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Review: Brandon McMillan Dog Training Tools by Petmate (2018)


Training a dog takes a lot of patience and time. It's not something that will happen overnight, but with the right training tools it will go a lot smoother. Brandon McMillan Dog Training Tool products are designed to be easy for the handler to use, while still being extremely effective. Their simple design also allows for a budget-friendly price.

Training a dog is one of the most frustrating tasks that a dog owner faces. Some dogs are easier to train than others, but as long as you stick with it and stay consistent you will surely be successful.

Brandon McMillan dog training toolMany owners purchase leashes, training collars and dog harnesses before beginning the training process. You may also consider buying dog training books or DVDs. But, there are many products on the market that are specifically designed to make training your pet easier.

The Brandon McMillan Dog Training Tools by Petmate are simple and convenient. They can be used with young puppies or older dogs, and can be effectively used during obedience training, behavior training, recall training or more advanced training, like agility work.

Brandon McMillan Dog Training Tool by Petmate Review

Brandon McMillan Dog Training Tools by PetmateShake & Break

I'll be honest, I was skeptical of the Shake & Break when I first received it. It has a very simple design, but I wasn't sure that it would be effective. In fact, I was worried that it might scare our dogs.

As you can see in my video guide, this Brandon McMillan dog training tool has an hourglass shape. The bottom is made of stainless steel and the top is made of plastic. There are plastic beads inside the Shake & Break that are little bit bigger than a pea.

When you shake this tool, it makes a sound that breaks your dog's focus. This gives you the opportunity to redirect Fido and correct the unwanted behavior. I can say that this patented design is effective.

Brandon McMillan Dog Training Tools by PetmateLet's say that your dog jumps on people when they enter your home. When he jumps, you can shake this tool to distract him and then redirect him and praise him for doing what you want. Likewise, if your dog is a nuisance barker, you can shake this tool to distract him from unnecessary barking.

You can hear the difference between the plastic side and the steel side in my video review. The sound is much sharper when the beads are shaking inside the steel. Either way, this Brandong McMillan dog training tool from Petmate is loud enough to get your dog's attention.

Unfortunately, this isn't going to be an effective toy if you have a timid dog. It may also agitate an aggressive dog. The noise is quite loud, and I'm sure it would scare a dog with noise aversion or any dog that is a bit skittish.

You can purchase the Shake & Break on Amazon for just $14.99. It's affordable on any budget, but if you're trying to save some money this product certainly isn't a necessity.

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Brandon McMillan Dog Training Tools by Petmate

Lure Stick

The Lure Stick is pictured above with my Beagle, Molly. It is a telescoping device with a clip on one end to hold a dog treat. You can use it to redirect or train your pet, and it also comes in really handy if you have a small breed dog.

As you can see, all you have to do is clip in the treat of your choice and extend the handle. In my video guide I demonstrate how easy it is to get Molly to turn in a circle or reward her for performing other tricks.

Brandon McMillan dog training toolThis Brandon McMillan dog training tool features a telescoping steel tube shaft that extends up to 31 inches.

The patented design has an easy grip clip that holds a treat securely, yet lightly enough that it is easy for your pooch to remove. It cannot hold a very large treat, but you shouldn't be using big treats while training anyway.

The Lure Stick is so easy to use and makes trick training very simple. It would also be great for agility training! This tool even has a convenient belt clip, which you can see in my video review, so you can keep it within reach when you're not using it.

I love this training tool and would highly recommend it for anyone looking to do some training work with their pet. I also think it would be great for professional trainers, dog walkers and even veterinarians.

Anyone that works with dogs would get a lot of use out of the Lure Stick!

Brandon McMillan dog training toolThe Lure Stick would also be beneficial to pet owners who have troubles bending over. I don't have back or leg problems, but I love that I can treat Molly without having to bend down. It's much easier when we're working on command training.

You can purchase the Lure Stick on Amazon for just $9.99. While it's extremely affordable, I'm not sure how long it will last. The shaft and handle seem quite durable, but I'm not so sure about the clip at the end.

I've given our dogs hundreds of treats with this Brandon McMillan dog training tool, and the clip is still going strong. However, the small spring may wear out over time.

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