These sanitizing products pair nicely with the company's Max Wax, a wax that coats the paws to protect and moisturize them. I checked out both products and will give you all the details in this review.

Pawz Paw Sanitizing Wipes and Paw Wax Review

Paw Sanitizing WipesDogs step in urine, feces, bacteria and all sorts of nasty things on their daily walks and romps in the yard. Pawz Paw Sanitizing Wipes and Spray claim to kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, fungus and odor.

The wipes are alcohol free and non-toxic. They are 100% safe for daily use. I like that they are unscented and hypoallergenic, so they are suitable for dogs with even the most sensitive skin.

The active ingredient is Chlorine Dioxide, which is commonly used to purify drinking water. Other ingredients include aloe vera, glycerin, Vitamin E, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and deionized water.

You can purchase a bundle that includes an 8-ounce bottle of spray and a 60-count container of paw sanitizing wipes for $25.48 on Amazon. Obviously this isn't a must-have product, so if you're on a tight budget you may not want to spend the extra money. I do think these sanitizing products are a good value for the money, considering the ease of use and effectiveness.

Max Wax paw waxThe paw sanitizing wipes and spray pair nicely with Pawz Max Wax. The ingredients in this paw wax include all natural and human grade bees wax, mineral jelly, lanolin, soft wax and Vitamin E.

Some pet owners choose to use paw wax instead of dog boots. It provides a protective barrier to keep dangerous chemicals from collecting on the paws. It can also stop snow and ice from building up between the paw pads.

I prefer the stronger protection of dog boots, but I do use paw wax to moisturize and heal dry, cracked paws. Max Wax is made with natural ingredients, making it very effective and safe if your dog licks it off his paws.

You can buy Max Wax in a 60 gram tin for $12.65 or a 200 gram container for $19.95 on Amazon. Compared to other paw wax products, this is a very reasonable price. Considering it is made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients, I believe Max Wax is a good value.

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Review- Pawz Paw Sanitizing Wipes and Paw Wax

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