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Review: Campfire Natural Dog Treats

If you frequent your local pet store and browse the isles, you will notice a major trend – the push for higher-quality pet foods and treats. In recent years, pet owners have been ditching low-quality products made with artificial ingredients and junky fillers. They are looking for products made with high-quality, safe ingredients, like Campfire Natural Dog Treats.

Campfire Natural Dog TreatsInexpensive dog treats are often filled with chemicals, fillers, and artificial ingredients. It's important that you read the label and understand exactly what your dog will be eating. Finding limited-ingredient treats that are 100% natural is the best option!

Campfire Natural Dog Treats are single-ingredient treats. I usually make homemade treats for my pets. When I do buy commercial dog treats, I look for single-ingredient treats, so I know exactly what they are made of. That's why these treats piqued my interest, so I got them to try, test, and see whether they're worth that price tag.

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Campfire Natural Dog Treats Review

Campfire Natural Dog TreatsIn my video review, you will see that I received two types of Campfire Natural Dog Treats – Chicken Jerky and Hearty Bites. Both of these treats are all-natural and 100% sourced in the United States. They are made at the company's facility in Northern California.

Each variety of Campfire treats is made with just one ingredient. The Chicken Jerky treats are made with chicken breast, and the Hearty Bites are made with beef hearts. All Campfire Natural Dog Treats have no antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, or additives.

Campfire Natural Dog Treats

These dog treats are also grain, gluten, corn, and soy-free.

Being made from 100% protein, I expected these treats to be greasy and have a strong odor. Thankfully, I was wrong. Even the Hearty Bites made with organ meat are virtually odor-free.

The Chicken Jerky treats have a minimum of 76% crude protein and 3% crude fat. The Hearty Bites have a minimum of 68% crude protein and 5% crude fat. They are also low in calories, which makes them ideal for training purposes.

Campfire Natural Dog Treats ReviewI know the Chicken Jerky Campfire Natural Dog Treats look really big, and they are. But, as you'll see in my video review, they are very easy to rip into smaller pieces. They also make a great treat for puppies and senior dogs with dental issues.

My dogs loved both the chicken jerky and hearty bite treats. There are also many other flavors available on Amazon and the company's website:

    • cod skin
    • chicken feet
    • chicken necks
    • beef liver
    •  Top-round steak jerky

I was expecting these treats to be more expensive than lower quality products, as all top quality dog treats are. They come in 3.5-ounce containers and both the Hearty Bites and Chicken Jerky treats sell for $14.98 on Amazon. I know this price point won't fit into everyone's budget, but I do think it is comparable to other treats of the same quality.

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campfire-natural-dog-treats-reviewThese are single ingredient treats that come in many different flavors. Campfire Natural Dog Treats are all-natural and 100% sourced in the United States. They are made in Northern California and contain no antibiotics, hormones, additives or preservatives.