Small White Dog Breeds

All dogs are beautiful in their unique ways.

But there’s a set of breeds that deserves to be called out and noticed: the little white dog breeds.

And I am not alone in this.

These tiny white dog breeds are becoming increasingly popular as time passes.

There’s simply that added charm in them that makes them appealing and lovable.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to own one?

So, for this blog, I’ve listed 15 small white dog breeds for you!

I guarantee that all of them are irresistibly adorable.

Are you ready to get to know these white small dog breeds?

Let's get started!

Small White Dog Breeds Infographics

15 Adorable Small White Dog Breeds

Bichon Frise

1. Bichon Frise

Starting the list strong, we have Bichon Frise.

Bichon Frise is one of the four small white dog breeds that fall under the Barbichon group in the Mediterranean.

This breed is popular for its bubbly personality, small body, and curly fur coat.

In fact, the dog breed name came from its French name, “bichon à poil fries” which literally means “small curly-haired dog.”

Because of its beautiful coat, grooming becomes a daily task to maintain its cloud-like fur, ideally at least one to two hours.

A visit to a pet groomer should be done every four to six months to make it look its best.

Bichon Frise dogs are pets that are well-suited to city urban life and apartment setup, given that it still receives their daily dose of exercise.

Since they require a good amount of exercise every day, a daily walk or visit to a park helps keep the dog in shape.

Lastly, they are social creatures that do well both in dog sports competitions and shows, so make sure that they are well-trained for the challenge.

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2. Bolognese

Another member of the Barbichon group is the Bolognese dog breed.

And no, it’s not that meat-based Italian sauce which is also named Bolognese!

The Bolognese is a small white dog breed that has a rather square and compact build.

Like its Barbichon siblings, Bolognese dog breeds are also known for their white curly fur that gives them fluffy looks.

Bolognese dogs are not known as shedders, but they still need daily brushing and occasional baths if you want to keep their pretty coats.

Also, make sure that your dog visits a groomer at least once a month for fur trimming.

Bolognese are social and affectionate dogs, sometimes having clingy tendencies and separation anxieties.

Overall, it’s a calm yet tiny white dog breed, which is suitable for seniors and small children because they are gentle to both of them.

But make no mistake—a Bolognese dog needs plenty of exercise in the form of playtime!

You can use some dog toys to help better facilitate a great playtime session with them.

Finally, Bolognese dogs are intelligent people pleasers.

Teaching a trick or two to them will be a piece of cake!

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Maltese Dog Looking With Sad Eyes

3. Maltese

Another small white dog breed from the Barbichon group is the Maltese breed from Malta.

Unlike Bichon Frise and Bolognese, Maltese is one of the two Barbichon breeds that have straight fur.

This dog breed’s fur coat screams beauty and elegance, which would do well in dog show competitions.

Unfortunately, its fur coat can easily become dirty and wet, which ruins the dog’s silky fur coat.

And if you want to preserve its beautiful coat, a regular bath coupled with daily grooming will help you do just that.

Maltese dogs are breeds of high maintenance.

These dogs constantly need their owner’s affection, or they would suffer anxiety when you leave them alone.

The good thing about these is that Maltese dogs would shower you with affection in return!

Maltese dogs are also picky eaters since they have a rather delicate digestive system.

And while they don’t need intense exercise every day, the Maltese breed still needs outside exposure.

You can make it a routine to walk them to a nearby park to keep them stimulated and entertained.

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Small Dog Breed #8: Coton de Tulear

4. Coton de Tulear

Another small white breed dog that might pique your interest is the Coton de Tulear.

If the breed name sounds too French for you, it’s because it is.

This dog came from Madagascar, which was once a colony of the croissant-loving country.

Coton de Tulear dogs have cloud-like fur coats, which would satisfy your preference for fluffy white dog breeds.

And you don’t want to ruin their fluffy appearance by not taking grooming sessions seriously, do you?

Coton de Tulear breeds are also known to have bright, loving, and social personalities.

It’s their amiable and loving personality that makes them unsuitable as watchdogs in your homes.

Instead, they’re bred to be house dogs and as our companions.

Like a lot of white small dog breeds on the list, Coton de Tulear tends to be clingy with their owners.

So make sure to make them feel special and loved by giving them a lot of your attention.

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5. Havanese

The Havanese is one of the dog breeds from the Barbichon group that’s named after the Cuban capital, Havana.

Despite being a small white dog breed, Havanese is the second largest dog in the Barbichon group, next to Bichon Frise.

Like the Maltese dogs, the Havanese breeds also have long, silky double coats instead of curly ones.

That being said, the fur coats of these dogs can easily get dirty, so make sure to bathe them regularly.

You also need to daily brush its hair for a couple of minutes or until your dog looks neat and awesome.

The Havanese breed is known to have affectionate and outgoing personalities.

They are like glue to owners because they like to stick to them whenever their owners go.

And since Havanese dogs are lap dogs, they are more suited indoors than outside.

Finally, this dog would enjoy mentally stimulating activities, so they appreciate dog sports and dog agility.

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japanese spitz

6. Japanese Spitz

If you want a small white dog breed with a proud stance, look no further than a Japanese Spitz.

From the name itself, the Japanese Spitz is a spitz-type of dog that was bred during the Second World War.

Being a spitz, this Japanese dog has the expected fox-like appearance and muzzle, plus a curled tail.

But don’t ever think that the Japanese Spitz looks straight up like a ferocious fox!

Instead, this spitz is a cute fluffy white dog breed that is loyal, smart, and playful.

When owning a Japanese Spitz, expect that it will rain fur coats in your house every day.

And while this dog doesn’t require frequent baths for it to have clean furs, you still must brush its fur coat daily.

Japanese Spitz dogs are protective of their owners, making them good watchdogs in your house.

But despite their alert nature, Japanese Spitz dogs are also fond of interacting with people, dogs, or even creatures.

They tend to be playful, most especially with familiar faces and even children!

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miniature bull terrier

7. Miniature Bull Terrier

Still looking for small white dog breeds? Consider Miniature Bull Terriers!

Miniature Bull Terrier is exactly as it sounds—it’s a miniature version of the bull terrier.

While bull terriers can reach a height of 22 inches tall, its miniature version can only reach a maximum height of about 14 inches.

Like their bigger cousins, Miniature Bull Terriers are energetic small white dog breeds.

Their stamina level is high, so you constantly need to dispense them through daily exercises and physical activities.

On the flip side, grooming them is easy since they only have short and harsh furs as a coat.

Just spare a few minutes every day to brush your Miniature Bull Terrier’s fur, and they’ll be good to go.

Owners also often described Miniature Bull Terriers as mischievous, partly because they easily get bored.

And when bored, they can result in a wide range of misbehaviors and destructive behaviors.

Just don’t put them on watchdog duties as they rarely bark and are friendly even to strangers.

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Herding Dog Puli

8. Puli

Now let’s look at one of the bigger small white dog breeds in this list, Puli.

Puli is easily one of the most recognizable dog breeds that were ever registered in major kennel clubs.

You’ll know you’re looking at a Puli because of its dreadlock hair that covers every inch of its body.

Some kids would even say that Puli breeds look just like a mop!

These cords will start growing will develop around 8-12 months old and will continue to grow throughout their lives

Because of their unique fur coat, a Puli dog doesn’t shed as much as other dogs with dense fur.

The same dreadlocks can make any grooming sessions difficult, so it’s best to leave it to an expert to do the job.

Puli is also a herding dog.

This means that a Puli dog can have the instinct and drive to control the movement of smaller children inside the house.

They are also high-spirited companions in the fields, so make sure to exercise them regularly.

Ideally, you want to pick an exercise for them that is also mentally stimulating for them.

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chinese crested powderpuff variety

9. Chinese Crested Dog

If you are looking for small white dog breeds with rich Chinese history and unique appearance, you might want to check out the Chinese Crested Dog.

The Crested Dog is iconic for being hairless except for its feet, tail, and top of its head.

There’s also a version of the Crested dog that has fur throughout its body called “Powderpuff.”

In the past, crested dogs functioned like terrier breeds, hunting down rats and other pests in Chinese ships.

Now, they’re mostly categorized as toy dogs, meaning they now function to be small companions of households.

Their playfulness matches the energy of small children.

Plus, they don’t have any instincts that could potentially harm them during playing.

Try to keep an eye on the playtime session, as their energies can lead to recklessness.

On the topic of grooming, both the hairless and powderpuff varieties have different approaches to it.

Powderpuff crested dogs require the standard grooming regimen of others to keep their fur coat beautiful and neat.

The hairless version, on the other hand, requires either protective clothing or sunscreen since their hairless skin is exposed.

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white chihuahua

10. Chihuahua

If we’re gonna talk about small white dog breeds, we might as well talk about the smallest dog breed ever!

Meet the Chihuahua.

Chihuahua dog breeds can only go for an 8-inch height and weight that don’t exceed 6 pounds.

Yes, that’s how small Chihuahuas are! And they’re the perfect breed for city life.

Chihuahuas are extremely loyal and protective of their owners, making them excellent watchdogs in your house.

The dog breed often has a fearless personality, so they might face the intruder head-on, despite the size difference.

This means that the dog breed can get into some trouble while being protective.

But some Chihuahuas are timid dogs.

And when dogs are timid, they tend to be sensitive and jumpy, often resorting to fear aggression.

This often earns them the reputation of being a dog breed with anger issues.

As for its exercise, chihuahuas only need a minimum amount of it.

They can easily get their exercise by just moving around the house.

Chihuahuas also require the minimum grooming regimen of daily brushing since they usually don’t shed a lot.

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parson russell terrier

11. Parson Russell Terrier

For owners who want bold and energetic small white dog breeds, a Parson Russell Terrier might suit them.

The Parson Russell Terrier is a terrier dog breed from the UK that shares a similar temperament with the Jack Russel Terrier.

Dubbed fox hunters, they were originally bred to hunt fox games both above and below ground in their holes.

Now, they’re mostly seen as companion dogs, but they never lose their hunting instincts.

For that reason, they’re not suitable for smaller kids and smaller pets.

One of the notable features of the Parson Russell Terriers is their high stamina levels and their athleticism.

Because of their nature, they crave an active lifestyle, from intense exercise to exposure to nature.

The Parson Russel Terriers are also intelligent creatures as they were bred to become independent problem solvers.

Because they are clever dog breeds, they easily understood commands and tricks when you train them.

Parson Russel Terriers are affectionate towards their owners, but they can become extremely wary of new faces.

Socializing them at an early age helps deal with overly dubious Parsons.

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sealyham terrier

12. Sealyham Terrier

The next small white dog breed on the list is the Sealyham Terrier in Wales.

Sealyham Terriers are compact-built terriers which makes them a large dog among the small breeds.

This bearded dog breed is most notable for its “fall” or the extra mass of hair that sits on top of its forehead.

Despite its minute size, the Sealyham terrier was originally bred as a working dog to support Otterhounds in hunting.

Without its purpose as a support dog, they became great companions in the house.

Grooming Sealyham terriers can be difficult only when it’s a show dog where you need to keep its dense fur coat.

Otherwise, your professional groomer would recommend trimming its hair for easy maintenance.

Sealyham terriers require brushing every two to three days and a bath every four weeks.

Since they are formerly working dogs, they also require a copious amount of exercise to exhaust them.

Without it, Sealy terriers experience boredom that may resort to destructive behaviors.

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west highland terrier

13. West Highland White Terrier

Another small white dog breed from the UK is West Highland White Terrier.

The West Highland White Terrier or Westies is a Scottish breed that was bred to be rodent hunters.

They are known to be independent problem-solvers, so owners expected them to work alone in hunting rats.

This independent temperament stayed even when people started adopting Westies as companion pets.

Owners can see their independent nature manifest as they are fine in their own company.

Westies owners also see their pets getting immersed in their curiosity, sometimes without regard to their owners!

So, while Westies is a low-maintenance dog when it comes to grooming, training them can prove to be difficult.

Making them respond to commands can be a challenge, so it’s important to make the training interesting and playful.

And finally, the West Highland White Terriers are active dogs, so they always need a lot of exercise every day.

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white french bulldog

14. French Bulldogs

Are you ready to meet the most popular small white dog breeds in the whole world?

That’s right, I’m talking about French Bulldogs!

French Bulldogs are flat-faced breeds with bat-shaped ears and muscular bodies.

They became the 2022 top 1 popular purebreds, according to AKC.

And they’re popular for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, French Bulldogs became everyone’s choice in urban life.

These dogs can easily adapt to their living setup with ease.

They don’t require effortful grooming because of their short fur, so rest assured that grooming would be the least of your worries.

French Bulldogs have laidback personalities, so they’re not fond of exercise or an active lifestyle.

That being said, it’s not an excuse to not meet its daily exercise needs.

A walk around the house would do just fine; otherwise, they easily suffer from obesity.

Lastly, French bulldogs are popular because they’re just simply adorable!

What’s not to love about adorable creatures, right?

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15. Pomeranian

Last but not least for this list of small white dog breeds is the Pomeranian dog.

The Pomeranian, Pom, or Zwergspitz is the smallest spitz dog breed in the whole world.

But don’t let its small stature fool you!

Like the Chihuahua, Pomeranian dogs have quite big and bold personalities in them.

Poms are exclusively loyal to their owners, sometimes even protective of them.

Couple the Pom’s temperament with their loud barks, and they are quite befitting the watchdog role in the house.

Pomeranian dogs prefer an active lifestyle

Owners report their Poms tending to jump from one place to another, which can be the cause of their untimely injuries.

For that, you may try exhausting these dogs and letting them roam free in a closed area or fenced yard.

Pomeranians are also intelligent creatures, so you won’t be encountering major issues as your start training them.

In terms of grooming, their fur coat equates to gold.

And something valuable like that should be taken care of at all costs through extensive and meticulous grooming sessions.

If you want to own this fluffy small white dog breed, brushing its coat is an absolute mandate if you want to preserve its timeless beauty.

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White Chihuahua in a red dress running after soap bubbles

Small White Dog Breeds: Which One is the Best for You?

Owning a small white dog breed is fun and all, but there’s a lot to consider should you get one.

As American Kennel Club puts it:

Owning a dog is not just a privilege; it’s a responsibility.

And responsibilities there are, as no two dog breeds have the same needs in terms of training, exercise, diet, and grooming.

It’s also worth remembering that most of these small dogs are completely aware of their size.

With the size difference in mind, a lot of these dogs would become timid and defensive without proper socialization.

Give them the proper care that they need, and they’ll live longer while showering you with love and cuddles.

But what about you? Do you think small white dog breeds fit your lifestyle?

If your answer is no, then you may want to check out other breed lists below that may suit your preferences and lifestyle.