All dogs need to be trained to walk on a leash. Even if you don't take Fido for a stroll to the park every day, you'll still need to take him on a leash when visiting the vet, traveling, or hiking in public areas. Some dog leashes are fine for walking, but the best dog training leash is better designed for teaching your pup not to pull, and walk on a leash calmly, and gives you better control when training.

Why dog leash type is important

The best dog training leashSeveral types of dog leashes exist, and some are better at certain tasks than others. First of all, I don't recommend retractable dog leashes for any pet owner; they are especially dangerous for younger dogs that are just learning to behave on a leash. Not only is a retractable dog leash dangerous for your pooch, but experts explain how it can pose a danger to you as a walker too. The main problem is that retractable dog leashes don't give the owner any control over the dog, which is a big risk.

Furthermore, a retractable dog leash allows your dog too much freedom. Your Fido will be able to pull out many feet of ribbon, which will allow him to get far away from you. Curious puppies may get the leash tangled around objects and injure themselves, and rambunctious dogs may even break the leash if they pull too much. A dog training leash will always be safer while allowing you control and some freedom for the pet.

Dog leash pulling is a real problem, and studies have shown how not training a dog and not using the right lead type can result in hazards. We'll discuss more picking the right type of dog leash below and which options have been shown as safest for dogs and their owners. Here are our top picks for the best dog training leash out there:



Dog Training Leash Price Quality Rating
IMK9 Leather Dog Leash with Dual Handle $$ A 5 stars
Mendota Products Slip Lead $$ B+ 5 stars
Logical Leather 6-Foot Leash $ B 4 half stars
Downtown Pet Supply Dog Lead $$ B 4 half stars
GOMA Chew Resistant Reflective Leash $ B- 4 half stars
PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar $ B- 4 half stars
Quirk & Ferg Dog Leash $$ C 4 stars

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How to choose the best dog training leash for YOU

Even when choosing between the best dog training leash options, you must pick the right type that will work specifically for your pup. Here are a few things to consider.

Length. A good training leash should be no more than 6 feet long. Experts have found that this length provides the best control for the owner while leaving enough freedom for the canine.

Features. A training leash must have a “traffic handle,” also known as double handle, which is a small additional dog leash handle built into the side of the leash that allows you to pull your pet close and regain full control over him. Traffic handles are especially beneficial when you're walking your pet in a crowded area or if you have a dog that tries to jump on people when he greets them.

Double handle dog leash
Dual or Double handle.

Materials. The best dog training leash may come in a variety of materials. You will be able to choose from rope, nylon, leather, and even leashes made from chains. Each material has its own pros and cons. Watch our video for a better explanation of this.

Other usual aspects, such as durability, comfort, and ergonomics are also important, but they're self-explanatory and we've considered those for this best dog training leash round-up as well. You'll notice that a few of the top options are leather dog leashes, and the reason is that they are generally more durable and stronger (but expensive).

The Best Dog Training LeashTraining your dog using a leash is a simple process once you get the basics down. If you're struggling with the task of training your dog to walk on a leash, check out our brief video guide on this. Some dogs take to dog leash training very naturally. Unfortunately, other dogs can prove to be quite challenging when it comes to leash training.

If you're still having trouble after you've done the research, watched the videos above, and purchased the best dog training leash from this list, it may be time to reach out to a professional for help. A dog trainer will observe you with your dog and help you understand what is going wrong. Trainers are able to teach you how to communicate with your pet effectively so you both get the most out of your training experience.

What is the Best Dog Training Leash?
top 7 dog training leashes for puppies and adults

1IMK9 Leather Leash with Dual Handle

IMK9 Leather Leash with Dual HandleThe first best dog training leash on the list is IMK9’s Leather Dog Leash with the mentioned double handle (or traffic handle, or dual handle). It's exactly 6’ long, approximately 1/8” thick, and uses stitching to create a loop for the handle and another to hold the metal clasp. IMK9’s leash, however, is wider than most other training leashes for dogs at approximately 1”, and has double handles. The usual handle on one end of the belt is there, but there’s another one just above the loop. The presence of a long handle and a low one offers appropriate control for different situations.

As mentioned, experts believe that the addition of a low double handle is an essential feature for any dog in training. While we have always used the technique of shortening the length of the leash when we want to put more rein on the dog, adding a low handle is a new trend that's proven to be effective. Instead of winding the leather around the hand to bring the dog nearer, it’s much simpler with the handle just above the loop featured on the IMK9 Leather Dog Leash with Dual Handle.

You may find the weight of this leather leash too heavy for your small puppies or too hard for your hand. Give the puppy time to grow and get used to the leash, and it would be the perfect weight in no time. Use your best dog training leash every day when you walk your pet, and before you know it, it will be softer and more pliant to your hand flicks.


  • Made from genuine leather
  • 6 feet long, 1″ wide, and 1/8″ thick
  • Equipped with a traffic handle

  • This best dog training leash may be too heavy for small breeds
  • Some owners were disappointed when the stitching came out soon after purchasing the leash

best dog training leashMost helpful review about this best dog training leash: “Very pleasantly surprised with this leash. The packaging was extremely nice, and the product was presented more like fine cutlery in a kitchen. The leash itself is thick and rugged and nicely stitched. About an inch wide and about…”


2Mendota Products Slip Lead

Mendota Products Slip LeadThe second best dog training leash is the Mendota Products Slip Lead. It's a different design, and this is a leash and collar in one which is ideal for walking, correcting behavior, and for training your dog when you need to handle him within arm’s length distance and do it safely. This slip lead is made of multi-filament polypropylene rope, which is hard-wearing and waterproof. Unlike new leather, this lead has that broken-in feel that will be gentle on your hand and around your dog’s neck. There are 28 color choices and two sizes available.

If you’ve been disregarding this lead for its simplicity, then perhaps you’ve also been missing possibly the best leash for dogs that pull aggressively on their leash. The Mendota Products Slip Lead is perfect for excited dogs that can’t go for a walk without bolting away. It effectively restrains the dog without hurting it.

best dog training leashWe find the diameter of this lead larger than usual, and that would feel more solid yet gentler on the dog’s neck. The leather slider is a thoughtful detail. If you work in a shelter, this will be perfect for rescuing dogs that would likely have no collar. Nothing could possibly work better than this slip-style collar and leash in such situations.


  • Leash and collar in one
  • Made of multi-filament polypropylene rope
  • 2 sizes and 28 colors available

  • Some unhappy reviewers said the color bleeds onto the dog's coat if the leash gets wet
  • Due to the thickness of the lead, it doesn't loosen as quickly as desired if the lead tightens around your dog's neck

best dog training leashMost helpful review about this best dog training leash: “But I will find some to review this product. My dog… my sweet, sweet boy… is a disaster on a leash. He's not mean – he's excited. He's 50lbs of all the strength and speed that a shepherd mix can bring and he can go for miles. I have tried…”


3Leather Training Leash by Logical Leather

Leather Training Leash by Logical LeatherThe Leather Training Leash by Logical Leather is our third best dog training leash on the list. It is made of genuine full-grain leather, made by North American leather craftsmen. Each Logical Leather training leash is crafted from a single piece of leather. The finished product is 6’ long, 5/8” wide, and 1/8” thick and tested to withstand 245 pounds of force. This is a professional-grade leash used by police and military personnel in handling their canines. It has a solid brass clasp on one end for fastening to the dog’s collar.

If you have used leather leashes before, you’ll find this best dog training leash softer and more comfortable for the hand. It could be the 5/8-inch width that makes it pliant to a flip of the wrist, but it could also be the kind of leather treatment done to it. What’s certain is that the Leather Training Leash by Logical Leather will become softer each day you use it.

Leather Training Leash by Logical LeatherWe won’t be surprised if this becomes your go-to leash because it’s that friendly to the hand and responsive to soft flicks and slight tugs. This very durable leather will last you a lifetime, and we’re happy to note, that if the clasp breaks, the stitching fails, or whatever happens that makes you unhappy about the leash, you may have it refunded or replaced.


  • Made of genuine full-grain leather
  • Crafted from a single piece of leather
  • 6’ long, 5/8” wide, and 1/8” thick

  • Some owners were disappointed when the stitching came out within the first year of owning this best dog leash
  • A few buyers were disappointed in the quality of the clasp

best dog training leashMost helpful review about this best dog training leash: “I am a dog behaviorist and as such, I see many leashes of all different materials, lengths, and design. I have bought other leather leashes and they are still hung on hooks by the door used only slightly. This leash is different from…”


4Downtown Pet Supply Dog Lead

Downtown Pet Supply Dog LeadAt the fourth spot for the best dog training leash is a budget option from Downtown Pet Supply. The company is well-known to pet owners and manufactures these dog leads that are much longer than the standard-length leather leashes, and that’s because this dog training leash is typically used for recall training. It varies in length from 15’ to 50’, and is offered in five colors. This lead is made of heavy-duty 100% cotton web and is 5/8” wide. On one end is the handle while on the other is a swivel-style bolt.

You’ll find this leash light, long, and sturdy. The 5/8-inch width offers enough control even for large dogs. The cotton webbing has a little give which makes the Downtown Pet Supply Dog Lead gentler on your hands. Tangling would be a common concern for longer leads, but the swivel bolt is quite effective at preventing that.

best dog training leashYour dogs will most likely do better with this best dog training leash, since it allows them greater freedom to move and explore. The leash doesn’t have so much drag, so they’ll like that, too. On your part, reinforcing recall would be less of a strain knowing that you can make him heed your call with a slight tug. The bright colors make it easier to follow your dog with your eyes even at a distance. It works both ways, so nothing could be better.


  • Varies in length from 15’ to 50’
  • 5/8″ wide
  • Made of heavy-duty 100% cotton web

  • Some customers say the quality of the leash has changed for the worse in the last couple of years
  • Owners of big dogs say this leash is too thin to support their pet properly

best dog training leashMost helpful review about this best dog training leash: “I bought this exact item once before (three years ago). We loved it. Great durability. Therefore, when ours started to show some wear, I went back and ordered the same one again. The quality of the new one is NOT at all in the same…”


5GOMA Chew Resistant Reflective Leash

GOMA Chew Resistant Reflective Dog Training LeashThe fifth best dog training leash from GOMA is made of 100% nylon, the same rope material used in mountain climbing. It comes in 4’ and 6’ lengths and has red and blue color choices. The rope is 1/2-inch thick and lightweight and has flexible weaving to allow it to have a little stretch. It helps absorb the impact when an untrained dog suddenly jerks away. On one end is a padded handle and on the other end is a heavy-duty metal hook.

Aside from the rope and handle which are remarkably thick and lightweight, the hook would immediately impress you. The GOMA Chew Resistant Reflective Dog Training Leash has a good weight and obviously durable, yet it’s very easy to clip on the dog’s collar using only one hand.

best dog training leashHowever, we’re not quite sure how the loop that holds the clip is secured since a leather band is wrapped around it. That can be a source of concern. The glow-in-the-dark feature is a nice foresight and adds value to the leash. It increases and extends the usefulness of the leash long after you have trained your puppy.


  • Made of the same rope material used in mountain climbing (100% nylon)
  • Rope is 1/2″ in diameter
  • Available in 4′ and 6′ lengths
  • Available in red or blue

  • Some disgruntled consumers say that this leash comes apart after minimal use
  • While it claims to be chew-proof, that is not the case as many buyers found out the hard way

best dog training leashMost helpful review about this best dog training leash: “I purchased a GOMA CanineLine Reflective Dog Leash and unfortunately, the leash has already torn apart at the handle and is no longer useable. The handle completely came undone very suddenly as I was on a walk with…”


6PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head CollarPet owners looking for something a little different, this sixth best dog training leash definitely offers other features than those mentioned above. The head collar from PetSafe would be just the right thing for dogs that are a bit of a handful. It is made of nylon straps with a neoprene nose loop. This head collar is available in five sizes starting from petite for 5-lb dogs to extra-large for dogs heavier than 130 lb. There are eight bright colors for you to choose from. Unlike the other products on this list, the PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar is a head collar that you will need to use with a compatible leash.

This works by allowing you to give the dog a gentle tug. The slight pressure on the neck and nose directs your dog’s attention toward you and away from whatever it is, that excites him or her. The material used in the strap is supple, not stiff, so the PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar will not be painful. But, it will be firm enough to communicate the desired behavior you want from your dog.

best dog training leashYour strength will be no match to the strength of an active dog your size. If you have control of the dog’s head, you have a better chance. This shouldn’t take the role of daily leashes, of course. As soon as you have trained your dog, or he or she shows better compliance, then you may use this less often. The nose loop may leave a mark that goes away after a while.


  • Made of nylon straps with a neoprene nose loop
  • Available in 5 sizes for dogs weighing 5-130+ pounds
  • Training aid to help teach your dog not to pull on the leash

  • Not made to be used forever; it is just a training aid
  • Some unsatisfied customers say their dog was uncomfortable wearing this and it did not stop the dog from pulling

best dog training leashMost helpful review about this best dog training leash: “If I could give this 10 stars I would. We have an 80 pound golden retriever that is 3 years old. We have always had a terrible time walking him due to pulling. He would drag my wife around and make it miserable for me to walk…”


7Quirk & Ferg Dog Leash

Quirk & Ferg Dog LeashFinally, the last best dog training leash incorporates the concept that we have seen in the IMK9 leather leash rated in the first place, except that this is made of nylon material and is much less sturdy or durable. This dog leash from Q Global has two leash handles – the usual handle and the low/double/dual handle 1’ from the hook. The handles are padded inside for a gentle yet sure grip. The leash is 8’ long with a sturdy metal clip for hooking on the dog’s collar or harness.

As in the IMK9, the long handle allows for a freer rein on the dog, while the short handle allows you that instant control when you need it. The Quirk & Ferg Dog Leash gives you two functions in one leash, and that’s its obvious advantage over other choices of similar material.

The training leash for dogs is light and long and is actually ideal if you’re walking several dogs at a time. The short handles free you from having to wind the leash several times if you need it shorter, and that’s quite impossible to do with two or more dogs in tow. You’d have to contend with extra feet of leash hanging when you pull the dog closer, but that’s a fair trade-off.


  • Made of a nylon material
  • Equipped with a traffic handle
  • 8 feet long

  • Some pet owners found this leash to be a bit too long
  • Negative reviews claim this leash unraveled after just a few months of use, but that could be due to dogs chewing the leash

best dog training leashMost helpful review about this best dog training leash: “This is officially our new walk in the park leash! I have a 6′ double handle leash that has helped me walk 4 different happy dogs. The smallest was a ~45 lbs boxer mix, two were labs, and lately a 90 lb husky / shepherd mix. The short…”

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