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Top 7 Best Dog Rawhide Treats

Rawhide dog chews are one of the most popular treats for dogs. They keep them busy for a long period of time, and our dogs seem to love them. The best dog rawhide treats have been proven to help scrape plaque and tartar buildup off teeth and cater to a dog's natural desire to chew.

Top Best Dog Rawhide TreatsUsually, dog rawhide treats are made of the inner layer of a cow's hide. They can also come from horse hide, but you can find this information on the packaging. The hides are cleaned, cut and shaped into dog treats. Sometimes they are also treated with artificial flavorings to make them more enticing to dogs.

Every dog has a natural instinct to chew – some more than others. There are dogs that spend hours chewing every day, and some even use chewing as a coping mechanism to deal with stress and anxiety.

Unlike many dog toys or most other dog treats, the best dog rawhide treats can offer hours upon hours of chewing for a low cost.

We've found seven of the most popular dog rawhide chews and reviewed them in detail. Here is a quick look at rawhide dog treats that we'll be covering later in this article:

Dog Rawhide Treats Price Quality Rating
Dingo Rawhide Mini Bones $ B- 4.7/5
Green Cow Rawhide Dog Bones, Natural Chips $$ C+ 4.4/5
Dingo Twist Sticks Rawhide Treats $ B- 4.6/5
PetSafe Busy Buddy Refill Ring Dog Treats $ C 4.3/5
Healthy Hide Good'n'Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs $ A 4.6/5
Digesteeze Beefhide Bones $ A+ 4.3/5
Cadet Retriever Rolls Rawhide $$ B 4.3/5

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The dangers of rawhide treats for dogs

While dog rawhide treats can be great for keeping pet's jaws strong, cleaning teeth and freshening dog's breath, they also have their drawbacks. A safer alternative to rawhide treats for dogs would be dog bully stick chews.

Here's what vets at WebMD say about rawhide dog chews:

“Given the amount of rawhide consumed by dogs each year, the risks are relatively small. Still, risks can be serious, so don’t ignore them. Weigh the risks and benefits of giving rawhides based upon your dog's chewing needs and behaviors.” – Amy Flowers, DVM (source)

When you're shopping for the best dog rawhide treats, you need to be sure that you buy only the ones made with 100% beef or horse hide. Dog rawhide chews that have been treated with artificial flavors or colors can contain trace amounts of chemicals. Over time, these chemicals can cause serious health issues for your pet.

Edible dog chews, like rawhide treats, can also cause intestinal blockages in dogs. Studies have shown that dog's stomach will usually break down rawhide chews (if swallowed); however, it takes much longer to break them down, and that poses a slight health risk.

Also, keep in mind that rawhide treats can be a choking hazard. If your dog swallows a large piece of rawhide, it could get stuck in the esophagus or another part of the digestive tract. This could result in an expensive trip to the emergency vet.

The bottom line is that even if you buy the best rawhide dog treats, always be sure to supervise your dog whenever he is chewing on a rawhide treat. You'll be there if he starts choking, and you can take the treat away when he starts biting off large pieces.

What are the Best Dog Rawhide Treats?
7 best choices for dogs that like to chew a lot

What are the Best Dog Rawhide Treats?

1Dingo Rawhide Mini Bones

Dingo Rawhide Mini BonesRawhide treats are possibly the best chews if you want one that will keep your dog occupied for a longer duration. They’re tough and flavorful – exactly what canines need to sink their teeth into.

These Dingo mini bones are made from the finest rawhide and real meat. Dogs will have healthier teeth with regular chewing, have added protein in their diet, and have fun doing it. Like all other dog chews, these are meant for supervised consumption.

Happy pooches can’t get enough of these 2-1/2-inch mini chew bones. Dingo Rawhide Mini Bones are tough and tasty, and have a delicious meaty surprise in the middle that keeps the dogs chomping until they get to their prize. The size is just right for small to medium sized breeds.

Pet owners who’ve long wanted some quiet time with their hyperactive fur babies finally found something that would keep their pets contented and quiet. All they need to do is throw one of these best dog rawhide treats to their pet, and it would keep the peace for a good half hour or so. This, plus all the benefits of healthier teeth and gums, stronger jaws, and much calmer behavior in their dogs, has kept buyers coming back for these Dingo chews.

  • Made from rawhide and real meat
  • 2.5″ long, which is the perfect size for small breeds
  • The meaty center keeps your pet interested until the chew is gone
  • A choking hazard for medium and large dogs
  • Many reviewers were put out by the fact that these chews are made in China and it is not advertised in the description online
  • Some buyers noted that their dog became sick after eating these treats

best dog rawhide treatsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review): We have two Shih Tzu's and these Dingo's are BINGO !!! They absolutely love them and the name “Dingo” is a staple in their vocabulary. Great size bone for small/medium dogs. I've read some…”


2Green Cow Rawhide Dog Bones, Natural Chips

Green Cow Rawhide Dog Bones, Natural ChipsThese rawhide dog bones from Green Cow come in a pillow-size 5-lb bag at a great prize, and dog owners just can’t resist a good deal when they see one.

These are actually more of chips than bones, being predominantly flat and cut out in varying lengths and thickness. The rawhides are sourced from free-range, grass-fed cows in southern Brazil, of premium quality, with none of the stinky smell found with other dog chews.

Dogs that were shifted to the Green Cow Rawhide Dog Bones, Natural Chips from other brands rarely had difficulty transitioning. In fact, they easily took to the food, had no stomach upsets, and were always excited for their next treat. Dogs get to enjoy their chips, keep their teeth clean and strong, and overcome anxiety or boredom – what else could a pet parent ask for?

best dog rawhide treatsWhile it was the low price that initially got the attention of buyers, they now say that the quality of this brand is equal to or even better than their previous pricier brands. The different sizes and thickness of the chips in every bag is ideal for families with multiple dogs. With each bag going a long way – a month or more for three or four dogs – these best rawhide treats really are unbeatable.

  • Available in a 5-pound bag
  • Sourced from free-range, grass-fed cows in southern Brazil
  • More affordable than many similar best dog rawhide treats packaged in the same quantity
  • One reviewer said these rawhides sent their dog to the hospital and “in the end it cost $175 in vet bills”
  • There are numerous reviews that state the quality of these rawhide chips has continued to decline over the last few years

best dog rawhide treatsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review): “I will admit that I was worried about buying these after reading the review from the person whose pup became sick after eating four of these, but I decided to take the risk and carefully monitor…”


3Dingo Twist Sticks Rawhide Treats

Dingo Twist Sticks Rawhide TreatsThis is the same Dingo rawhide goodness we’ve mentioned above, but this time with a twist, literally. Instead of the bone-shaped rawhide, this treat comes in a twisted stick of premium rawhide strips with a real chicken jerky strip in the middle.

The inserted chicken strip makes the digging more purposeful and because the strips were twisted, it takes the dogs longer to chew.

Each twisted treat measures a little over 5 inches and ¼ to ½ inch in diameter, so it is the ideal size for small to medium dogs. Dog owners who’ve tried different brands say that the chicken in the Dingo Twist Sticks Rawhide Treats is significantly bigger and more enticing to their dogs than those they’ve tried.

best dog rawhide treatsSince the Dingo twist is not shaped the same way the bone-style Dingo chew is, there are no tied ends. Dog owners find this to be a better choice, because it does not pose any possibility of choking on the rounded end once the rest of the treat has been consumed. Also, dogs tend to eat everything and leave no mess, which makes for happy pet owners, too.

  • Offers a real chicken jerky strip in the center to entice your dog
  • More than 5 inches long and 1/4-1/2 inch thick
  • Pet owners like these best dog rawhide treats more than the bone-shaped variety because there are no tied ends to choke on
  • Only suitable for small breeds
  • Many reviewers were put out by the fact that these chews are made in China and it is not advertised in the description online

best dog rawhide treatsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review): “Dog loved the taste, but since finding out they are made in China she's not getting any more. Other than greed for profits, why does Dingo make these in China? If they offered…”


4PetSafe Busy Buddy Refill Ring Dog Treats for select Busy Buddy Dog Toys

PetSafe Busy Buddy Refill Ring Dog Treats for select Busy Buddy Dog ToysThese round rawhide treats from PetSafe were designed to be used as refill rings for Busy Buddy dog chew toys – namely, the Bouncy Bone, Bristle Bone, and Jack. There are three sizes available from small to large to match the toy sizes.

To make sure that chewing leads to a positive and productive exercise, the dog must be given the appropriate chew toys and best dog rawhide treats – like the Busy Buddy system.

Dogs simply love fiddling with their Busy Buddy toys and especially with the prize rawhide that came with the toy when they first got it. Dog owners observed that their pets have less interest in their toys without the rawhide inserts. They wouldn’t want to miss out on their quiet time for anything, which they get to enjoy while their pooches peacefully explore their toys filled with PetSafe Busy Buddy Refills Ring Dog Treats for select Busy Buddy Dog Toys.

best dog rawhide treatsThese best rawhide dog treats are a great way for dogs to spend their energy. Their jawbones and teeth are much healthier and their breath fresher. You’ll be looking for these refills as soon as your dog finishes off the rings that went with the toys. Just make sure you get the correct size.

  • Available in 3 sizes from small to large
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Available in a variety of flavors to give your dog options and appeal to every test preference
  • Specifically made to be placed inside Busy Buddy dog chews, meaning they may be a choking hazard on their own
  • Many reviewers were put out by the fact that these chews are made in China and it is not advertised in the description online

best dog rawhide treatsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “II have three dogs all around 10 pounds. They all initially turned their heads to these. They eventually chewed on them but one of my dogs puked that night. I tried a week later…”


5Healthy Hide Good'n'Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs

Healthy Hide Good'n'Fun Triple Flavor KabobsHealthy Hide best rawhide dog treats from Good‘n’Fun are made from rawhide, pork hide, chicken meat, duck meat, and liver. The rawhide strips were twisted to form a stick that holds three meaty cutlets.

Dogs usually gnaw on the cutlets first with gusto, and then linger on the rawhide stick for a more relaxed chew time. Two packs are available in 4 oz. and 12 oz. varieties.

Owners of picky dogs were relieved to finally find a chew product that caught their pooch’s interest. No dog could seem to resist the three skewered meaty slices in each rawhide stick consisting of chicken breast meat, duck meat and hearty liver. A few dogs leave behind the rawhide stick after relishing the crispy, fleshy treats, but most other dogs enjoy gnawing on Healthy Hide Good'n'Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs.

best dog rawhide treatsThis type of chew treat is friendlier to the teeth, especially for pups and elderly dogs. The rawhide stick is firm enough to provide adequate periodontal exercise and mental stimulation, yet gentle enough for moderate chewers. Not all dogs are able to handle very tough rawhide, so this brand is a good alternative for them.

  • Made from rawhide, pork hide, chicken meat, duck meat, and liver
  • Uniquely shaped treats provide long lasting chewing time
  • Available in 4-ounce and 12-ounce packages
  • Some reviewers were concerned that the small meat pieces attached to these best dog rawhide chews can pose a dangerous choking hazard
  • A few buyers are not happy with the price of these treats, saying you don't get enough chews for the cost

best dog rawhide treatsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review): “IMy dog absolutely loves these treats. He is extremely picky (for a rescue!), and I have a “graveyard” of treats that I guessed he might like–but absolutely not! So far these are one…”


6Digesteeze Beefhide Bones

Digesteeze Beefhide BonesMade from high-quality beef, these rawhide bones from Digest-eeze were treated using a 100% natural process to improve digestibility. It’s not a secret that rawhides are difficult to digest and may even cause choking in dogs.

However, rawhides are also one of the best chews there is for dogs. Digest-eeze solved this dilemma by coming up with these best dog rawhide treats that digest 60% faster than other brands.

Some dogs just can’t take rawhides without the accompanying gastrointestinal upsets, thus, they are also deprived of the benefits provided by rawhides. There are several non-rawhide alternatives out there, but many pet owners are happy that they now have a real rawhide for their sensitive dogs. Digesteeze Beefhide Bones have very high acceptability among dogs and have rarely caused any digestive disorders.

best dog rawhide treatsBuyers have said that these best dog rawhide treats are very well-priced, do not smell bad, and one chew lasts a really long time. Some have even reported that their dogs spent around an hour chewing over a piece – that’s about an hour of quiet time for the owner! That’s definitely a bonus to the pet caregivers, but the actual benefit is on the equivalent of roughly an hour of gum and teeth massaging for the dog. The white color also does not cause stains, and home owners find this as another plus.

  • Treated using a 100% natural process to improve digestibility
  • Digest 60% faster than other brands
  • White collar does not cause stains if dogs chew on beds or furniture
  • One of the most affordable dog rawhide treats on the market
  • Some pet owners who bought these rawhide treats say their dog suffered diarrhea after ingesting them
  • One reviewer claimed to find a staple in one of the treats before they fed it to their dog, which would be the result of poor quality control from the company

best dog rawhide treatsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review): “My great dane apparently has stomach issues. She loves chewing on rawhide, but she would get sick and do her business, which was sloppy, as you can imagine. However, with…”


7Cadet Retriever Rolls Rawhide

Cadet Retriever Rolls RawhideWe’ve seen rawhides in the shape of bones, chips, kabob-style and twisted strips. Here’s another from Cadet – rolled rawhide of more than 10 inches long. With this length, these best dog rawhide treats are ideal for medium to large dogs.

Some resourceful pet owners cut a piece in half to let their smaller dogs enjoy the same rawhide goodness enjoyed by their bigger dogs. This is also another way to save on the treat by dividing a rollup for two days.

Dog owners and vets commend Cadet Retriever Rolls Rawhide as a far superior kind of rawhide chew, especially for maintaining the dogs’ pearly whites. Senior dogs that have long used this chew show much healthier teeth and gums than their contemporaries that have not been given the same chew.

best dog rawhide treatsThe Cadet rawhide chews are available in two packs which are by no means cheap. Dog owners, however, agree that this is great value for the money. It has spared them from huge dental bills and their dogs have been extremely happy with their treat. There are no fillers, no fancy shapes, and they don’t crumble or flake off. This is a continuous sheet rolled like a cigar for a tough chew that really lasts long – just how a good rawhide chew should.

  • More than 10 inches long for extended chew time
  • Made of 100% natural beef rawhide from free range cattle
  • As with any of the best dog rawhide treats, buyers were impressed with the way these chews aided in the dental health of their pet
  • Specifically designed for only medium to large breeds
  • Over the last few years buyers say the quality of these best dog rawhide treats has gone downhill drastically
  • Numerous buyers say (and have provided pictures) of small pieces of rawhide stuffed into the middle of these chews, which could pose a dangerous choking hazard

best dog rawhide treatsMost helpful dog owner's review (read the full Amazon review): “Not sure what is wrong with this batch of bones I just ordered. They were very lightweight and had no substance. Felt like plastic out of the bag. I have given these bones to my dogs for the last…”

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