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This Leash Is As Light As A ‘Kloud’

This Leash Is As Light As A 'Kloud'

I love to walk my dogs, but sometimes after a long walk I'll feel a bit of hand fatigue. Has that ever happened to you? That's why I was so excited when I got an email about this new dog leash that will be hitting the market soon. It's called the Kloudline leash because it's as light as a ‘Kloud.'

So, I know what you're thinking. This leash might be super lightweight, but that must mean it's also weak. WRONG! This small leash can hold up to 1600 pounds! I've heard of leashes that can hold extra-large dogs, but 1600 pounds? That's unbelievable!

The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help pay their startup costs, but with 20 days left they've already surpassed their goal by more than $800. Clearly I'm not the only one who is excited for this dog leash to hit the market.

This Leash Is As Light As A 'Kloud'

If you look at the evolution of dog leashes, there really hasn't been much of a change. The few innovations that we have seen, like retractable leashes, have also added weight to this necessary dog product. Some leashes are so bulky that your hand and arm will begin to feel fatigued after less than a mile of walking.

The creators of the Kloudline leash were tired of that. They wanted to do something new and innovative, and they have succeeded. But, how have they managed to get rid of the bulk without sacrificing strength?

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This Leash Is As Light As A 'Kloud'These leashes are made using a braided rope called Dyneema, which is incredibly strong and also lightweight. Another plus to this material is that it's comfortable on your hands – at least the company claims that it is.

Kloudline says that size for size, Dyneema is the same strength as steel.

A Kloudline leash weighs just 18 grams and can fold up small enough to fit in your pocket. The leash comes in two different styles. Minimus is available in both 4-foot and 6-foot lengths. It has a soft polyester handle which I can assume would make it much more comfortable to hold and give allow you better control over the leash and your dog.

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The other option is the Ultralight Kloudline leash. It only comes in a 4-foot length, and the handle is just an extension of the Dyneema that has been looped around. If your dog is a puller, I doubt you would enjoy this option. The Dyneema is very thin, which means it would likely cut into your hand if your pet pulls on his leash.

This Leash Is As Light As A 'Kloud'One thing I noticed right away when looking at the photos of this leash is that it's not tied together with knots. That led me to wonder how they connected the ends of the Dyneema without it slipping apart. The company actually uses a technique called splicing, which preserves the strength of the rope.

Knots can cause weaknesses, as they can easily slide apart. Of course, this would greatly reduce the break strength of the leash. Kloudline splices the Dyneema and then covers and protect the splice with a heat shrink rubber. This ensures the leash is secure and ready for whatever adventure you and your pooch have in mind.

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