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Review: Wild Eats Water Buffalo Cheek Rolls


Nearly every dog enjoys chewing, especially puppies. Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs. Young puppies need to chew to soothe the pain of teething. Chewing cleans an older dog's teeth and provides mental stimulation. I checked out these Water Buffalo Cheek Rolls from Wild Eats to see if they were as durable as traditional rawhide chews.

Years ago it was common to throw a dog a bone. Today, we know that raw bones for dogs are extremely dangerous and unhealthy. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) have evaluated the evidence and listed all the reasons not to give your dog raw bones.

There are a variety of chew toys and edible chew options available for dogs. I've used dozens of different products, but this is the first time my dogs have tried water buffalo cheek rolls. I was interested to see if they would like them and how the rolls would compare to some of the other dog chews we've tried in the past.

Wild Eats Water Buffalo Cheek Rolls

Water Buffalo Cheek RollsThese dog chews are made from a single-source protein. While Eats a full line of single-source protein chews, but these are obviously made from buffalo cheek skin. Instead of being from hide, like rawhide chews, cheek rolls are much easier for your dog to digest.

The cheek rolls are sourced from grass-fed, free range water buffalo. They're also processed in human-grade facilities. There are no hormones, preservatives, antibiotics or chemicals used with the animals or in the making of the cheek rolls.

Because they are made with just one meat ingredient, these chews are high in protein. If your pup is on a low-protein diet, you shouldn't feed him these chews.

I give my dog chews on a regular basis for a couple of reasons. First, chewing helps to scrape the plaque and tartar buildup off of the teeth, promoting oral hygiene. Chews also keep my dogs entertained when I'm busy doing other things. They're great for keeping pets occupied during Zoom meetings or phone calls!

My Labrador is a strong chewer, so she can gets through chews much faster than my other two dogs. My other two dogs are smaller, and they don't chew as aggressively as my Lab.

These water buffalo cheek rolls last my Lab about 30-45 minutes. My other two don't even finish an entire roll in one chew session. They will typically chew for 30-45 minutes and then come back to them later and chew for an additional 30 minutes or so!

The water buffalo cheek rolls are about 5 inches long. Wild Eats offers natural horn, ear and cheek chip chews as well. You can buy a 5-pack of these cheek rolls for $15.95 on Amazon at the time of this review.

They're not the cheapest dog chew option, but they are comparable in price to other chews of the same quality. Natural chews are always more expensive than their chemical-covered counterparts. In my opinion, my dog's health and safety are more important than saving a few dollars. For this reason, I think these chews from Wild Eats are a good value for the money.

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Wild Eats Water Buffalo Cheek Rolls