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Top 14 Best Holiday Dog Sweaters

Sometimes a dog's fur coat just isn't enough to keep him warm on cold winter days. Maybe you just want to keep Fido warm or maybe you want him to look his best during your big family dinner, either way, the best holiday dog sweaters will do the trick. Just be sure to choose a sweater that not only looks good, but is comfortable for your dog too.

The Best Holiday Dog SweatersSweaters can be a practical article of clothing and a great way for your pooch to show his excitement for the upcoming holiday season. But, you have to be sure that you're not just picking his new wardrobe based on appearance alone. The best holiday dog sweaters should be fashionable and functional.

The first thing you need to consider is whether or not your dog really needs a sweater. Of course, they are adorable. And, there is no doubt that your canine companion will be the envy of all of your holiday guests, but does he really need the extra layer? If your dog already has a thick, warm coat of fur, covering him in a sweater could actually make him overheat.

If you decide that your dog does indeed need a sweater, you'll have many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. As with all consumer products, these sweaters are not all of the same quality. It's your responsibility to find a sweater that is comfortable for your dog and won't cause him any pain or restrict his range of motion.

If the openings for his legs are too tight, or they don't fit correctly, it may chafe, causing him a lot of pain. If holiday dog sweaters are too loose, they may get caught on household objects or tree branches and become a hazard.

The best option is to purchase a sweater from a dog-friendly pet store. This way you can bring Fido with you and have him try on the sweater options while you're in the store. You will be able to make a wise purchase knowing that the sweater fits perfectly.

If you find a better deal online, you can still purchase the product. Ensure that you follow the measuring instructions provided by the company exactly, and be sure the company has a good return policy.

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The Best Holiday Dog Sweaters

1Blueberry Pet Vintage Holiday Festive Christmas Themed Sweater

Blueberry Pet for Love of Holiday - Christmas Designer Dog Sweater, Back Length 12", Pack of 1 Clothes for Dogs Get this festive Blueberry Pet sweater for your dog to keep warm and toasty during the cold holidays. This knitwear is made of 100% acrylic fiber for durability, pet comfort, and ease of care since it is machine washable. The color is a stylish combination of cream and burgundy red, but five other lovely colors and styles are also available.

Two of these best holiday dog sweaters are hoodies with a pom-pom on the tip, while this one has thick, high neckline. A cool symmetrical pattern of reindeer and geometric designs adorn the back of the sweater, which comes ribbed and stretchy around the neckline, hem and forelegs opening. The hooded styles of the Blueberry Pet Wintage Holiday Festive Christmas Themed Dog Sweater don’t have the stretchiness of the ribbed neckline, but nonetheless were easy to put on and take off over the head.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “When selecting this Blueberry holiday hooded sweater, I relied on both the Blueberry sizing chart and my own experience with fitting items on my Bichon and Maltese mix dogs. There can be a significant…”


2Royalwise’s Light up Dog Shirt


In the dark, you’d think it’s a walking Christmas tree, but nope, it’s this holiday shirt from Royalwise. This red dog hoodie features a back design with decorative LED bulbs and multiple blinkers. It’s a fashion statement that will add more fun during parties in the coming holidays. Made of durable polyester fabric, it is soft to the skin, lightweight, and stretchy.

Compared to ordinary dog sweaters, these Xmas tree-themed lights add more visibility and safety to your pet in the dark. There’s a battery pack with switch conveniently placed inside the back of the Royalwise's Light up Dog Shirt for Medium to Large Dogs. A small opening at the back allows for leash attachment. The shirt front has a placket with Velcro closure.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “This is the cutest shirt ever! My puppy is so adorable in it, and it keeps her nice in warm. I’m glad we got it when we did, because the cold weather finally hit, and she needed it! There is a little pocket…”


3Blueberry Pet Holiday Season Nordic Fair Isle Snowflake Sweater

Blueberry Pet Chic Argyle All Over Dog Sweater in Navy Blue, Back Length 14", Pack of 1 Clothes for Dogs Another Blueberry Pet dog sweater hits our list, and this is a 100% acrylic knitted vest. It looks and feels soft, thick, and in vogue. These best holiday dog sweaters use the traditional Nordic Fair Isle knitting – a technique used to create patterns with multiple colors – to depict intricate details of its snowflake pattern.

Rich colors and deeply ribbed hemline and neckline make this a very classy sweater. It’s definitely holiday-inspired, but it can also go well for other more ordinary days. The Blueberry Pet Holiday Season Nordic Fair Isle Snowflake Dog Sweater has everything that you’ll ever want your dog to wear this cold winter season: extremely soft and thick, machine washable, quick to dry, and inexpensive.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “hello i no how hard it can be to get clothing for wiener dogs becuases their body shape i have a wiener dog she is of the smaller bread wieghs about 20 pounds i got her the size 14 an it fits her…”


4Menpet Pet Holiday Cartoon Reindeer Sweater

HAPEE Dog Xmas Sweaters, Dog Christmas Sweater for Cat, Red-Nosed Elk Puppy Clothes Christmas is in the air and nothing is as heartwarming as presenting your cute pup a cartoon Rudolph-patterned sweater from HAPEE. There’s even an attached red pom-pom for the reindeer’s nose. It is made of acrylic fabric with ribbed hem, neckline, and extended sleeves.

This adorable sweater is definitely one for romping during the chilly holiday months. The fit is snug with a little stretch. The Menpet Pet Holiday Cartoon Reindeer Dog Sweater will be easy to wear over the head, but make sure that you loosely measure around the chest girth. We recommend hand washing so as not to undo the nose. There are five sizes available for this sweater.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “This is the cutest sweater and fit perfectly! Going to buy another right now!…”


5BOBIBI Holiday Pet Sweater

BOBIBI Dog Sweater Christmas Santa Pet Cat Winter Knitwear Warm Clothes This Christmas outfit from BOBIBI is designed to fit cats and small-sized dogs. It’s made of acrylic thread, so it will be thick, durable, and snug. It will have some stretch to it but not too much. The red-and-white stripe pattern with a beaming Santa face at the back makes these best holiday dog sweaters attuned to the holiday merrymaking, yet maintains that relaxed and warm feel.

The BOBIBI Dog Holiday Pet Sweater is machine washable on gentle cycle. It comes in five sizes and is also available in two other variations – elk design over green-and-white stripes and reindeer design over green-and-black stripes.


6HAPEE Christmas Elk Sweater

HAPEE Dog Xmas Sweaters, Dog Christmas Sweater for Cat, Clown Prince Puppy Clothes This is also a red-and-white stripes affair, but with a happy elk face featured on the back. Before the holiday rush gets underway, indulge your faithful canine and feline now with these HAPEE Pet Clothes knitwear. These best holiday dog sweaters are made of 100% acrylic fiber. It has soft, hugging ribbed hem and neckline to keep your pet warm.

Make sure to measure carefully especially around the chest. The HAPEE Pet Clothes Christmas Elk Dog Sweater runs small so order one size up. It will actually stretch and loosen a bit after several washes, but your dog won’t be happy if it’s tight the first few times he or she wears it.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Very cute holiday sweater, and my dog really enjoyed it (I would hold it up and she would wag and come running over and stick her head through). Maybe she loved it too much because the arm…”


7Bolbove Owl Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater


Bolbove Cable knit turtleneck sweaters combine comfort and style in this Christmas wear. There are two color variations of these best holiday dog sweaters – blue and orange – and each has a cute cartoon owl design. The knitting technique employed is not the usual stockinette. Instead, it uses a more intricate and detailed stitching style, resulting to an interesting texture.

The Bolbove Pet Cute Owl Cable Knit Turtleneck can be machine-washed. This turtleneck collar is foldable which is perfect for the weather as it can be raised for more coverage or folded down for thicker protection against the freezing weather. The sweater comes with a nice Bolbove metal keychain gift.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “It was adorable…very good quality…nice and thick and warm. The colors are bright and happy. Albert got a medium size and it fit him perfectly.…”


8Bolbove Snowflake Knitted Turtleneck Sweater


As with the preceding Bolbove sweater, this one has similar features in the make, sizing and comfort it delivers. Both knitted turtleneck sweaters are made of soft durable acrylic fibers and follow the same measurements. Unlike the textured stitching of the previous knit, this sweater has a smooth stockinette surface.

The design on the back consists of snowflakes and decorative zigzag patterns. In the other shirt, the front part is made of a separately knitted piece and attached way higher up the belly, while this one is a continuous knit including the ribbed hem that gradually slants up to the front. The Bolbove Pet Snowflake Knitted Turtleneck Sweater covers more belly area without obstructing your pet as it does its business. And you get two free gifts with these best holiday dog sweaters – a Bolbove metal keychain and a Bolbove gift pouch.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “DO NOT BUY. Cheaply made and sizes are not accurate. Could not return by the time I actually received it in the mail. Waste of money.…”


9Fab Dog Holiday Reindeer Knit Turtleneck Sweater

Fab Dog Holiday Reindeer Knit Turtleneck Dog Sweater, Chocolate, 8" Length This item from Fab Dog may be a bit pricey but its thickness, sturdy make, and classy finish more than compensate for its cost. It is durably made of acrylic fiber with glittery yarn that adds interesting details to it. It cleans off easily in the machine and does not shrink, so you have to be accurate with your measurement.

The Fab Dog Holiday Reindeer Knit Turtleneck Dog Sweater comes in chocolate color and features a high ribbed collar, thick hem, and a reindeer face pattern covering the entire back length. The leash hole on the nape part is a thoughtful addition. Overall, the quality of these best holiday dog sweaters is impressive and will easily become your dog’s favorite wear for revelries during the cold winter ahead.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Super cute the finish is very simple. Hoping it will hold up for all the Christmas events we will be attending…”


10Pupteck’s Christmas Sweater – Snowflake Style


This Christmas sweater with a pattern of reindeer, snowflakes, and holiday greeting will undoubtedly look beautiful on your dog and will be fun to wear on Ugly Christmas Sweater parties that you’ll going to attend. This red, green, and white item from Pupteck will be his or her costume to lighten up the holiday mood. It is double-knitted which means that it will be thicker than the regular sweater

The neckline of these best holiday dog sweaters are ribbed but leaves the neck a bit exposed, especially with large dogs. This makes it easy to put on and take off over the head. The hem of the Pupteck's Ugly Christmas Dog Sweater Holiday – Snowflake Style is also ribbed, including the attached front which exposes the dog’s front lower part. Four sizes are available for you to choose from.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “Fun sweater for the upcoming holidays! My poor little pup just isn't suited for the cold weather, and lives in dog sweaters from about September through April, and will rock this ugly holiday…”


11Pupteck’s Reindeer Sweater


This sweater is also from Pupteck and is similar with the previous sweater in some respects. For one, it also uses the double knitting technique which results in a thicker sweater. No doubt, this is one for the winter. This also has ribbed neckline and hem. It features a reindeer pattern with other interesting shapes in red, brown, and black threads.

A sweet feature that you don’t often find in dog clothing is this sweater’s raglan sleeves. It is nicely fitted from the neckline and around the sleeve holes. This foreleg sleeve provides ample cover for the cold weather and the raglan style makes the Pupteck's Reindeer Dog Sweater Pet Holiday Festive Winter Clothes more comfortable.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “Looks nice and good quality. Ordered the Medium for my cheagle, but was too big. He has odd proportions though. Small/medium pictured. Has small slit in upper back for harness. I like this…”


12New York Dog Ugly Holiday Sweater


Here’s a beauty from New York Dog. It’s so beautiful and the funny snowman applique feature on the back makes it a strong contender for an Ugly Sweater Christmas merry-making. This is a thick sweater with high stretchy collar and ribbed hem. The edges of these best holiday dog sweaters are made in red solid lines, while the rest of the smooth stockinette surface is made in blue and white.

The funny snowman-and-dog applique and embroidered snowflakes highlight the whole back length. Other funny designs will surely be a sensation on your holiday parties, including a pattern of Santa, one of a deer, and another of odd gingerbread figures. The New York Dog Ugly Holiday Sweater for Pets is definitely one of the best holiday dog sweaters!

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This is so awesome. Christmas cannot get here soon enough so I can have my dog debut this sweater. Worth every penny! I might do a Christmas card with my dog just because of this…”


13Cute Puppy Sweater by KOOLTAIL


If you prefer simple lines with only a touch of the holiday spirit on your dog’s sweater, or your dog will be wearing other holiday accents which you don’t want to clash with a colorful shirt, then these best holiday dog sweaters from KOOLTAIL should be perfect. In fact, it’s very elegant in its smooth main gray color at the front and back. The plainness highlights the clean stitching, leash hole, and openings for the forelegs.

Red, black, and white threads were combined to make the ribbed hem. This color combination is echoed on the plaid-style collar with decorative tasseled scarf. The Dog Sweater Cute Puppy Clothes Gray by KOOLTAIL is only available in one size. If your dog has about 16” chest girth, 10” neck circumference, and 12” back length, then you’re in luck!

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTOS): “My beagle is neck 14″ chest 22″ and length 19″. It fit the Medium size perfect…”


14Expawlorer Knit Festive Sweater


Have you ever wished to find a holiday dog sweater that your pet could actually wear year-round without him or her looking out-of-date and odd? This Expawlorer knitwear looks like one. It is a combination of red, yellow, gray, and white 100% acrylic yarns, designed into an intricate pattern of rhombuses, lines, and specks. This looks very festive, but not too Christmassy.

The turtleneck collar of these best dog holiday sweaters can be extended up or rolled down. The hem and collar match in classic ribbed knit stitching. The sleeve holes also have ribbed edgings. There’s a leash hole on the back of the Expawlorer Knit Festive Dog Sweater. This is a very well-made sweater. It has a good stretch but not loose.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “This is an amazing sweater for my dog. He absolutely look so adorable in it. Fits him just perfectly and keep them nice and warm in the cold nights…”

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