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Everybody loves free stuff, and we have plenty of it! At Top Dog Tips, we don't only review all types of dog supplies and keep all these pet products to ourselves. We LOVE to SHARE, and we'll take every opportunity to ask dog businesses to provide our readers with some great dog products for FREE. We host giveaways for dog supplies every week, so stick around.
Top Dog Tips Petcube Dog Camera GIVEAWAYvideo

Giveaway: Petcube Play Dog Camera ($199 Value)

We all feel guilty walking out of the house while those sad doggy eyes are staring at us. Wouldn't it be nice if we...
GoGo Stik Giveawayvideo

Giveaway: GoGo Stik Dog Pooper Scooper ($39 Value)

Cleaning up poop is one of the few disadvantages of dog ownership. Unfortunately, we all have to pick up waste from our pets at...
Doggie Don't Training Aid Giveawayvideo

Giveaway: Doggie Don’t Dog Training Aid ($50 Value)

When you're training your dog, you have to have a way to correct unwanted behavior. Some pet owners use verbal cues while others choose...
Tidy Turd Dog Pooper Scooper Giveawayvideo

Giveaway: Tidy Turd Dog Pooper Scooper ($26 Value)

It's one of the most dreaded responsibilities that come with being a dog owner, but we all have to clean up after our pet...
Paw Pod Dog Burial Pod Giveawayvideo

Giveaway: Paw Pod Burial Pod ($100 Value)

Losing a family pet is heartbreaking, and nothing is worse than having to deal with that pain on top of the financial burden that...
Andis Grooming Brush and Happy Dog Zone Shampoo Giveawayvideo

Giveaway: Andis Grooming Brush and Happy Dog Zone Shampoo ($33+ Value)

Everyone has to groom their dog, so who wouldn't want FREE dog grooming supplies? Even if you have your dog professionally groomed, you'll at...
Petcube Play Giveawayvideo

Giveaway: Petcube Play Pet Camera ($199 Value)

Pet cameras are a growing trend among dog owners who spend a lot of time away from home. After all, who wants to think...
Happy Dog Zone and Earthbath Giveawayvideo

Giveaway: Dog Shampoo and Ear Cleaning Wipes ($35+ Value)

Some dogs are easier to groom than others, but all dogs need some sort of grooming care. For example, every dog needs to be...
Weruva Caloric Harmony Dry Dog Food Reviewvideo

Giveaway: 8 Pounds of Weruva Dry Dog Food ($50+ Value)

Finding the right dog food for your canine companion can be a challenge. You need to find a food that will meet his nutritional...
Ezy Treat Training Pouch Giveawayvideo

Giveaway: Ezy Treat Dog Training Pouch and Three Dogs Bakery Treats ($42+ Value)

It's time for another FREE giveaway! Adopting a dog can be expensive. You'll need the necessary supplies for feeding, grooming and caring for your...
Flexpet Giveawayvideo

Giveaway: 2 Bottles of Flexpet Joint Supplement for Dogs ($100+ Value)

We're doing it again, andĀ giving away FREE dog supplies for regular Top Dog Tips readers! Pet owners are always thinking about their dog's well-being,...
AUPET Dog Backpack and Training Pouch Giveawayvideo

Giveaway: AUPET Dog Backpack and Training Treat Pouch ($65+ Value)

Dog owners have to stick to a strict budget when it comes to their canine companions. There are so many products out there for...