Best Whitening Shampoo for Dogs

Owners of dogs with white fur already know how quickly they get dirty and how that fur coat can lose brightness with time.

While washing a white dog's coat with a regular dog shampoo can be helpful to some extent, it may not be enough if you want your pooch spotless.

Whitening shampoos for dogs are specifically designed for these breeds and their coats.

Vets and grooming experts also recommend dog parents use these products to maintain their white fur.

In her article, Dr. Libby Guise, DVM explained:

By choosing the right type of product, pup parents should be able to remove stains and restore their furbaby’s coat to a sparkling, snowy-white appearance.

As Dr. Guise hinted, there are, indeed, different types of dog whitening shampoo that we're going to tackle in a while.

Apart from that, we will also discuss:

  • When should you use a whitening dog shampoo
  • Our 7 recommended products for white dog owners

So let's take a closer look at this dog product and see which one is the best for your pup.

Quick Look at the Whitening Shampoos for Dogs Reviewed in this article:

  1. Wahl White Pear Whitening Shampoo for Pets
  2. Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets
  3. BioSilk Therapy Whitening Shampoo for Dogs
  4. Bio-Groom Super White Pet Shampoo
  5. Petpost Dog Whitening Shampoo
  6. Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo for Dogs
  7. Lillian Ruff Brightening Face and Body Wash

Step by step bathing

When Do You Need to Use Whitening Shampoos for Dogs?

First things first: regardless of your dog's fur color or type, you should use dog shampoo when you bathe them instead of human shampoos.

Human shampoos can cause hair loss in dogs since their skin is more sensitive to chemicals commonly found in those products.

Now, to answer the question as above, the answer is as long as you have a pup that's white or light-colored, you should use a whitening shampoo for dogs.

Whitening dog shampoos are made to take care of light-colored dogs and make their coats look stunningly bright and clean.

And trust me, just by using a regular dog shampoo will not always keep their coat looking freshly bright.

I know because my golden retriever loves playing in puddles, so this product is a definite must-have in our household.

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Different Types of Whitening Shampoo for Dogs

There are a few different types of whitening shampoos for dogs available on the market, depending on what you need them for.

For example, some are better at removing stains, while others are good for making the coat brighter and shinier.

Bluing Dog Shampoos

This type of whitening shampoo for dogs adds optical enhancers to your dog’s coat and makes it appear brighter.

Bluing shampoos can neutralize orange tones in your dog’s coat and make it seem light and bright.

For example, bluing shampoos for humans are often used by blonds to make the hair look brighter. The same principle goes for our dogs.

Clarifying Dog Shampoos

These dog shampoos can both remove stains and add brightness to a dog's coat.

However, these tend to be a bit harsh and must be used carefully or they can damage your dog’s coat and even harm his skin.

But these are good at removing residue, oils, waxes and other things from your dog’s coat.

Just use this occasionally when absolutely necessary.

Bleaching Dog Shampoos

Bleaching shampoos for dogs can remove color even from darker coats.

However, that means that they are also very strong and should be used occasionally and even avoided completely.

It's best to consult vets or professional groomer if you're thinking of using these.

Enzymatic Dog Shampoos

Enzymatic dog shampoos can dissolve particles, so they work great for getting out stains caused by blood, urine, saliva or tears.

These are also strong shampoos and are best used as spot treatments in specific areas.

But don't ever use these around the eyes.

This enzymatic process is also commonly used in some products for humans, like teeth whitener.

Dye-Based Dog Shampoos

Unlike other types of whitening shampoos for dogs, this one doesn’t really remove the stains or dirt.

Instead, it covers them with dye, which is why it’s best to stay clear of these shampoos in general.

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7 Best Whitening Shampoos for Dogs

1. Wahl White Pear Whitening Shampoo for Pets

As the name says, this whitening shampoo is made out of pear and other plant-based ingredients like coconut oil.

It is a solid natural alternative to whitening shampoos that include different chemicals. It’s also alcohol-free and pH balanced.

Wahl USA Whitening Shampoo White Pear scent for...
4,741 Reviews
Wahl USA Whitening Shampoo White Pear scent for...
  • Made in the USA - Our White...
  • Less is More - Wahl has a...
  • Brightening Formula – This...
  • Allergy Friendly - Our dog...
  • The Brand Used by...

This shampoo is made in the USA, which is often a good indicator of quality.

Thanks to its highly-concentrated formula you only need a little bit to do the job since it provides a rich lather you can easily rinse off.

While it should be safe for use for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies, some users reported that it may not be completely safe and cause a rash.

However, most reviews on this product are good, with only a few users complaining about it being ineffective.

>> PROS: Affordable, Natural, Made in the USA, Alcohol-Free, pH Balanced, Concentrated Formula

<< CONS: Some Reports of Being Ineffective, Some Reports of Causing Rash


2. Chris Christensen White on White Shampoo for Pets

This product is more like a bluing shampoo because it uses optical enhancers to make your dog’s coat shiny and bright.

It is especially good at getting yellow urine stains out of your dog’s coat but it can also help with drool stains as well.

Chris Christensen White on White Whitening...
3,822 Reviews
Chris Christensen White on White Whitening...
  • WHITE ON WHITE - Chris...
  • SAFE - Contains NO bleaching...
  • DIRECTIONS - Apply White on...

This shampoo is highly concentrated, so you don’t have to use much for it to be effective.

The formula doesn’t contain any bleaching or softening agents, as well as harsh chemicals, that’s why it is very gentle on coats and easy to work with.

However, you should still not use it around your dog’s eyes.

This whitening shampoo is a bit more expensive than most.

And even though most reviews are good, some users found the smell to be too strong and unpleasant, while a few dog owners reported that it didn’t work at all.

>> ​PROS: Concentrated Formula, No Harmful Chemicals, No Bleaching Agents, Includes Optical Enhancers

<< CONS: Expensive, Some Reports of Strong Smell, Some Reports of Being Ineffective


3. BioSilk Therapy Whitening Shampoo for Dogs

Many dog owners are already familiar with the company since they also make shampoos for humans as well.

The BioSilk Therapy Whitening shampoo for dogs is easy to use and safe for all dogs older than 8 weeks.

It's made in the USA and formulated without sulfates or parabens. Plus, it's pH balanced for dogs so it's safe for their skin.

BioSilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Whitening Shampoo |...
5,342 Reviews
BioSilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Whitening Shampoo |...
  • 100% SAFE DOG SHAMPOOS - No...

While this shampoo should make your dog’s coat white and shiny, use it with caution around the eyes since it is not tearless.

This product also moisturizes the dog’s coat and makes it appear more luscious and soft.

Among many positive reviews, there were some reports of the ineffectiveness of the product.

Some dog owners also reported that the shampoo has caused a rash.

>> PROS: Natural, No Harmful Chemicals, pH Balanced, Easy to Use, Made in the USA, Has a Nice Smell

<< CONS: Some Reports of Being Ineffective, Some Reports of Causing Rash, Not Safe Around the Eyes


4. Bio-Groom Super White Pet Shampoo

This shampoo is designed to enhance the brightness of your dog’s coat, while it also adds body and luster to it, preventing matting in the process.

Thanks to this whitening shampoo, your dog’s coat will feel soft and smooth in addition to looking nice and you won’t even have to use conditioner to achieve this.

Bio-Groom Super Whitening Dog Shampoo –...
2,357 Reviews
Bio-Groom Super Whitening Dog Shampoo –...
  • MADE FOR PET LOVERS – We are...
  • FAMILY OWNED SINCE 1971 –...

This product has a formula rich with an active ingredient found in coconut oil, so the shampoo is completely natural and biodegradable.

There is no unpleasant smell – it leaves a fresh scent instead.

The shampoo is perfectly harmless, even if it accidentally gets into your dog’s eyes.

Perfect for green grass stains, this product has many positive reviews.

However, some users reported that the shampoo came in a broken package.

Also, this product can make some dogs itchy, so don’t use it if your dog has sensitive skin.

>> PROS: Affordable, Natural, Biodegradable, No Harmful Chemicals, Tearless, Has a Nice Smell

<< CONS: Some Reports of Product Arriving in a Broken Package, Not Suitable for Dogs with Sensitive Skin, Lower Concentration


5. Petpost Dog Whitening Shampoo

Unlike most whitening shampoos that come with a coconut fragrance or have an undefined smell, this one comes with a unique watermelon fragrance that leaves your dog smelling fresh and nice for a long time.

The formula for this shampoo consists of coconut oil, wheat proteins, oat and aloe, so it is completely natural and safe to use.

Aloe extracts can help your dog with dry, itchy skin and hot spots and improve the overall health of his skin.

The shampoo is made in the USA and comes in recyclable packaging.

On the flip side, some dog owners reported that this shampoo did nothing to make the coat brighter.

Additionally, this shampoo is also a bit expensive compared to most other whitening shampoos for dogs.

>> PROS: Natural, Recyclable Packaging, No Harmful Chemicals, Has a Nice Smell, Made in the USA

<< CONS: Expensive, Some Reports of Being Ineffective


6. Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo for Dogs

If you are looking for a gentle whitening dog shampoo that you can use regularly, this product can help your pooch maintain his naturally white hair.

It is lightly-concentrated but still highly effective, with an easy-rinse formula to make the bathing quick and simple.

Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo With Shed Control
293 Reviews
Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo With Shed Control
  • WITH ALOE VERA: Conditioners...
  • COCONUT SCENT: Tropical scent...

This is a completely natural product with a long-lasting but subtle coconut scent.

You can safely use it on a dog with sensitive skin since it doesn’t contain any chemicals or other dangerous ingredients.

This product will leave your dog’s coat feeling smooth and soft.

This shampoo has many great reviews. However, some users reported that it made their dog’s coat dry out.

In addition to this, some dog owners found the liquid too thin and watered down.

>> PROS: Natural, No Harmful Chemicals, Has a Nice Smell

<< CONS: Lower Concentration, Some Reports of Making the Coat Dry


7. Lillian Ruff Brightening Face and Body Wash

This is a tearless whitening shampoo for dogs, which means that you can safely use it around the dog’s eyes.

It can effectively remove tear-stain plus leave your dog smelling like blueberry.

This scent came from natural fruit extracts; no harmful chemicals were used in formulating this product.

Lillian Ruff Berry Blue Brightening Face and Body...
4,663 Reviews
Lillian Ruff Berry Blue Brightening Face and Body...
  • Unrivaled Brightening Formula:...
  • Luxurious Spa Treatment: Treat...
  • Less is More: With its...
  • Made in the USA: Proudly...
  • A Brand Used by Professionals...

This product is not only effective at brightening a dog's white coat, but it is also help soothe itchy dry skin. 

It can also be used as a body wash or as a facial wash, depending on your necessity.

And of course, the other reason why we like this product is it's also made in the USA, so you'll be guaranteed of its safety and effectivity.

Some dog owners and even groomers commended how this product effectively corrected discolorations in their pooch.

They also loved the unique blueberry scent it has.

However, some dog owners were not completely satisfied with this shampoo, complaining that it doesn’t make the coat as white as they expected.

There were also some reports that it made the dog’s eyes sore, even though it is advertised as tearless.

>> PROS: Natural, No Harmful Chemicals, Has a Nice Smell, Tearless, ph Balanced

<< CONS: Some Reports of Being Ineffective, Some Reports of Causing Sore Eyes


FAQs about Whitening Shampoos for Dogs

What happens if I use a whitening shampoo to my black dog?

Whitening shampoos are designed to brighten and lighten the coat, which can cause discoloration and unevenness on a black dog's coat.

Instead, it is best to use a shampoo that is specifically formulated for black or dark-colored dogs.

These shampoos are designed to enhance the natural shine and color of the coat without causing any discoloration or unevenness.

With this, it's not recommended to use a whitening shampoo to black or dark-colored dogs.

How can I lighten my dog's white fur naturally?

There are several natural remedies that may help lighten your dog's white fur.

You can use a mixture of baking soda and water as a natural shampoo or applying a mixture of lemon juice and water to your dog's fur and rinsing it off after a few minutes.

How can I maintain the lightness of my dog's white fur?

The best way to lighten your dog's white fur is by taking preventive measures in the first place.

Maintain your dog's coat healthy by grooming them regularly and giving them a healthy diet that'll benefit their skin, coat, and fur.

And of course, you can always consult with your veterinarian as to how you can brighten your dog's coat and make it as healthy-looking as possible.

Whitening Shampoos for Dogs: Before You Go…

Having a white or brightly-colored dog often involves a lot of work to keep the coat bright and beautiful.

One of the ways to ensure that your dog has a healthy and clean coat is with using the best whitening shampoo for dogs.

These shampoos can help you remove stains from your dog’s hair and make his coat shiny and bright.

Just make sure you pick the brand that specifically fits your dog's breed and their coat type.

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