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Your Itchy Dog Could Win You Cash From TriDerma

Your Itchy Dog Could Win Cash From TriDerma
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Itchy dogs usually end up costing their owners a lot of money. It starts with the initial vet bills, possibly a change in diet and maybe even some prescription creams, shampoos or medications. One company is trying to change all that. TriDerma is offering customers a chance to win cash with the help of their itchy pets.

The company offers a line of botanical-based skin healing products that are all made with Certified Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe. Last week the company announced their new “If Your Skin Could Talk, What Would It Say?” campaign via their website. Technically, the line is created for humans, but since it is all-natural it can also be used on canines.

Your Itchy Dog Could Win Cash From TriDerma
Photo: TriDerma

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I was given the opportunity to review the company’s Intense Fast Healing Cream back in November, and I was very impressed. TriDerma claims that the cream can be used to relieve rashes, hot spots and dry skin. We have a chocolate lab who suffers from naturally dry skin, and I tried this cream on her.

We use soothing shampoo and coconut oil to treat her dry skin, and the combination that we’ve found works very well. Her skin quickly began to show improvement, but there was always a spot at the base of her tail that she would continue chewing and scratching. I used TriDerma Intense Fast Healing Cream on the spot and it improved greatly!

You can check out my full product review here.

Last year TriDerma lunched a customer review and rating feature on their website, and this campaign is aimed at attracting more people to leave feedback about the company’s products. Whether you’ve used their products on yourself or your pets, you can leave an honest review on the company’s website through April 12th for a chance to win cash prizes!

Since I published my review back in November, I’ve also used the products on my own skin and we recently tried them on a cat with hot spots. I bathed the cat with medicated shampoo and then rubbed the cream on her soars when she was dry. I’m sure it was a combination of the two, but she stopped scratching and licking the spots almost immediately and they were completely gone within 2 weeks.

Your Itchy Dog Could Win Cash From TriDerma
Photo: TriDerma

Obviously I’m a fan of the products, but they want to know what you think too. Each time a consumer leaves a review between now and April 12th, they will be entered in a drawing to win a cash certificate to TriDerma.com. Up to 16 winners will be randomly selected throughout the course of the contest. One person will receive a $50 certificate and 15 others will receive $15 gift certificates.

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You may be wondering why the company is pushing so hard to get customer reviews. Have you ever seen a TriDerma advertisement on television or the internet? Nope. That’s because they rely on word of mouth to advertise their business – something that is unheard of in this digital age!

The company’s goal is to build a trusted community of consumers through their website. When someone sees a product review like mine or hears about TriDerma from a friend or family member, they can log on to TriDerma.com and see exactly what consumers think about the products.

You can check out my review for more information on the cream that I was able to test, and go to the company’s website if you’re interested in any of their other botanical products. Remember that because their products are made with natural moisturizing ingredients, they can all be used on dogs. You may want to double check with your veterinarian before using any of the creams on your pet if he has a severe skin condition though.

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