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Dognuts Leashes Look Good Enough To Eat!

Dognuts Leashes Look Good Enough To Eat

Retractable leashes have their pros and cons. Personally, I prefer a standard leash, but that's just my opinion. However, this new Dognuts Leash looks promising. It seems to be an alternative to all the things that I don't like about traditional retractable leashes.

Don't get me wrong, I've used some wonderful retractable leashes, but they were the expensive ones. Most retractable leashes are heavy and the lead gets jammed now and again. We take our dogs on long walks and hikes, and there is nothing more frustrating than having to drag a heavy leash along with you.

When your dog is 10 feet out in front of you and you can hear another hiker coming it's a bit annoying when you try to retract the leash to keep your dog close to you and the lead jams. First of all, you look inconsiderate for not reigning in your dog, and your dog usually ends up getting tangled around trees trying to get out of the path of the oncoming hikers. Needless to say, there are many reasons that our dogs only use standard leashes.

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Dognuts Leashes Look Good Enough To Eat

So, let's talk about Dognuts! Now there is a sentence I never thought I would write. Once you get past the name, this is actually a very innovative leash. Its minimalistic design performs the function of a traditional retractable leash without all the hassle. It's easy to use and ditches all the complex mechanics found in other similar products.

Taking out all those bulky mechanisms lightens the leash too! In the picture above you can see the finger slots on the inside of the leash. When you want to let your dog have a longer lead, you just have to open your fingers and release the leash. When he's gone far enough you simply grip the leash again to brake.

Dognuts Leashes Look Good Enough To Eat

Dognuts says their leash is both durable and shatterproof. They say that it is even tough enough to be used as a dog toy! We had a retractable leash many years ago, and I accidentally dropped it on the sidewalk while out with my dog. The casing broke, and it wouldn't retract anymore. I had to hold my dog's collar all the way back home!

This leash is made with safe, non-toxic plastic and silicone. It can be rinsed out with hot water if it gets dirty, and there are rope holes on both sides. That means you can conveniently walk two dogs at the same time if you need to!

Dognuts Leashes Look Good Enough To Eat

The notches inside the wheel, which the company refers to as “gripping grooves,” allow for a comfortable grip and secure leash control. They say it doesn't take a lot of force to brake the leash, and the gripping grooves prevent your dog from being able to pull the leash out too quickly.

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Not only is this leash functional, it's also cleverly designed. If you couldn't tell from the pictures and the product name, this leash was inspired by the shape of a doughnut, so it comes in an array of tasty looking designs. The company is kicking off a Kickstarter campaign this Tuesday (July 12th), so if you're interested in more information or sponsoring the campaign to get a great deal on one of these cool leashes, check it out.

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