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Review: Nativo Naturals Dog Chews

If you feed your dog treats regularly, you've probably noticed a trend in commercial treats over recent years. There has been a push for higher quality treats made with wholesome, natural ingredients. Single ingredient teats, like Nativo Naturals Dog Chews, are also becoming very popular.

Cheap, low quality dog treats and chews are made with artificial ingredients and useless fillers. These poor quality treats are often made with chemicals and artificial ingredients. It's important that you read the label and understand exactly what you are feeding your dog.

Nativo Naturals Dog Chews have only one ingredient, so you know exactly what your dog is getting. I usually make homemade treats for my dogs, but I also purchase single ingredient commercial treats from time to time. In this review, I'll give you all the details on these treats and let you know if they're a good value for the money spent.

Nativo Naturals Dog Chews Review

Nativo Naturals Dog ChewsThese dog chews are made with a freeze-drying technique that naturally preserves the chews, while eliminating pathogens and protecting the natural nutrients found in the ingredients. As I mentioned, these are single ingredient treats, so they're ideal for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities.

The protein sources used to make these chews are raised without hormones or antibiotics. The chews are grain- and gluten-free. The ingredients are sourced in the USA, and the products are packaged here as well.

There are three varieties of Nativo Naturals Dog Chews available:

  • Moo Sticks (beef trachea)
  • Duck Necks
  • Salmon Skin

These chews are all-natural with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Because they are made with just one meat ingredient, these chews are high in protein. If your pup is on a low-protein diet, you shouldn't feed him these chews.

As you will see in my video review above, these chews are not long-lasting for power chewers. It takes our Beagle a while to finish one, but our Labrador can crunch one up in just a few seconds.

You'll get 3 Moo Sticks, 4 Duck Necks or 6 Salmon Skins in each package. You can buy 1 package of any variety on Amazon for $15.99. If you do the math, that's $5.33 per Moo Stick, $4.00 per Duck Neck or $2.67 per Salmon Skin.

That price isn't going to fit into everyone's budget. While most of us can't afford to feed our dogs these treats every day, it's a nice splurge to spoil your pup once in a while. I should also mention that the price is very comparable to other similar products on the market.

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nativo-naturals-dog-chews-reviewThere has been a push for higher quality pet treats in recent years. Single ingredient teats, like Nativo Naturals Dog Chews, are also becoming very popular.