The DoggerJogger Allows Dog Owners to Easily Bike With Their Pet

If you are a dog owner that enjoys riding a bicycle, the DoggerJogger was created for you! It's a simple device that allows you to tether your dog to your bicycle safely. It attaches low on your bike to provide you with maximum stability.

There's no hardware on the device, just soft nylon straps that protect your bike from being scratched. The best part is that when you're finished riding, the DoggerJogger converts into a walking leash quickly and easily.

This device works on any kind of bicycle and is suitable for any size dog. As you can see in the video, the leash is not very long. It keeps your dog in the “safety zone” next to you. Also, it connects to the collar from underneath so it doesn't pull on their neck or restrict airflow.

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