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Top 5 Best Dog Treat Animal Ears

Keeping our dog's physically and mentally stimulated is very important. When dogs get bored, they may exhibit destructive behavior. It's also important to foster our dog's natural instincts, like chewing. The best dog treat animal ears can solve both of these problems at the same time.

The Best Dog Treat Animal EarsDog treats and dog chews coming from various animals’ body parts are becoming more and more popular, and why not?

Dog treats like animal ears are a great source of protein and they’re natural – two very good reasons to choose them over synthetic dog chews, artificial and processed dog treats, or something with more risk like dog rawhide chews.

In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of giving dog treat animal ears to your pet, why they're better than rawhide chews, and we'll review and take a look at some of the most popular and five best dog treat animal ears dog chews listed below:

Dog Treat Animal Ears Price Quality Rating
Best Bully Sticks Prime Thick-Cut Cow Ear Chews $$ B 4.4/5
123 Treats Pig Ears for Dogs $$ A 4.5/5
Brutus & Barnaby 100% Natural Whole Pig Ear Treat $$ A+ 4.8/5
100% Natural JUMBO Pig Ears, FDA & USDA Certified $$ B 4.6/5
Hill Country Pets Pigs Ears Roasted Natural Treats $$ B+ 4.7/5

* Click on the best dog treat animal ears brand for more information and prices, or scroll down below for reviews.

Why choose animal ears as treats for dogs over other options?

Natural Animal Ear Treats for DogsSome pet owners give their dog rawhide chews to keep them stimulated and allow them to have something appropriate to chew on. While rawhide chews are highly palatable and offer dental benefits to our dogs, there is also concern that they are hazardous.

Many veterinarians and experts in the field caution pet owners from providing rawhide chews for their dogs, and recommend dog treat animal ears, some animal legs or just bully sticks for dogs instead. Vets often advise owners that dogs can swallow large pieces of rawhide that could choke them or cause a blockage in their digestive tract.

Rawhide chews are not all bad, so it is okay to feed them to your dog when done properly and using the safest rawhides you can find. You also need to be sure that you always closely observe your dog while he's chewing rawhide. The ASPCA recommends:

“Consumption of compressed dental or durable chews should be slow and deliberate. Guardians should not permit rapid consumption of any such product forms. Inappropriate rapid consumption may lead to intestinal obstruction and intestinal perforation requiring immediate life-saving veterinary intervention.” – ASPCA position statement on dog chews and treats

The best dog treat animal ears are easier to chew than rawhide chews. Your dog will rip off smaller pieces of the animal ears, and he will be able to chew these dog treats into smaller pieces. Thus, it reduces the risk of your pet choking on the treat, and ensures that the treat will pass completely through the dog's digestive tract.

We've done the research, and these below are some of the best dog treat animal ears currently available to pet owners. Dogs love them and pet owners say they are safe and affordable. Whether you choose to buy one of these products or a different chew for your dog, make sure the company is reputable and they use safe and healthy ingredients.

What are the Best Dog Treat Animal Ears?
top 5 of the most safe and affordable dog chews

1Best Bully Sticks Prime Thick-Cut Cow Ear Dog Chews

Best Bully Sticks Prime Thick-Cut Cow Ear Dog ChewsThese cattle ear chews from Best Bully Sticks are our top choice when it comes to the top 5 best dog treat animal ears. This brand is USDA/FDA-approved and their contents come from grass-fed cattle.

No artificial additives, fillers, preservatives or chemicals were used or added in the production of this dog treat.

These chews are not only nutritious and yummy; they’re also safe and healthy. For pet owners, the sourcing of dog products, especially food, takes primary consideration. They feel more confident of Best Bully Sticks Prime Thick-Cut Cow Ear Dog Chews because they are sourced from South America and come with USDA approval. This wholesome food is high in protein, low in fat and has none of the harmful chemicals found in some of the other best dog treat animal ears.

best dog treat animal earsThese are easier to digest than rawhide and clearly a single-ingredient snack. A pack contains 12 cow’s ears, nothing more nothing less. A piece takes a very long while to get completely chewed up, which is good for the dog’s dental health. Dogs are happy with all that chomping and their owners can’t be happier. They say that it’s definitely worth the money.


  • USDA and FDA approved
  • These best dog treat animal ears come from grass-fed cattle
  • No artificial additives, fillers, preservatives or chemicals

  • Some reviewers complained that there is a large number of broken pieces on the bottom of the bag
  • As with similar products, some owners say these chews made their dog sick

best dog treat animal earsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “I've been buying bully sticks for my 2 small dogs from this company for a very long time. I've been very satisfied and trust this company completely, know that the product is good for my dogs. I decided to try…”



2123 Treats Pig Ears for Dogs

123 Treats Pig Ears for Dogs123 Treats pig ears for dogs are sourced from Brazil, Canada, Colombia, and the USA. This treat is 100% natural and single-ingredient. That means they are a fully-digestible food product.

The pig ears are either irradiated or baked and prepared without preservatives or coloring. They are USDA-approved. Each pack contains 12, 30, 50 or 100 counts of high-quality, full-sized whole pig ears – not cut or split.

Comparing this particular brand of pig ears to other brands, pet owners say that they find it of much higher quality. They say the ears are much larger, more consistent in thickness, and are non-greasy. Dogs love to chew their treat on their favorite spot, and the ears don’t leave a mess, stain or oily trace on the carpet or furniture. Unlike other chews tried, whether pig’s ear or other animal’s ear, pet owners found the smell of 123 Treats Pig Ears for Dogs more acceptable.

best dog treat animal earsThese are some of the best dog treat animal ears as they do not cause stomach upset, do their job of keeping the dog’s teeth and gums healthy and the dog’s breath fresh, and are a good source of protein and amino acids. Bought by the bulk, these treats are actually very economical and store very well.


  • Sourced from pigs in Canada, Brazil, Columbia and the US
  • 100% natural, single-ingredient treat
  • Prepared without preservatives or artificial coloring
  • USDA approved

  • Some reviewers say that the product they received are not full ears like the ones pictured in the product description
  • As with most of the other best dog treat animal ears on the market, there are reviews that claim these treats upset some dogs' stomachs

best dog treat animal earsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “I have been purchasing pigs ears for years. I have learned it is never wise to buy dog treats (pigs ears or any edible treats) that are marked Made in China. These products ALWAYS lead to headache…”


3Brutus & Barnaby 100% Natural Whole Pig Ear Dog Treat

Brutus & Barnaby 100% Natural Whole Pig Ear Dog TreatBrutus & Barnaby solely produces and distributes this product, so it is guaranteed to be of the best quality. If you haven’t bought this for your dog before, he might well be missing on one of the best dog treat animal ears there are.

This is USDA-approved and dog-approved, too, judging by the great reviews it’s been getting. Each bag contains 100% natural whole pig ears in packs of 12 or 25.

There are no added chemicals or coloring to the pig ears. They naturally come with cartilage that makes chewing a bit more challenging. Since they're dye-free, the ears don’t stain carpets, which is a really good thing. There’s slight grease coating on Brutus & Barnaby 100% Natural Whole Pig Ear Dog Treats, but owners say their excited pooches don’t mind at all. They do some wiping off of the extra oil, though, just so it won’t make a mess on floors and carpets.

best dog treat animal earsExcept for that little thing about wiping off grease, hardly a chore actually, this is one of the best dog treat animal ears – they last a good while, are hugely enjoyed by canines, have no obnoxious smell, and are safe and healthy for dogs. They do cost a little more than similar products, but all great things have a price and this one is no exception.


  • USDA approved
  • 100% natural whole pig ears
  • No added chemicals or dyes

  • Slightly greasy, which leaves stains on furniture, carpeting and bedding
  • Some buyers claim these animal ears gave their dog diarrhea

best dog treat animal earsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “My dog is my other child – I can easily spend $100 in one trip to the boutique local pet store and I am always looking for good treats and good toys. There is nothing that my 100lb. yellow lab Max won't…”


4Downtown Pet Supply 100% Natural JUMBO Pig Ears

Downtown Pet Supply 100% Natural JUMBO Pig EarsDowntown Pet Supply’s jumbo pig ears are USDA and FDA-certified. They are 100% natural pig ears. They were produced without additives, preservatives or antibiotics. The ears went through oven-baking and smoking for a tasteful treat that has a longer shelf life.

With sealed-in freshness, they come packed in 10, 20, 35, 75 and 105 count packages. This wide range of choices allows you to bulk-buy at a cheaper price or to buy the smaller pack for a tryout.

Owners say that their dogs go crazy over these pig ear treats. The size of the chews obviously varied, but most pet owners were impressed at how huge and heavy each ear was. A few, however, said that they were just about as big as the regular size sold by other brands. Downtown Pet Supply 100% Natural JUMBO Pig Ears are obviously tasty and have kept pups in the chewing stage very busy. They have, in fact, saved a lot of furniture legs and shoes in the process.

best dog treat animal earsAnother common observation by dog owners was how fresh the ears were when they arrived and how fresh they kept in storage after a while. Some buyers wished these ears were bigger, or cheaper, or lasted longer, but these complaints can be found about any of the best dog treat animal ears on the market.


  • 100% natural pig ears
  • USDA and FDA certified
  • No additives, preservatives or antibiotics
  • Available in bulk shipments at a cheaper price

  • A couple of reviewers say their dog would not eat these ears, but that is very uncommon
  • Multiple buyers stated these pig ears were too thick for their small breed dogs

best dog treat animal earsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have been buying pig ears for my old hound dog for many years. I shop here and there for the “biggest & heaviest ears” and I have to say the pig ears I purchased from your store are…”


5Hill Country Pets Pigs Ears Roasted Natural Dog Chew Treats

Hill Country Pets Pigs Ears Roasted Natural Dog Chew TreatsFor pet owners, it has always been a dogged search for USA-made pet food products and USA-sourced ingredients. They often find either of those requirements in one product, but seldom both.

Hill Country Pets has ended the search, as they now produce pig ear chews made here in the USA and made from USA-raised hogs.

A pack contains 24 pieces of 100% natural whole pig ears, slow-roasted for long-lasting freshness and that naturally smoky-pork taste that dogs love.

These pig ears are dogs’ ultimate favorite, according to their owners. As such, Hill Country Pets Pigs Ears Roasted Natural Dog Chew Treats do well as treats to reinforce good behavior and as chews to keep the dogs’ mouths healthy and fresh-smelling. Since they’re natural and come from a reliable company, dog owners feel happier that the food they give their pets is truly beneficial.

best dog treat animal earsThough both crunchy and chewy, these ears don’t crumble to pieces. That’s important mainly to avoid choking hazards and, of course, to do away with mess and wastage. Even then, supervised feeding is imperative as with other types of the best dog treat animal ears. Some buyers said that the sizes of the pig ears vary from pack to pack. The company attributes this to their product being 100% natural, thus, this natural variation.


  • Made in the USA from USA-raised hogs
  • 100% natural whole pig ears
  • USDA and FDA approved

  • Buyers say that the size of the pig ears varies from pack to pack, but the company says this is because they use 100% natural ears, which creates the natural variation in size

best dog treat animal earsMost helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I would ask for you not to buy these but it would be for selfish reason so I could have them all for my babies. They LOVE them, some of the pig ears are too hard, some are too brittle and make a huge…”

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