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Giveaway: Dog Training Supplies ($77 Value)

Are you in the process of training your dog? Thinking about adopting a new canine companion? Whether you’re training an adult dog or a pup, this FREE giveaway is going to make your task a lot easier. This training prize package will make any type of dog training easier – from expert agility training to basic command training.

The prize package consists of a Paw Plunger Dog Paw Cleaner, 2 Brandon McMillan training tools from PetMate, and a k9 Bridle No-Pull Training Harness. Altogether, this prize pack is worth more than $77!

Keep in mind that the Paw Plunger and K9 Bridle are both ‘medium' sizes. These are ideal for dogs weighing up to about 75 pounds. For example, they would be great for the average Labrador, Boxer, or Golden Retriever.

How to enter the giveaway

To enter this FREE giveaway to win a FREE dog training supplies prize package, all you have to do is:

  1. Paw Plunger for Dogs - Portable Dirty Paw Washer for Medium Sized Dogs – Ideal for Dogs Weighing 15-75lbs – Cleaner Pet Paws to Save Floors / Furniture / Carpet / Vehicle from Muddy Paw Prints – Blue LIKE our Facebook page;
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If you don’t win this time, don’t worry; we will announce another giveaway soon! You can check out our previous giveaways for pet owners to see what other products Top Dog Tips readers have won in the past. Don’t forget to bookmark the page and keep checking in for more giveaways of free dog products coming soon.

FREE Dog Supplies That You’ll Receive

Dog Training Supplies GiveawayThe Paw Plunger is great for removing dirt, mud, or sand from your dog’s feet. It’s handy to clean his paws before he comes inside on a rainy day or before he jumps into your vehicle after a fun afternoon at the beach. You can also use a paw washer to remove environmental toxins (like salt) and allergens from your dog’s feet after a romp outside.

FULL REVIEW: Paw Plunger Dog Paw Cleaner

The multi-layered bristles on the inside of the Paw Plunger are soft enough so as not to hurt your dog’s sensitive feet, but they are also durable enough to clean off dirt and debris. The medium size Paw Plunger is designed for dogs weighing 15-75 pounds.

It sells for $17.97 on Amazon, and this is your chance to win one for FREE!

K9 BridleThe K9 Bridle is a head harness for dogs that wraps around their snout and applies pressure when they pull on their leash. This is a 100% humane training aid that will not hurt your dog in any way. It just makes it uncomfortable for your pet in order to encourage him to walk without pulling.

The K9 Bridle also features a clasp that attaches the harness to your dog's collar. If your pup is able to slip out of the harness, his leash will still be attached to the collar. This ensures that you will never lose control of your pet while out for a walk.

When your dog is wearing the K9 Bridle, he will still be able to breathe, drink water, pant, and even eat a snack. It does not restrict his ability to open his mouth. Remember, the winner will receive a ‘medium' K9 Bridle, which is ideal for an average-size Labrador, Boxer, or similar-sized dog.

This product retails for $22, but you'll get one for FREE if you win this giveaway! You can find out all the details of the K9 Bridle in our extensive review of the product.

Brandon McMillan Dog Training Tools by PetmateAnd finally, the winner of this giveaway will receive 2 Brandon McMillan dog training tools from Petmate. The first is the Shake & Break. This dog training tool has an hourglass shape. The bottom is made of stainless steel and the top is made of plastic. There are plastic beads inside the Shake & Break that are a little bit bigger than a pea.

When you shake this tool, it makes a sound that breaks your dog’s focus. This gives you the opportunity to redirect Fido and correct unwanted behaviors. This patented design is quite effective!

Let’s say that your dog jumps on people when they enter your home. When he jumps, you can shake this tool to distract him and then redirect him and praise him for doing what you want. Likewise, if your dog is a nuisance barker, you can shake this tool to distract him from unnecessary barking.

Brandon McMillan Dog Training Tools by PetmateThe other training tool included in this giveaway is the Lure Stick. It is a telescoping device that extends up to 31 inches. It features a clip on one end to hold a dog treat. You can use it to redirect or train your pet, and it also comes in really handy if you have a small breed dog.

As you can see, all you have to do is clip in the treatment of your choice and extend the handle. The patented design has an easy grip clip that holds a treat securely yet is light enough that it is easy for your pooch to remove.

This tool even has a convenient belt clip, which you can see in my video review, so you can keep it within reach when you’re not using it. It's an ideal tool for any dog trainer or pet owner who has trouble bending over to treat their pooch.

The Shake & Break sells for $14.99, and the Lure Stick can be purchased for $9.99, but if you win this giveaway, you will receive them for FREE! If you'd like more information about these Brandon McMillan dog training tools, you can read our full review here.

How to enter the giveaway

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is:K9 Bridle

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