Best Extra Large Dog Crates for Big Dogs

Are you looking for the best extra-large dog crates for your giant Fido? You're in the right place as I'm about to share my own personal experience with crating my pooch and then proceed to give you some suggestions on possible options.

How I came to need extra large dog crates for my pet

Those of us with bigger dogs know the struggle of trying to find the best extra-large dog crates that won’t be too small and constricting on our beloved pets. There's hardly anything pleasurable about seeing a dog squished uncomfortably into a tiny dog crate. My Australian Shepherd, Walter, is a very… enthusiastic dog. Walter, God loves him, is wild. He wants to be a part of everything, even things that shouldn’t include him at all, such as taking a shower, baking, and sleeping.

Ever since Walter recovered from the devastating blow of not being allowed to sleep in a human bed with us, he’s been content to sleep in his own dog crate, which is adequately sized for a dog of his proportions. By giving him one of the best extra large dog crates where he’s able to feel comfortable and not squished, we’ve made his adjustment to life without a human bed much more comfortable.

We also put him in there when we need him to be safely away from things he shouldn’t be near—open ovens, showers, and other places that are supposed to be Walter-free. But by giving him his own space in the form of an extra large dog crate, we don’t have to feel bad about sequestering him because he’s very small in his crate.

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Top 10 Best Extra-Large Dog Crates

Below, we’ll talk about the best extra-large dog crates (one of which I use for my dog Walter) and the overviews of their characteristics, including dimensions. Then, based on customer reviews and opinions, I'll give you my own thoughts on the pros and cons of these best extra-large dog crates so you have a better point of reference.

Note that not all of these best extra large dog crates have been tried by myself, and this is simply a round-off of best-rated dog products according to research from star ratings and customer reviews from other dog owners sourced from multiple websites. We’ll finish off this list of the best extra large dog crates with a quick recap on how to pick the right one for your own pooch and how to use it properly. So let’s get started!

1 Midwest Solution Series “Ginormus” Double Door Dog Crate

Midwest Homes for Pets SL54DD Ginormus Double Door Dog Crate for XXL for the Largest Dogs Breeds, Great Dane, Mastiff, St. Bernard, Black Overview: This best extra large dog crate is accurately labeled “ginormous” because of its huge dimensions. This actually happens to be the crate I keep my dog, Walter, in sometimes. The dimensions are 36” (length) by 23” (width) by 24” (height). So, about 3ft x 2ft x 2ft approximately. These best extra-large dog crates are stackable, so if you’re in a situation (perhaps you’re a groomer) where you need to save some space, this crate is workable.

The pan on the bottom is plastic, making it easy to clean, but it holds up well and is durable. It’s suggested that you put some sort of padding in there for your dog to make sure he or she is extra comfortable. The sides of the cage are made of wire, and there are secure side bolts to make sure it stays shut. The company suggests that the dog breeds you put in there should be between 41 and 71 pounds.

Why it's at #1? I chose to put the Midwest Solution Series “Ginormus” Double Door Dog Crate as the first product on this list of best extra large dog crates because we found that it was actually the largest and easiest to clean. Also, the crates are stackable, which is something you don’t find with many crates today. All in all, this is a convenient, safe product for your dog.

Pros: Walter, as I stated before, has this crate, and he loves it. It’s roomy enough for him to move around in yet sizeable enough that he knows it’s a resting place. We put a dog pillow and toys in there for him, and he’s been occupied for hours. The sides are chew-proof, and the bolts are secure enough that even pretty smart dogs won’t be able to break out. It’s a heavy crate, around 50 pounds.

The shipping weight is double that—103 pounds. Customers agreed with my assessment, with one woman commenting on its size by posting a picture of her four kids locked in there to prove how big it is. It’s also easy to put together but durable enough so it won’t get ripped apart. Another major “pro” is how cleanable the tray is—that’s one of the best arguments for buying it; no one wants to deal with mold or bacteria when cleaning their dog’s equipment.

Cons: The size of this, while a great thing for large dogs, does make it unwieldy. You should be sure that you have the space necessary for this to be accommodated in your home. It’s also not foldable, though that is not entirely unexpected due to the enormous (“ginormous”) size of the crate.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Just over all, Mid-West makes the BEST crates. I've bred dogs for over 30 yrs and always use Mid-West crates. They last forever and have great features. This crate really does fit a Great Dane or any large breed. I use one for my Great Pyrenees. I like the double latches on the doors; more secure than single latches if you have a dog that pushes to get out. This crate is not a “suitcase” crate like the other Mid-West crates, it does not fold down. But…”

2 Aspenpet Pet Porter Kennel

Petmate ASPEN PET Pet Porter Dog Kennel, Various Sizes, Made in USA Overview: Made in the USA, this kennel is for transporting your pet, though it can be used in your home for stationary purposes as well. The wing nuts on the sides are plastic and are impervious to rust. The kennel itself is made of plastic with a chrome door latch that requires squeezing, so your dog won’t be able to break out. It’s also dark, so if your dog gets scared easily and needs to feel secure, this kennel will be able to provide that security. The dimensions are 36” x 25” x 27.”

Why it's at #2? We put Aspenpet Pet Porter Kennel as the second best extra large dog crate because the first had the advantage of having a slightly stronger door attached to it, as well as stackability going for it. But this crate is still an excellent piece of equipment for anyone needing to crate a big dog.

Pros: This kennel is appropriate for dogs that are 50 to 70 pounds, which many customers regard as a heavy enough weight to suit pretty much any dog. The plastic is also very durable and easy to clean. It won’t be chewed off easily or broken down because the material is heavy-duty.

Other customers stated that this kennel was even good for night use because it was shaped like a little den, so your dog could get a good night’s sleep and be cozy. Note that the kennel size is measured from the outside, so the actual interior measurements are slightly smaller (though this is still a huge crate).

Cons: A few customers pointed out that their dogs were able to ram open the door. These customers, it should be noted, had canines that exceeded the weight recommendations. So, if your dog is a 90-pound pitbull, don’t put him in this crate, as it won’t be big enough to hold him (try the crate above).

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I needed to know how much this weighed and one listing stated it was 48.8 Lbs I'm not very trusting of website descriptions so I weighed myself and then held the kennel (not easy) and the difference was 43.7. Also to make this airline approved you need to buy metal nuts for the bolts instead of the plastic ones that come with it. You might also need to drill holes in the rear. This is plenty big for my 95 Lb lab mix. He fit in an XL but…”

3 Petmate Vari-Kennel Plastic Dog Crate

Petmate Ultra Vari Dog Kennel for Extra Large Dogs (Durable, Heavy Duty Dog Travel Crate, Made with Recycled Materials, 48 in. Long) 90 to 125 lbs, Made in USA Overview: Another plastic kennel is good for at-home use or when transporting your dog. It measures 48 x 32 x 35 inches, which is a huge size for a crate. It also meets USDA and IATA (International Air Travel Association) standards for shipping animals, so it will be okay to travel with—though make sure to check with your airline. The maximum height for your pet is 34 inches.

Why it's at #3? While an excellent product, this Petmate Vari-Kennel Plastic Dog Crate is third on the list of best extra-large dog crates because it did have some problems with specific airlines, which tended to frustrate customers. However, it was one of the best plastic kennels on the market, so we chose to include it in the top ranks.

Pros: Customers who used this inside the home were pleased by its usefulness, with one person even terming it a “home inside a home.” The kennel was large enough to accommodate even mammoth-sized breeds, but it didn’t squish them or make them uncomfortable.

Also, the crate is made out of plastic, which is durable and washable. The darkness inside the crate makes it an appropriate bed to use if your dog has trouble sleeping, with one commenter noting that it was capable of housing her dog as though he had a little den. This kennel is also good for dogs that fancy themselves escape artists. The heavy-duty fasteners on the kennel, locked door, and thick outdoor posts prevent them from getting out on their own accord.

Cons: A “con” of this kennel, as some customers noted, is that it doesn’t have rear vents, which are required by some airlines. So, make sure that you check with the airline you’re traveling on to make sure there aren’t extra requirements regarding ventilation.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I owned a giant vari kennel for my yellow lab lance years ago and it was a must-have for our home with a high energy destructive puppy! as he became a senior, i got rid of it as it took up a lot of space. he was almost 16 years old when he passed this past march. we knew we would adopt another lab but were sure it would be awhile. less than a month later, we became foster failures when we adopted our year old black lab/great dane mix murphy. we will never…

4 Midwest iCrate Pet Crates Double-Door

MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced  Double Door iCrate Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof Pan, Floor Protecting Feet, Divider Panel & New Patented Features Overview: This crate has a single door and is foldable, which is convenient for travel. It is made with a satin-black Electro-Coat finish, and the tray is plastic and washable. The bolt is a sliding latch, and there is a divider panel located to keep waste elimination on one side and sleeping on the other. There are no tools required for setup. The dimensions are appropriate for dogs between 71 and 90 pounds, with 42 x 28 x 30-inch measurements. The iCrate brand actually makes this cage in sizes for smaller dogs, so this is the largest they have.

Why it's at #4? This Midwest iCrate Pet Crates Double-Door is extremely well-made, but it is hard to store despite being foldable, so I decided to place it as the fourth best extra large dog crate. The ones above had easier storage methods when collapsed.

Pros: This crate is pretty massive. Customers stated that it fit their large-size dogs very well. Some even used it for crating puppies, noting that the divider panel helped cut housebreaking time because it separated the bathroom area from the rest of the crate.

There are also plastic carrying handles, which make it way more convenient to transport. The latches are bolted and hold up securely against chewing and biting. Other customers commented on the safety of the gate, noting the rounded corners that prevented pets from accidental injuries. Lastly, it’s very easy to put together, an added bonus.

Cons: Some customers pointed out that the weight of the crate is light, even though the crate itself is sturdy. One discussed his dog, a 100-pound boxer, who repeatedly rammed himself into the sides until it broke. This experience probably isn’t common for most dog owners, so I wouldn’t expect this to happen to you unless your dog is as determined and large as that one (who exceeded the recommended weight by ten pounds, actually).

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “It sure is a good thing I checked for dog creates before spending almost twice as much at a major pet store! This crate is perfect in every way. It's very well made and the price can't be beat. The bottom plastic tray can be easily removed for cleaning and the crate collapses very easily. It's pretty easy to open and close with the double sliding locking mechanism…”

5 Midwest iCrate Single-Door Pet Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Single Door iCrate Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof Pan, Floor Protecting Feet, Divider Panel & New Patented Features Overview: This extra large dog crate is made by the same company as the one before this. It contains a double door (making it different from the last crate), and its dimensions are 48” x 30” x 33,” making it appropriate for dogs up to 90 pounds. There is a dividing panel, making for easy housebreaking, and it folds down and is collapsible for portable storage.

Why it's at #5? We made this Midwest iCrate Single-Door Pet Crate the middle man on the list of best extra large dog crates because the construction was sturdy, but the weight limit didn’t leave room for flexibility, and owners with stronger dogs found that this crate was easy to break out of when their dogs put their minds to it.

Pros: Customers were pleased with the portability and collapsibility of this gate. The construction is sturdy (make sure you stay within the recommended weight limit). The double doors on this particular kennel are convenient if you need multiple exits for your dog. The carrying handles make it easy to move around, and its housebreaking ability makes it a big seller amongst owners with puppies that will eventually grow into bigger dogs.

As one customer stated, “I can’t imagine house-training our five-month-old puppy without it.” It provides plenty of space so your dog won’t feel cloistered, which is beneficial for larger dogs that might have a mild form of claustrophobia (dogs can have issues with small spaces, too).

Cons: One of the customers pointed out that you need to make sure you assemble it carefully and read the directions; otherwise, the crate’s edges might wind up being aligned wrong and can be sharp, causing possible injury to your puppy or dog. So, check and make sure you’re doing everything accurately.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “It sure is a good thing I checked for dog creates before spending almost twice as much at a major pet store! This crate is perfect in every way. It's very well made and the price can't be beat. The bottom plastic tray can be easily removed for cleaning and the crate collapses very easily. It's pretty easy to open and close with the double sliding…”

6 Midwest Life Stages Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Large Dog Crate | MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate | Divider Panel, Floor Protecting Feet, Leak-Proof Dog Pan | 42L x 28W x 31H Inches, Large Dog, Black Overview: This single-door extra-large dog crate or cage has a washable plastic tray and is collapsible and foldable. It has a divider panel if you want to housebreak your puppy or organize the kennel to separate your dog’s different areas of activity. The bolt latches are sliding and are very durable. The corners are rounded for safety, and the dimensions of this crate are 42 x 28 x 31 inches, making it appropriate for dogs weighing 71 to 90 pounds.

Why it's at #6? We put this Midwest Life Stages Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate as sixth on the list of best extra large dog crates because several customers had issues with it collapsing, though whether this was from human error or because of faulty conditioning, they weren’t specific. But, when it comes to housebreaking, the dividers in this are very useful.

Pros: This crate worked especially well for owners frustrated by their pets chewing through cages constantly. The crate also doesn’t rattle or shake easily, and the tray is simple to remove at the bottom (no struggling). The ease of assembly and disassembly makes it an attractive seller for busy owners who don’t have time to read through a 100-page manual on how to put it together.

Also, many customers who were considering crate training bought this and found it to be very successful, with one purchaser saying, “Anyone that is considering crate training, PLEASE do it! Your dog will be happier [and] you will housebreak him or her quicker.” The rave reviews were from an owner who had easily used this crate to train her puppy.

Cons: Again, READ THE DIRECTIONS. Customers who didn’t assemble it correctly, though it is easy to assemble, and just eyeballed it ended up doing it wrong and making it collapse or become misaligned. So, be sure to read and follow the instructions to a T.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I bought 2 of the 42x28x31″ crates for a 60 lb border collie mix and a 50 lb pitbull/lab mix. They are extremely easy to set up and roomy enough for both dogs to stretch out. The crates are properly assembled according to the instructions, but both dogs have figured out how to break out without opening the front door, which I'm guessing is why they're so much cheaper…”

7 Prevue Pet Products Home On-The-Go Single Door Dog Crate

Home On-The-Go Single Door Dog Crate E434, Large Overview: This seventh-best extra large dog crate has a single door made from five-, seven-, and nine-gauge mesh, making it very heavy-duty and durable. There are no tools required for assembly, and its measurements are 49.5 inches long, 29 ½ inches wide, and 31 ¼ inches tall. There are three security locks on the door, eliminating the risk of easy escape. It is appropriate for pets weighing 85 pounds at most. It is recommended that pets be no taller than 30 inches.

Why it's at #7? I placed the Prevue Pet Products Home On-The-Go Single Door Dog Crate on the seventh position of the best extra large dog crates list because the wiring was not durable for puppies going through separation anxiety, as one woeful tale from a customer showed. Also, several of the crates above it had weight limits of 90 pounds, whereas this one is five pounds less.

Pros: Customers were pleased with the durability and security of this crate. The plastic tray is injection-molded, meaning that it is reinforced and won’t break down as easily as other plastics do. The pan also has its own lock, meaning that it can’t be pushed out of the crate. Customers were fond of the three locks, especially those who had dealt with dogs pushing open crate doors before.

One customer claimed that it only took her 45 seconds to set up, which means that it isn’t complicated to put together. It is also collapsible for storage, though even when folded, it is a large piece of equipment. Lastly, customers were impressed by how the crate itself seemed deeper when you went into it (probably due to the lower pan at the bottom).

Cons: A purchaser made a good point that this crate was not good for dogs with very severe separation anxiety, as the wires are bendable if he or she is determined to get out. They won’t detach from the soldering, but they can bend, and a small enough puppy will clamber out. If you have a dog with separation anxiety, you might want to try behavioral training or look for something less bendable.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This summary is not applicable for dogs that don’t experience separation anxiety I just adopted a 7 year old dog that suffers separation anxiety (if it weren’t for that he would be perfect!). The first cage (not this one) that I bought he figured out how to get out of within 20 minutes so I selected this one based on the 3 hinge locks. Here are my thoughts…”

8 Noz2Noz Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets, 36-Inch Overview: The eight best extra large dog crates from NozToNoz are sustainable for dogs that weigh up to 90 pounds. It is usable for either indoor or outdoor use, and the corners are rounded, preventing a chance of injury. The fabric used is mesh weave (as opposed to wiring), and it is well-ventilated.

Because of the mesh fabric, this crate is very easy to set up and has dimensions of 42 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 31 inches high. The crate is also made in four smaller sizes as well, if you have another smaller dog you’d like to house. The mesh fabric is light enough that it ventilates the inside well, preventing your dog from feeling claustrophobic or anxious.

Why it's at #8? We decided that Noz2Noz Sof-Krate Indoor/Outdoor Pet Home has to be eighth one of the best extra large dog crates because of the zippers, which customers found in some cases to be very easy to chew apart. Regardless, for dogs that aren’t chewers, this is a great find.

Pros: The ventilation was what many customers admired. They found that it was very roomy and airy on the inside, though the mesh fabric wasn’t see-through. The frame is made from steel, so don’t get the impression that just because it’s made of mesh, it’s flimsy.

The base of the fabric is water resistant, so it can be removed and cleaned separately, something some customers found more convenient than taking out and scrubbing a tray (you can put this in the wash). Purchasers with dogs who like to chew everything noted that their dogs weren’t able to get through the mesh.

Cons: And on that note, even though the dogs weren’t able to get through the mesh, they were still able to chew some of the zippers. If you have a puppy that loves chewing things and making escape attempts, watch out for the zippers. Also, several customers pointed out that there was a plastic smell when you opened the crate, but one aired it out for several days and found that the smell was gone once it was hit with fresh air.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “We purchased two of these crates for our 60 lb dogs over 2 months ago. The 42″ size is quite large, in fact, both dogs can sleep comfortably together in one. The crates are like cozy, mini tents and my husband and I joke that we'd like to sleep in them. They are very light to move around, and easy to fold up or down. We've had two problems. One is that…”

9 EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate with Carrying Bag and Fleece Bed (2 Year Warranty), Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home (42" L x 28" W x 32" H, Black) Overview: This is an extra large dog crate with soft sides. It is usable for both indoor and outdoor use, and it is also waterproof, so you can take it camping with you (it looks like something you’d take camping). There is a storage case included with the purchase, and it folds down into that case conveniently. The measurements are 42 x 28 x 32 inches, and the crate itself comes in other sizes for smaller animals as well (this is their XXL). The entries are front, side, and top.

Why it's at #9? I put the EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate as ninth of the best extra large dog crates because, compared to the other items on the list, which were made of wire and other stronger materials, this was less durable. But, for outdoor activities, as long as you’re careful with it, it will hold up.

Pros: Customers who chose to take this on camping trips with them found that the mesh held up well against the elements and was mosquito-proof. Other customers remarked on the space, finding that being able to put their dog’s food and water bowls with them in the crate was very convenient. It’s also lightweight and easy to move despite the size. It’s also very well-ventilated and has good air circulation.

Cons: A few customers remarked that the sides were vulnerable to persistent chewing and scratching. One scraped a hole in it during his move, and it tore a little bit. So, if your dog is a scratcher, this might not be the cage for you. Be careful when moving it, and you should be fine.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Absolutely love the the product. I needed a large crate that wasn't your typical “metal bar” version. This is perfect. I have a large Rhodesian Ridgeback (about 100 lbs) and he loves it. The sides are giving and yet supportive. The set-up and take-down of the crate is extremely simple and the crate is easy to move. This probably not the kind of crate for initial crate training, but if your dog is already crate trained, then this is perfect.”

10PawHut 8′ x 4′ x 6′ Dog Playpen Outdoor with Water-Resistant Canopy

PawHut 8' x 4' x 6' Dog Playpen Outdoor, Dog Kennel Dog Exercise Pen with Lockable Door, Water-Resistant Canopy, for Medium and Large Dogs Overview: This uniquely designed dog kennel looks like a tiny hut and is designed for outdoor use and protecting your dog from the elements. Its dimensions are huge: eight feet long by four feet wide by six feet high. The roof on top of the “hut” is a weather-resistant cover made of polyurethane. The Gazebo doesn’t require tools to set it up, and the access window is secure and safe to lock and latch.

Why it's at #10? This Pawhut Outdoor Playpen with Canopy is last on our list of best extra-large dog crates because of the space at the bottom, which can allow smaller dogs to scurry under and escape. Though the design is unique and serves a gazebo purpose, it can’t work for all dogs.

Pros: The size is definitely a pro for owners who want their dogs to spend more time outside. It’s a very secure piece of equipment that is resistant to biting, and the polyurethane is really durable. A customer described it as “very well made,” and even though it has a lot of parts—it is held together by sixteen connectors—on average, it took twenty minutes to put together.

Cons: One customer mentioned that the gap at the bottom of the gazebo provides enough space for a small dog or puppy to slip right out, so be aware of your dog’s size and Houdini's capabilities before purchasing.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “PROS: It was very easy to set up, took about 20 minutes by myself. It looks nice too. Great two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. CONS: The eight metal panels are held together by 16 connectors, one at the top and one at the bottom at the points (octagon). These pieces are made of PLASTIC; thus not very strong and susceptible to breaking. One of them broke because one of the panel…”

Best Extra Large Dog Crates

How to Choose the Best Extra Large Dog Crates?

When perusing this “top ten” list of best extra large dog crates, you might wonder how to pick from it. There are so many options and styles—which one works?

First, consider your dog’s height, weight, and temperament. The height and weight of your dog will determine whether the dimensions of your best extra-large dog crates will work for him or her. Then, consider their temperament. If they have separation anxiety or a tendency to chew on things, you want something that is sturdy and bend-resistant. Also, if you have a puppy and want to start housebreaking, consider one of the crates we showed you that has a divider in it to help with the training.

Whichever extra large dog crate you choose, this list has crates that will be sure to keep your dog safe and stress-free!

We want to make sure that our readers are aware that we are NOT sponsored by any of the manufacturers and dog companies mentioned in this article. Please note that we do our best to provide accurate information, but we highly encourage dog owners to always double-check other sources for additional tips on the best extra large dog crates so that you can make a more accurate decision of what’s best for you and your canine.

The above overview of best dog crates for large dogs should give pet owners a good idea of best-rated dog supplies, but please also make sure that you read more about top dog crate reviews from multiple customers before you purchase any dog products. Sometimes, those reviews from pet parents can provide more information than any dog supplies website ever could. Finally, I hope this list was helpful, and if you tried any of these dog products, please let us know of your experience in the comments below.

Disclosure: We may earn affiliate commissions at no cost to you from the links on this page. This did not affect our assessment of products. Read more here and find full disclosure here.

Dom Naish is a Phoenix-based writer, vegan, cupcake addict and dog lover. Years in the animal rescue trenches have taught him every aspect of dog ownership from behavioral problems, personality and breed specific trait differences of all dogs.