Giveaway: Hertzko Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

If you have a long haired cat or dog, you should definitely have a slicker brush in your dog grooming kit. We're giving one lucky dog owner the chance to win this Hertzko slicker brush for free.

Dealing with dog hair is something that most pet parents dread. It sticks to your furniture, carpet, and clothes. It collects in the corners of your home.

One of the best things you can do to reduce the amount of hair your dog sheds is to brush him daily. Deshedding tools, like this one from Hertzko, are specifically designed to remove loose hair from your pet's coat.

Now is your chance to win one of these highly rated grooming tools for FREE!

How to enter the giveaway

The winner of this giveaway will receive a slicker brush for cats and dogs from Hertzko. To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is:

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Following these steps will automatically enter you to win a Hertzko slicker brush, and we’ll contact you via Facebook if you’re the lucky winner. Don’t wait – the giveaway ends on Octoberber 15th, 2023!

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FREE Dog Supplies That You’ll Receive

slicker brushAs far as quality goes, the Hertzko slicker brush is similar to other comparable products. The feature that makes it stand out from ordinary slicker brushes is the self-cleaning button that pulls the bristles into the head of the brush, removing all the collected hair and debris.

With the push of a button, loose hair falls to the ground. You don't have to take the time to pick the fur out of the brush.

The best thing about this brush is its versatility. This brush works well for dogs and cats. It's best for long haired breeds, but it works for pets with short hair too. It's nice to have a product that works for different coat types

The ergonomically designed handle of the Hertzko slicker brush is good for two reasons; (1) it reduces hand fatigue while grooming and (2) it helps to prevent your hand from slipping when you're brushing your dog. This brush would work well for a long grooming session.

The bristles are made of stainless steel and the brush body and head are plastic. It can be easily cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water. The hard plastic body is very durable, and I have no doubt that you will have this brush for many years.

The Hertzko slicker brush retails for $29.99, but this is your chance to win one for FREE!

How to enter the giveaway

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is:

  1. LIKE our Facebook page;
  2. Visit this giveaway’s post and comment/share.

Doing this will automatically enter you into the giveaway for a FREE slicker brush. We’ll contact the winners via Facebook after the drawing. You also can subscribe to our newsletter below, for e-mail updates on upcoming giveaways and notifications about all of our new content.

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