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Review: Mutts and the City Hands Free Dog Leash System

If you haven't heard of hands free walking systems for dogs, check them out! You may not need one if you don't walk your dog on a leash very often, but if you and your pooch walk every day a hands free walking system will make your life a little easier. This system from Mutts and the City is an excellent choice.

I was sent this hands free walking system in exchange for my honest review. I've used a few other similar products, and this one is definitely high on my list. It's well-made with quality materials and works well to walk one or two dogs.

Not without its flaws, this hands free dog leash from Mutts and the City doesn't come with the most comfortable belt, but it isn't a deal breaker. I actually wouldn't even complain about the belt, except we have a dog that pulls. It's only about an inch wide, so when our 65-pound chocolate lab pulls it is a bit uncomfortable.

Honestly, you really shouldn't use a hands free dog walking system with a pet that isn't completely leash trained. This system from Mutts and the City worked best with our 5-year-old boxer who behaves perfectly on a leash. If your dog pulls, you may want to hold off on buying a product like this until he's full trained.

Mutts and the City Hands Free Dog Leash System Review

Mutts and the City Hands Free Dog Leash System Review

I was sent the entire system, which you can purchase on the company's website for $40. It comes with the Hands-B-Free Belt and one Hands-B-Free Lead. You can purchase additional belts and leads separately for $25 and $20 respectively.

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As I mentioned, I would like it better if the belt was a bit thicker. I've used other hands free walking systems that had a 4-inch thick belt, and they definitely distributed the weight more comfortably. This really isn't a problem if you have a small dog or you have a large breed that behaves very well on a leash.

The belt is equipped with chrome D-rings on either side, to allow you to walk multiple dogs at once. As I mention in my video review, I tried walking our two dogs at once, but because one is well behaved and the other is a lot more energetic they weren't a good match. Our chocolate lab was always pulling ahead while our boxer, Chloe stayed next to me.

If you have two dogs that walk well together and typically keep the same pace, this would be a great way to walk two dogs while keeping both your hands free.

The belt also has a convenient nylon carry pouch attached. You can slide the pouch off if you'd prefer not to use it, but it's very handy. You can fit an iPhone6 in it along with car keys, dog treats and poop bags. It has a shock absorbing neoprene backing that promotes breathability in case you're using the Mutts and the City hands free dog walking system on a long run or hike.

Mutts and the City Hands Free Dog Leash System Review

You'll also notice in my video that the belt features a quick release buckle. This is a great feature in case your dog decides to chase something and you can't get him under control. In the event that you fall or your dog begins to drag you down the hiking trail, you can easily release the belt and prevent major injury to yourself or your dog.

I think the quick release buckle is a great idea, but I wish it was located on the front of the belt. You can turn the belt so it's located in a different position, but if you wear it as it is meant to be worn, the buckle is in the back. This may make it difficult for some people to release it quickly in the event of an emergency. Definitely not a deal breaker, but certainly something to consider.

Mutts and the City Hands Free Dog Leash System Review
Photo: Samantha Randall

The other piece to the Mutts and the City hands free leash system is the soft stretch nylon leash. It has a built in jerk reduction system and a soft foam handle. It's ideal for walking large or small breeds.

You can use the leash separately as well. Just slide the chrome clasp down away from your hand and you're all set to use the leash on its own.

As I mention in my review, other hands free dog walking systems have completely removable attachments. This means that the leash is able to turn into a standard lead without any extra hardware.

The clasp on this leash is small and can easily be moved out of the way, so it's really no trouble at all to use the leash separately.

Summary of Mutts and the City Hands Free Dog Leash System Review

PROS: This system makes it easy to walk one or two dogs while keeping both your hands free. The belt has a convenient pouch to keep car keys, dog treats or waste bags, and it's equipped with a quick release buckle for safety. The leash can be used separately if necessary, and it has a built in jerk reduction system in case your dog tries to run ahead.

CONS: If the belt were wider (it's only about 1-inch wide) it would disperse the weight more evenly if your dog pulled on the leash. However, you really shouldn't use a hands free system like this until your dog is 100% leash trained. The quick release buckle is located on the back of the belt, which is manageable but may be hard for some people to reach.

The attachment that clips the leash to the belt cannot be fully removed, so if you're going to use the leash separately from the belt you'll need to just slide it out of the way and ignore. Definitely not any deal breakers here. This is a great quality product that is easy to use!

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mutts-and-the-city-hands-free-dog-leash-system-reviewThis hands free dog walking system from Mutts and the City makes it easier than ever to take your pup for a jog. The belt attaches around your waist easily and the bungee leash attaches quickly to your dog's collar. You can even use the leash separately if you choose. This product is functional and affordable.