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Top 10 Best Pet Dryers for Dogs


Once you’ve decided to start grooming your dog at home, you are going to want to make sure you have all the dog grooming supplies you need to do an effective and successful job. Bathing a dog is one of the most important parts of a dog grooming process, and so is drying him. Using one of the best pet dryers for dogs will make the process of drying a dog a lot easier – it's quicker and far more effective. Dog dryers also make your pooch's hair look more “puffy”.

The Best Pet Dryers for DogsGiving a dog a bath by itself is already complicated enough. Some dog owners get very lucky if their dogs are compliant, but for others this can become an issue. If you're still struggling with bathing your dog, I recommend you watch our step-by-step video on how to get your dog to enjoy grooming where our editor Samantha gives top tips without even using cage dryers. You'll get better at drying a dog, too.

If you need more help with bathing a dog or drying a dog, scroll through this article for more videos. Drying video at the bottom.

Now, after you give your dog a bath, you don’t want them running around the house dripping wet and soaking everything around. You don't want any of this happening at home. It's not good for the dog, and particularly his coat; it's also not good for your furniture, home decor and upholstery to have everything soaked.

That's where the best pet dryers for dogs, or dog blowers or even dog vacuums are handy. The best dog dryers can make the process of drying a dog a lot easier, but unfortunately, not all pets are happy for you to use a dog blower/vacuum and some really hate the noise dog dryers make.

How to pick the best dog dryer or dog blower/vacuum?

The main rule for picking out the best blowers for dogs is that it must be safe and effective. There are two reasons you cannot use a regular human hair dryer on dogs: a) some of them will not be powerful enough to dry all the hair on your dog, and b) others can be unsafe for pets due to their heat production.

* Click on the pet dryer for dogs to get more information and prices. Alternatively, scroll down below for more details and overview.

In the above list, we've compared the top five best dog dryers, but you can find a full list of our ten picks below. Make sure you read reviews from other pet owners to see how well these dog blowers work for your breed and size. Not every pet dryer will be best for every dog, so it's advisable to do your own research.

I have a dog, an Australian Shepherd named Walter, and bath time was made significantly more difficult when he eluded our grasp and instead ran around the entire house getting water everywhere. I wasn't well-equipped for drying him using those best pet towels for dogs yet, and didn't have a dog blower either.

If you're looking for the easiest way to dry a dog, then you need to make sure you have is a cage dryer for dogs. Alternatively, you can get a more simple pet dryer or blower for dogs, and then finally, you can use a dog towel (not a regular towel). Below you will see our top ten choices of best cage pet dryers for dogs where we looked at all of their features, including what the customers had to say about them.

Do you need advice on how to dry a dog after bathing, either with a pet towel or with a dog dryer? Then watch the below video and/or read the full guide in the link for our editor Samantha's best tips.

FULL GUIDE: How To Dry A Dog After Bathing – Full Step-by-Step Instructions

10 Best Pet Dryers for Dogs (2017)
Groomers use these cage dog dryers & blowers to dry dogs…

1K-9 III High Velocity Blower Dryer

K-9 III High Velocity Blower DryerK-9 III High Velocity Blower Dryer works well on dogs with heavy coats. It contains two different dryer speeds and comes in a variety of colors (black, silver, burgundy, pink, purple, etc.).

The warm air comes from the motor, meaning there is no heater attached to it and it contains two different vacuum attachments for versatility. It is portable and constructed of 18-gauge steel. The dryer also has an outlet (120 volt) attached to it that can work for clippers.

WHY IS IT AT #1? K-9 III High Velocity Blower Dryer is first because, though it’s expensive, it is the most durable and effective. This dryer is pretty much a tank. It contains all the horsepower necessary to get the job done and get your pet dry. We put this first based on skill and durability alone; also, it was the best-reviewed by customers.

PROS: Many customers found that K-9 III High Velocity Blower Dryer works on dogs with even the heaviest coats, with one customer remarking, “This monster can dry a chow chow in 15 minutes.” It’s high powered and cuts the drying time in half. Despite the heftiness of the machinery, it is still portable. Many professional groomers commented on the sheer power of this dryer and how it held up, even after drying multiple dogs in a row.

CONS: As with any heavy-duty dryer, this one isn’t good for the facial area. Make sure you don’t put it too close to your dog’s face, as it can be too intense for such a delicate space. Also, a few customers commented that the hose material is thin and, if you’re too rough with it, it will break—if you run into this issue, it’s suggested that you replace with a thicker material.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Perhaps the high setting is not the best for your smaller dogs (or more delicate areas like the ears, face, and backside) but this monster can dry a chow chow in 15 minutes. Best combined with a dehumidifier as it does spray water off the coat all over the grooming room. A must have for the…”


2Oster Hi-Velocity Stand Dryer

Oster Hi-Velocity Stand DryerOster Hi-Velocity Stand Dryer is adjustable and contains a height stand that you can maneuver to direct your dog to the position you want him or her in. The adjustment stand is made from tubular steel and features three different heat settings (as well as a setting for air only). You not only can adjust for height; you can adjust for flow and air direction as well.

WHY IS IT AT #2? Oster Hi-Velocity Stand Dryer is of certainly as high a quality as the former dryer, we put this second because although it has multiple different heat settings, it only had one speed, which thus ranked it second.

PROS: Oster Hi-Velocity Stand Dryer is very durable and long-lasting, with one customer reporting that she’d had it for 25 years and was still going strong. It’s also not loud and roaring, making for a quiet and pleasant drying experience that won’t scare you or your dog. The three temperature settings are good for people with multiple dogs with multiple coats that will need a variation of temperatures to get the job done.

CONS: This unit is a little pricy, with the seller’s price going at a little under $600.00. Also, this dryer, as mentioned before, only has adjustable temperature settings and not speed settings, something that owners in need of speed variation may find inconvenient.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I see this product listed as “currently not available” and I am in a panic! Our 25 year old Oster stand dryer is still doing a great job, but the arm doesn't stay in position any more, so I was thinking about replacing it and keeping the old one as a back-up. As a cat show exhibitor, I do NOT want it to…”


3K-9 II High Velocity Blower Pet Dryer

K-9 II High Velocity Blower Pet DryerK-9 II High Velocity Blower Pet Dryer is portable and usable for dogs of all coat types and sizes. It contains an industrial strength 10” hose, an outlet for plugging in clippers, an extra air filter, and a one-year-warranty. You can use it with a double-hose or even in a cage. There are two speed choices and two temperature choices to pick from. The heat comes from the motor, not an outside heating element.

WHY IS IT AT #3? Although K-9 II High Velocity Blower Pet Dryer is an excellent, high-quality dryer, some customers reported that it was hard to change the nozzles, something that caused the ranking of this dryer to go down.

PROS: The adjust-ability of K-9 II High Velocity Blower Pet Dryer in terms of temperature and speed were extremely useful for owners whose dogs required that level of change and flexibility. The ease of portability was another factor that made this dryer top notch, especially among customers who were professional groomers that worked from their homes.

CONS: The nozzles on the hose were reported as being, by some customers, a little difficult to adjust, something that proved inconvenient for different clientele.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Love it!! I have hounds and it drys them instantly. No more professional bathing to make my doggies glow with sleek clean coats. And no more dog smell with the towel drying method. And I LOVE that it's purple. Makes me so happy every time I use it!!”


4Oster Hi-Velocity Adjustable Table and Cage Dryer

Oster Hi-Velocity Adjustable Table and Cage DryerOster Hi-Velocity Adjustable Table and Cage Dryer contains three, high-velocity heat settings as well as an “Air Only” setting for puppies, dogs with sensitive skin, or cool-down periods. There is a thermal overload switch for increased safety when cage-drying and the knob on the dryer is adjustable. The heat varies from 70 degrees to 140 degrees, and the overload switch prevents overheating.

WHY IS IT AT #4? Oster Hi-Velocity Adjustable Table and Cage Dryer is third because, though it has the different adjustable heat levels that the former three have, there were reports of customers having trouble with the thumb screw that holds the dryer head. This impacted the equipment’s durability and, thus, prevented it from attaining the other top spots.

PROS: Oster Hi-Velocity Adjustable Table and Cage Dryer is really excellent for cage drying and with the overload switches, this dryer is safe and secure around your pets. If you have a lot of pets, this dryer will remain durable enough for continued usage that won’t break down. For a dryer that runs continuously on end, this is very sturdy.

CONS: There was the vaguely-mentioned thumb screw issue that impacted the dryer for some customers. Many didn’t report a problem, though a few did, so it’s something to be on the lookout for and make sure that you are aware of. Pay attention to the nuts and bolts of the equipment and prepare to repair any signs of faltering.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I have groomed standard poodles for years. I really liked the Oster table dryer,and I used it for many years when it was damaged when falling. After falling I did have to finally toss it away, because the adjusting nob wouldn`t hold. I thought it was damaged in the fall so I tossed it away. I found it…”


5Xpower B-5 4 HP Variable Speed 2-in-1 Pet Dryer and Vacuum

Xpower B-5 4 HP Variable Speed 2-in-1 Pet Dryer and VacuumThis lightweight Xpower B-5 4 HP Variable Speed 2-in-1 Pet Dryer and Vacuum is less than eleven pounds and contains four types of air nozzles and an internally protected motor. The feet of the dryer are rubber-tipped preventing slipping, and there is a three-filter system to keep the motor clean. The heat does not go above 109 degrees. The dryer also contains a vacuum for a dual-action pet cleaning.

WHY IS IT AT #5? Although this is a 2-in-1 pet vacuum and dryer, which is very convenient and useful, Xpower B-5 4 HP doesn’t have the force that the other two have and is recommendable for dogs that don’t need high-voltage drying.

PROS: The 2-in-1 factor (vacuum and dryer combined) of Xpower B-5 4 HP make for an attractive purchase for any pet owner. This pet dryer is also quiet and promises that it gives off “40%” less noise than its competitor. People who’d previously used other, louder, dryers switched to this one because it didn’t scare their pets when drying them. Also, the portability (it’s only eleven pounds) of the machine was a big plus for people who didn’t want to lug their dryer around.

CONS: As aforementioned, this dryer isn’t the greatest for dogs that are larger and need more heavy-duty drying. The heat doesn’t go up over 109 degrees, which some owners of dogs with thicker, fluffier fur will have an issue with.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I used to use a K9-II but realized it was slowly killing my eardrums. I gave this dryer a try because it was supposed to be super quite and i was very impressed! You can barely hear the motor and i really like the variable speed function. Great dryer and i will consider buying more for my shop!”


6Chris Christensen Kool Pup Dryer

Chris Christensen Kool Pup DryerChris Christensen Kool Pup Dryer provides over “200 positions” of air flow (as is described by the label). The adjustable dryer contains sound-absorbing foam that prevents it from getting too loud and roaring and the outside of the dryer is rust-proof. The dryer itself is tiny, coming in a 6x6x6 inch body that is small and portable.

WHY IS IT AT #6? Despite the advantageous adjustability, we felt that Chris Christensen Kool Pup Dryer didn’t have the power that the others higher on the list had. Its small size and stature make it best-equipped for dogs that aren’t very large.

PROS: Chris Christensen Kool Pup Dryer has an air flow that is continuous and will provide enough force to get the job done if you have a dog that doesn’t have an unusually moisture-absorbent coat. The smallness of the dryer makes it portable and simple to use; combining convenience with quality. Customers with average or small sized dogs all found that they were able to cut down their grooming time successfully and without issue, making grooming day faster and easier.

CONS: Several customers reported that they wouldn’t have minded if their dryers came with more heat options, especially when grooming during the winter. All in all, this was a minor concern and not highly impactful on the quietness or quality of the dryers.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This is one of the best purchases I have made for blow drying my Maltese. She is not a show dog, but I do my own grooming and she is not always a willing participant. It took a few times before she was comfortable but now she doesn't seem to mind too much. The best thing about it is that you…”


7Metro Air Force Steel Commander Variable Speed Dog Dryer

Metro Air Force Steel Commander Variable Speed Dog DryerMetro Air Force Steel Commander Variable Speed Dog Dryer contains different speed levels and is adjustable based on your own preference. It measures 20 by 8 inches (length and height) and contains an air filter and legs that are dual-mounted and can be used to prop up the dryer either vertically or horizontally. There is no heating element; it’s just warm air from the motor. It’s made of steel and is very durable.

WHY IS IT AT #7? Although Metro Air Force Steel Commander is a high-quality, durable dryer, it didn’t have the portability that the other dryers had and though it was high quality, many customers reported that the long length made it hard to carry around.

PROS: The cord of Metro Air Force Steel Commander is elongated, meaning that if you need a longer hose-tube, this is the pet dryer for you. The air filter is also simple to change, so you won’t have to struggle during cleaning. It’s a very powerful piece of equipment, so be careful when using it around smaller dogs or, as one customer joked, your dog “will take flight.”

CONS: Be sure that you purchase the variable model; otherwise, the power will be too much for your smaller dog. By getting the variable speed model, you’ll be able to adjust the power to your liking.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This dryer is way better than what I was using before. It is very powerful. If you turn this all the way up and turn it on while pointing it at a small breed like a Chihuahua, say about a 3 pound 4 ounce one, the Chihuahua, or other 3 pound 4 ounce dog, will achieve flight for about 2.3 seconds. This…”


8B-Air Dryers Bear Power 2 High Velocity Dryer

B-Air Dryers Bear Power 2 High Velocity DryerB-Air Dryers Bear Power 2 High Velocity Dryer is compatible in 110 volt outlets only. It is insulated, making the equipment quieter, and there are three interchangeable nozzles. The speed control is adjustable as well and the equipment has double the drying power of its earlier models, Bear Power I. The motors work by twin turbines and there is no heating element to the equipment.

WHY IS IT AT #8? B-Air Dryers Bear Power 2 High Velocity Dryer is a high-quality piece of machinery, but some customers reported that the durability left much to be desired (see cons section).

PROS: The drying time gets cut down immensely with B-Air Dryers Bear Power 2 High Velocity Dryer because of how powerful it is. The nozzle variations also allow you full control over how much power change you can have in the dryer. The two motors are what really give it the edge over the competition in terms of sheer power.

CONS: Unfortunately, the double motor has given a few customers problems, with several saying that they weren’t happy about the amount of repairs the machinery needed after just three months. Other customers had different experiences; but still, it’s something to be watchful for.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This is a very quiet, powerful dryer. I'm a professional groomer and have used several models of force dryer, but I love this one the best by far! It's comparable to the K-9 III, but much cheaper, quieter, and lighter. I have used the Bear Power I, and it's a perfectly good dryer, but I definitely…”


9B-Air Dryers Bear Power 1 High Velocity Dryer

B-Air Dryers Bear Power 1 High Velocity DryerB-Air Dryers Bear Power 1 High Velocity Dryer contains four nozzles, all interchangeable. There are two different selectable airspeeds and it is insulated to make sure that there is a quiet operation. The dryer is lightweight and portable, and the rubberized feet of the unit make sure it stays in one place during usage. This dryer is suitable for dogs of all coat types and sizes.

WHY IS IT AT #9? B-Air Dryers Bear Power 1 comes after the Bear Power II because its power level is a little lower, as it only has one motor (instead of two). This power downgrade put this dryer below the previously mentioned one (though it’s still of just as high a quality).

PROS: The four interchangeable nozzles of B-Air Dryers Bear Power 1 High Velocity Dryer provide a wide-range, adjustable experience that gives you as the owner versatility over your pet’s grooming experience. The difference in nozzles helps owners with multiple pets doing multiple grooming sessions per day. The portability of this dryer makes it easy-to-clean and the insulation keeps the motor from roaring loudly.

CONS: The power isn’t as high as the Bear Power II, so if you have a dog with a coat that needs a high level of air, you might find this to be lacking in the “oomf” you need.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I got this dryer because I have 2 cocker spaniels. I do my own grooming at home. This dryer does dry the dog fast. It does not get really hot because its not heat that is needed, it is forced air which blows the water from the coat. I was debating if I should get the bigger brother, the bear power…”


10Go Pet Club 2 Speed Adjustable Temp Pet Dryer

Go Pet Club 2 Speed Adjustable Temp Pet DryerGo Pet Club 2 Speed Adjustable Temp Pet Dryer has two speeds and two adjustable controls. It also has four different nozzles and is puncture-resistant. The airflow is controlled and is low-noise, meaning that your dog won’t get spooked during grooming.

WHY IS IT AT #10? Though Go Pet Club 2 Speed is a great dryer, some customers reported that it wasn’t as long-lasting as they would have liked. Also, the portability was a little difficult, as this dryer only is compatible with 110v outlets.

PROS: The versatility of Go Pet Club 2 Speed Adjustable Temp Pet Dryer is a major benefit. It contains different speeds, controls, and nozzles that you can use to customize the grooming experience and provide your dog with everything he or she needs to be groomed efficiently. It also weighs only around ten pounds, so it’s easy to move from place to place.

CONS: A customer reported that he had some issues with durability, claiming that his dryer tuckered out on him after only fifteen uses. Though others didn’t share the experience, it’s something to take note of.

Most Helpful review (read the full Amazon review):“I WAS a groomer for six years but now I no longer have the perk of being able to take my dogs to work and groom them. So I bought this little dryer for home. It's not as powerful as the $400 to $500 machines but is outstanding for its size and cost. My wife (ex groomer also) and I bathed and dried 4 dogs…”

Best Pet Dryers for Dogs

What Are Pet Dryers for Dogs and How Do They Work?

Pet Drying a dog using a pet dryer for dogsdryers for dogs are pieces of equipment that operate with the same concept as hairdryers, except these are designed for dog fur and are quieter than the hair dryers we’re used to.

Most often, they are used by professional dog groomers, however, more and more dog owners are getting high quality dog dryers for their homes to make the process of drying a dog after a bath that much easier.

Some dogs get spooked by loud noises, so these dryers are designed to quietly and thoroughly get your pet dry and ready for the next step (clipping). While part of the drying process will be done with a towel—and there are some nice microfiber absorbent ones—the rest of the drying process will be most convenient if you have some mechanical help.

If you have a puppy and are just beginning the grooming process, one of these best pet dryers for dogs could be a could idea—get him or her used to the noise at a young age and then you’ll be able to go through the rest of the process easily. Puppies are startled easily at noise, and it’s a grooming imperative to be able to get your puppy groomed early and on the right track.

By using a pet dryer, you’re taking all steps necessary to make sure that grooming goes off without a hitch. When your dog becomes accustomed to this new piece of machinery, he or she will be able to get through the drying process quickly and efficiently.

Best Pet Dryers for DogsBest pet dryers for dogs are the most comfortable solution for both you and your dog. If you have an elderly dog that struggles with arthritis or other bone issues, drying them with a hand towel may be too rough (though that might not be your intention; osteoporosis makes dogs super-sensitive to even touches that wouldn’t seem rough at all).

You also wouldn’t’ want them to be sitting around with wet, damp fur the entire time as that can be equally chilly and discomforting. The best solution is to speed up the process by getting a pet dryer, which gently massages your dog’s fur and soothingly gets rid of the excess moisture and wetness from bath time. It’s quick, fun, and an excellent investment for groomers at all levels.

A bathed dog is being dryed using a cage dryer


How to Choose Best Pet Dryers for Dogs?

Several factors can be taken into consideration when choosing best pet dryers for dogs. First off, know your budget. Pet dryers vary in expense and quality (as with any product on the market, canine-related or otherwise) and you need to make sure that monetary concern lines up with what you’re looking at. Next, understand your dog’s sensitivity to noise.

Grooming a dog using a dog dryerSome dogs aren’t sensitive at all and can basically listen to a marching band roll down the street with little to no issue. Other dogs find even the smallest sneeze alarming. Most pups fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. Choose a pet dryer that is quiet and not roaring. You don’t want a piece of equipment that sounds like an army tank running over trash cans—that’s unpleasant for both you and your dog.

Select a pet dryer for dogs with varying temperature levels. When you’re drying your dog, you’ll find that you’ll need different temperature levels for different areas and dampness. You don’t want to burn your dog’s skin—remember, their skin is more sensitive to temperature than ours is, so what we might find warm, they find burning—or make him or her uncomfortable. By adjusting the temperature range, you can easily find the number that works for you and your dog.

Always test the dryer on your own skin first. If it’s even the slightly bit too hot for you, it’ll definitely be inappropriate for use on your dog. If your dog shows signs of discomfort over or fear of the pet dryer, that can be a sign that you may have the temperature on too high and are causing him or her pain. Luckily, if you have an adjustable temperature dryer, that can be rectified quickly—you won’t have to return it, exchange it, or anything like that.

Choose a dog dryer that also has varying speed levels. In addition to quietness, the speed level is another thing that might freak your dog out if it’s on too high. You won’t need top-speed drying if you’re drying their face or neck, but you will need a quicker flow on areas with thicker hair.

Being able to change your speed and intensity based on the area you are drying is much more convenient. When selecting a pet dryer, remember that options are a good thing. Being able to adjust the speed, temperature, and intensity will pay off, even if you are not sure you’ll need that many settings when you begin.

Best Pet Dryers for DogsWhen selecting a pet dryer for dogs, pay attention to your dog’s size. If you have a larger dog, you’ll need a pet dryer that can handle that amount of surface area and fur level. Smaller dog owners don’t necessarily have to worry about that but those of us that own larger dogs know that size if a factor that we take into consideration frequently when purchasing any products.

We hope that this guide we’ve put together has given you a sense of confidence when selecting the best dryer for your pet. We’ve reviewed all the products and are certain that they are of the utmost quality and will be a great asset to your grooming routine. Good luck, groomers!

Looking for more advice on dog grooming, and specifically on how to bathe a dog? Then watch the below video or read the full guide on how to bathe a dog, dry a dog and go through the whole process.

FULL GUIDE: How To Bathe A Dog at Home – A Step-By-Step Video Guide

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