Giveaway: TriDerma Healing Cream and Shampoo for Dogs ($45+ Value)

Does your dog suffer with dry skin? Is he always scratching or chewing trying to relieve the itch? TriDerma has formulated a line of botanical-based skin healing products for humans that are also safe for pets, and you have the chance to win $45 worth of their products in our latest FREE giveaway!

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Dry skin is a very common condition suffered by pets and humans alike. There are many different variables that can cause dry skin, including the climate that you live in. I live in Maine, and the air here gets very dry in the winter months. All the members of our family, both two- and four-legged, have dry skin in the winter.

These products from TriDerma are ideal, because you can use them on yourself and your pet. They are botanical-based, meaning they don't have the harsh chemicals found in many dog grooming products. You don't need to worry about your pets safety or wearing gloves to keep the products off your skin.

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TriDerma Healing Cream and Shampoo for Dogs Giveaway

TriDerma Healing Cream and Shampoo for Dogs Giveaway

About the products you will receive

As mentioned, all products from TriDerma are botanical based. That means they are made with natural ingredients that will help moisturize and soothe dry skin. Some grooming products that are made for dry skin include harsh chemicals in their formula that can actually irritate your pet's skin. These types of products will likely do more harm than good.

Psoriasis Control Shampoo

TriDerma Healing Cream and Shampoo for Dogs Giveaway
Photo: TriDerma

Although it's made for humans with psoriasis, many pet owners use it regularly to help their dogs with dry, flaky and itchy skin. This shampoo can also be used as body wash, and is perfectly safe for your skin as well as your dog's. Unlike many other shampoos made for dry skin, this one has a very pleasant smell.

It is made with AP4 Aloe Vera Complex, which is a proprietary botanical complex that naturally contains more than 200 healing properties. This complex helps to reduce swelling, soothe pain and fight bacteria. It's also formulated with salicylic acid, oat protein, urea and Vitamins A, B & E. All of which help to soothe and heal irritated skin.

Some products only help to relieve dry skin, but Psoriasis Control Shampoo will help to prevent the recurrence of itching, flaking and scaly skin. It is cortisone and paraben free, plus it isn't greasy! This shampoo will leave your dog's coat shiny and clean, while also working to relieve his dry skin.

This shampoo is a $20 value!

Intense Fast Healing Cream

This product has been TriDerma's best seller for more than 2 decades! It is a unique, multi-purpose cream that contains more than 200 healing properties. Intense Fast Healing Cream will speed the healing cuts, scrapes, blisters, rashes, minor burns, sunburns and sores. It's also great for hot spots!

TriDerma Healing Cream and Shampoo for Dogs Giveaway
Photo: TriDerma

To learn more about this product, read our extensive review here.

You can use this cream for post surgical wounds, and it works well on dry, cracked dog paws and noses too. This is also made with the AP4 Aloe Vera Complex, just like the psoriasis shampoo. You can use this cream on your pet and yourself. It's great for daily moisturizing.

It is fragrance free, so if you or your pet have sensitive skin you won't have to worry. Intense Fast Healing Cream is non-greasy and cortisone and paraben free. This product is a $25 value.

How to enter the giveaway

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TriDerma Fast Healing Dog Cream Review

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