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Review: Chasing Tails Adjustable Height Dog Ramp

If your dogs are allowed to get on your furniture, they probably jump dozens of times each day. Whether they're jumping up on the couch or hopping down from your bed after a long night's rest, all of the unnecessary jumpings puts a lot of strain on your pup's joints. An adjustable height dog ramp, like this one from Chasing Tails, will prevent unnecessary stress on the joints.

Small breeds, senior pets, and dogs recovering from an injury require the help of a ramp to reach vehicles, beds, and other furniture. Most pet owners don't think about the need for a pet ramp until their dog requires one. The truth is, that having a ramp can be beneficial for dogs of any breed, size, or age.

Studies have found that jumping on and off high surfaces takes a great toll on a dog's body over time. It causes injury and deterioration to the joints that could lead to long-term injury and/or arthritis. Providing a ramp for your dog to access high areas is a quick and easy way to prevent this problem.

When shopping for a dog ramp it is important to choose a product that is the appropriate size for your pet. The ramp shouldn't be too steep, and there should be carpeting or some type of material that offers good traction to reduce the risk of slipping.

You'll need to check the weight limit on the ramp as well, to ensure that it can support your pup properly. The Chasing Tails Adjustable Height Dog Ramp is a good option for small and medium breeds. Keep reading to find out how durable the ramp is and whether or not I believe it's a good value for the money.

Chasing Tails Adjustable Height Dog Ramp

Adjustable Height Dog RampAs you can see in my video above, this ramp is ideal for my Beagle, Molly. It also works well for my 75-pound Labrador. However, it's only rated for dogs weighing up to 70 pounds.

The ramp measures 38.6 inches long. It has 6 adjustable positions that adjust the height from 10″-20″. It can also fold flat for easy storage or transport.

In the video review above I demonstrate the removable side rails. They prevent your dog from falling off the side of the ramp, but can easily be taken off when you need to store the ramp. This adjustable height dog ramp from Chasing Tails also has a non-slip surface, which is a must-have feature, in my opinion.

I prefer the aesthetics of a wooden ramp over a plastic option. They blend in with virtually any décor and generally look better in most situations. This one is only available in the black color shown here, but it would look nice in any home.

You can buy this dog ramp on Amazon for $89.95 (at the time of this review). While the versatility and convenience of this ramp are top-notch, this is a very expensive price tag. Other hardwood, high-quality ramps sell for a similar price, but you can buy a plastic model for a much cheaper price.

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Review- Chasing Tails Adjustable Height Dog Ramp

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chasing-tails-adjustable-height-dog-ramp-reviewAn adjustable height dog ramp, like this one from Chasing Tails, will prevent unnecessary stress on your dog's paws, hips and joints. This ramp provides a non-slip surface and removable side rails. It can be adjusted to heights from 10"-20" and holds dogs weighing up to 70 pounds.