There are few things more frustrating for a pet owner than watching their dog scratching incessantly. You can tell that your dog is itchy and uncomfortable, but what can you do about it? The best itch relief for dogs can treat a variety of conditions that may cause dry, itchy skin in dogs.

There are many proven different causes and irritants that may be the culprit of your Fido's itching. Anything from parasites to environmental factors could be the reason for the itchiness, and it's important that you observe your pet for symptoms to help diagnose the problem. Once you figure out the cause of the itching, you'll be able to work on an effective treatment plan.

If you notice your dog itching more than normal and you can't find a simple explanation for this excessive scratching, it's best to consult your vet. The problem may be some type of skin infection or a side effect of a more serious illness. In this case, a veterinarian may need to prescribe a topical ointment, shampoo or prescription medication to help your pet.

If you believe the itchiness can be treated with an over-the-counter remedy, there are several effective best itch relief for dogs products available:

Dog Itch Relief Product Price Quality Effectiveness
Bodhi Dog Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray for Dogs $ A 5 stars
Bexley Labs Curaseb Chlorhexidine Spray $ B 4 half stars
Bodhi Dog All Natural Pet Hot Spot Spray $ B 4 half stars
Vet's Best Coat Shed Itch Relief Supplements $ C 4 stars
Vet's Best Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray for Dogs $ C 4 stars

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Why Is My Dog So Itchy?

Best Itch Relief for DogsA dog's itchy skin (Pruritus) can be caused by a number of things. There has been a number of studies done for the causes of itchiness in dogs and extensively covered in Merck Vet Manual, and they show that the most common causes  are dry skin and allergies. Dry skin in dogs could be caused by improper nutrition, allergies or environmental factors.

Dry skin on dogs

The cold, dry air in the winter months is known to dry out skin. If you live in an area with very low humidity, you may notice that your dog's skin is dry year round. If you live in a region that is drier in the winter and more humid in the summer, your dog may only struggle with this problem for a few months at a time.

In most cases, your dog's itchy skin is probably no big deal. In some cases, however, it may be caused by parasites, hypothyroidism, Cushing's disease or a number of other serious health problems. It's essential to accurately diagnose the exact cause of your pet's itchiness, especially if it doesn't go away after trying over the counter best itch relief for dogs products.

In the most recent 2017 study (PDF), the researchers found that it's possible to treat the problem with topical treatments. Most effective way to treat excessive itchiness in dogs ranged from OTC treatments available for purchase (like the below listed best itch relief for dogs products) and effective for dogs with mild itch problems, to prescribed antibiotic itch medications that were designed based on products made for humans. Studies showed that even holistic approach like essential oils and coconut oil can be effective for this.

Allergies in dogs

Another common cause of itchiness in dogs is allergies. Like us, dogs can be allergic to certain environmental allergens. Some dog supplies and particularly commercial dog food products could also cause an allergic reaction in your dog.

It's difficult to assess for allergies because anything from your dog’s treats and food, to toys and beds could be the culprit. The only way to find out for sure what is causing the allergic reaction is to have your dog undergo allergy testing from a veterinarian.

Bug bites

Bug bites and stings can cause itchiness, too. Your pooch is exposed to all kinds of pests  when he goes outside. Bites or stings from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and bees can cause serious itchiness. If he gets bitten or stung by one of these insects, your dog is likely to experience some swelling and itching.

What is the Best Itch Relief for Dogs?
top 5 remedies to treat hotspots and itching

1Bodhi Dog Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray for Dogs

Bodhi Dog Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray for DogsBodhi Dog Anti-itch Spray made with oatmeal and baking soda and is formulated to provide relief to pets with hot spots, insect bites, allergies, and other skin irritations. The spray is also a natural deodorizer. Bodhi anti-itch spray instantly soothes itching and effectively stops chewing and licking. This is made from oatmeal, wheat germ, baking soda, botanical extracts, and other natural ingredients that provide vitamins A, D, and E. It does not contain alcohol or any toxic ingredient.

This spray is incredible – it definitely calms itching when nothing else does. We’ve seen dogs that had been frenziedly scratching their skin raw immediately slowing down and relaxing. That alone is a relief, because Bodhi Dog Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray for Dogs stops aggravating the irritation and allows the skin to heal faster.  This is especially helpful at night when the itching seem to be worst.

best itch relief for dogsIt has a mild pleasant scent that also seems to be a factor in calming the dog’s demeanor. The fresh scent stays on the dog for days and really works as a deodorizer. The first time you spray it, you may have to do it with a few gentle gusts before spraying full blast. The sudden fizz from the spray often scares dogs away, and you don’t want your dog disliking the spray even before it can do him or her any good.


  • Made with oatmeal and baking soda
  • Also works as a natural deodorizer
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Hypoallergenic

  • Some buyers say the smell of this best itch relief for dogs is too strong
  • As with any of the products on this list, there are reviews from pet owners who say this product did not soothe their dog's itchy skin

best itch relief for dogsMost helpful review about this best itch relief for dogs remedy: “My dog gets a itchy rash every year when the grass starts growing. I've never seen a product quite like this one. It works fast! The quality of my dogs life (and my sleep) just took an amazing leap. I've recommended to…”


2Bexley Labs Curaseb Chlorhexidine Spray for Dogs

Bexley Labs Curaseb Chlorhexidine Spray for DogsBexley Labs’ Curaseb Antiseptic Spray contains chlorhexidine and ketoconazole as active ingredients. It is formulated to treat skin diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, and allergies. Veterinarians recommend this formula for immediate relief from ringworm, pyoderma, yeast infection, dermatitis, blisters, scabies, hotspots, rashes, and other skin irritations. It also has a pleasant scent and does not sting the skin.

Unlike most skin treatment formulations, Bexley Labs Curaseb Chlorhexidine Spray for Dogs does not contain steroids. You don’t want steroids in your skin treatment formula. While they effectively reduce inflammation, they also bring a host of side effects. We’re so happy with Curaseb because it does the job of reducing the itching and inflammation without the long-term effects of steroids.

best itch relief for dogsWhen sprayed at the onset of a rash, Curaseb would effectively stop the tormenting itch, and stop it from becoming worse. You’d notice that most times a dog’s skin problem is not solely bacterial, or fungal, or allergy; oftentimes they combine to attack a hapless dog. For instance, a dog can first have a rash due to allergy which can be exposed to bacteria later if the dog continues scratching its skin raw. It’s a good thing that Curaseb is also potent against bacteria and other microorganisms. This wide-spectrum skin treatment is definitely a must-have for families with dogs.


  • Active ingredients are chlorhexidine and ketoconazole
  • Formulated to treat skin diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, and allergies
  • Does not contain steroids
  • Made in the USA

  • As with any of the best itch relief for dogs, there are reviews from pet owners who say this product did not soothe their dog's itchy skin
  • Some disgruntled consumers say their dog became ill after licking this treatment off of their skin

best itch relief for dogsMost helpful review about this best itch relief for dogs remedy: “Do you your dogs smells like bread dough? Or fritos? Do their ears smells REALLY bad? Do they lick their paws often? Do they bite their legs, back hips or hind end? Do they lick their bellies often? Have you noticed small…”


3Bodhi Dog All Natural Pet Hot Spot Spray

Bodhi Dog All Natural Pet Hot Spot SprayBodhi Dog Hot Spot Spray is a plant-based treatment for dogs’ hot spots. It is made from a blend of lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol, and clove. This special formulation cools and soothes intense itching caused by hot spots, allergies, and other skin irritations. This is the best option for dogs sensitive to chemical-based topical solutions because it contains no harmful chemical or steroids, and it’s even naturally scented.

You definitely need a bottle of this on hand always. It acts immediately to reduce itching, soothe the skin, and lessen discomfort. Bodhi Dog All Natural Pet Hot Spot Spray works as quickly as 10 minutes after application. By that time, you’d notice your dog calming down from intense scratching, and the spot looking less angry. As soon as you see your dog stop scratching and aggravating the hot spot, that’s one step toward healing. That effectively prevents the skin from tearing and microbes from setting in.

best itch relief for dogsThis botanical blend has antiseptic and antibacterial effects, so you’ll notice that after the itching eases down, the sores begin to dry up and start healing. For more severe infections, you may need to use this in tandem with the doctor’s prescription to treat the infection more vigorously. Continue using the Bodhi Dog Hotspot Spray to keep dogs from chewing and scratching the hot spot and to hasten healing.


  • Plant-based remedy
  • Contains no alcohol or steroids
  • Naturally scented
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial properties

  • Some reviewers say the natural smell of this spray was terrible
  • As with any best itch relief for dogs, there are reviews that claim this product is not effective

best itch relief for dogsMost helpful review about this best itch relief for dogs remedy: “Works amazing!!! I've seen some people complain on here and that they didn't like it because their dog was annoyed by it, didn't like the taste or the smell… Well of COURSE your dog may not like it because they hate the…”


4Vet's Best Healthy Coat Shed and Itch Relief Dog Supplements

Vet's Best Healthy Coat Shed and Itch Relief Dog SupplementsVet’s Best Shed+Itch Healthy Coat Natural Formula is a supplement used to relieve itching in dogs and to regulate shedding. It comes in chewable tablet form. Its active ingredients are methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, quercetin, yellow dock root, Oregon grape root, nettle leaf, burdock root, and red clover blossom. MSM is a natural sulfur compound that treats inflammation and helps to relieve pain. This is formulated by a veterinarian and is an all-natural supplement that does not require a vet’s prescription.

We recommend this product for dogs suffering from nonspecific itching and excessive shedding. Dogs with this problem also tend to have dull and thin coat and likely have an unpleasant smell. You will not immediately see results with this Vet’s Best formula. Vet's Best Healthy Coat Shed and Itch Relief Dog Supplements works from the inside, so give it at least 3-4 weeks. You will first notice your dog scratching less and less, and then shedding will be more normal. Before you know it, you’d have a dog with beautiful fur. The smell would be gone, too.

best itch relief for dogsWhen topical remedies fail, this will be a good option. Unlike topical solutions, though, the desired results will not be noticeable in minutes or hours; it would be more like weeks or months. This will work if your dog is not averse to pills because it has a medicinal smell that makes it difficult to hide in food or give as a treat.


  • Convenient chewable tablet form that is easier to administer than sprays and topical treatments
  • All-natural supplement
  • Formulated by a veterinarian, but does not require a prescription

  • Some dogs did not enjoy the taste of these supplements
  • As with any best itch relief for dogs, there are reviews that claim this product is not effective

best itch relief for dogsMost helpful review about this best itch relief for dogs remedy: “I'm always skeptical about supplements but decided to give these a try. When I adopted my Aussie, she had a real shedding and itching problem from her past owner's neglect. Her coat was thin, dull and shedding was constant. She scratched continually…”


5Vet's Best Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray for Dogs

Vet's Best Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray for DogsVet’s Best Hot Spot Spray is a topical solution formulated to provide quick relief from itchiness. This is made from tea tree oil, aloe vera, and chamomile. Tea tree oil for dogs has antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Aloe vera soothes and helps repair damaged skin while also conditioning the scalp and hair. Chamomile, on the other hand, also has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. These three potent ingredients work together in one formulation to immediately stop itching and further irritation of the skin. This contains no alcohol, has a mild scent, and will not sting the skin. It will not interfere with other topical solutions applied to the dog.

You need to apply this on the skin for it to work. You may have to part the hair to do that, or for dogs with massive hair, you may need to shave them before applying this spray to get better results. While the effect is immediate, you will find that you’ll need to reapply Vet's Best Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray for Dogs several times in a day. If your dog finds the spray disconcerting, try another applicator or try rubbing with a cotton swab because it could just be the sound of the spray.

best itch relief for dogsVet’s Best Hot Spot Spray is topical so it will work on the area sprayed directly with it. It will not prevent rash from appearing on other parts of your dog’s body unless the source of the rash is treated. If the desired outcome is to prevent occurrence of rash on other areas, then the solution in that case would be more like an oral treatment.


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Has antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Will not interfere with any other topical treatments (like flea & tick treatments)

  • There are reviews from pet owners who say this spray is only effective for about an hour and then you need to reapply
  • A few buyers complained about the scent of this spray, saying it is not pleasant and too strong

best itch relief for dogsMost helpful review about this best itch relief for dogs remedy: “My dog had an expanding hot spot on his tail. I trimmed away as much fur as I could and sprayed the area 3-5 times a day, basically whenever he looked like he was going to bite the area. After two days area began to…”

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