Solvit Telescoping Pet Ramps Support Over 300 Pounds

Talk about a durable dog ramp! These telescoping pet ramps from Solvit can hold upwards of 300 pounds. No matter how big your dog is, he’ll be able to use this ramp without you having to worry about it buckling under his weight. Pet ramps are great way to get our dog in and out of the vehicle without making him jump – an activity that can do serious damage to joints and bones over time.

This ramp would be ideal for use with a car, truck or SUV, but its lightweight and convenient carrying handle make it ideal for any type of traveling. The Deluxe model only weighs 13 pounds and the Deluxe XL only weighs 18 pounds. For such a well-made ramp, that’s very surprising. Typically the more weight something will hold the heavier it is.

The Deluxe model extends from 39 to 72 inches and the XL can extend from 47 to 87 inches. They also have a locking feature so you can use them fully extended or shorten them when space is limited. The telescoping design makes it simple to use. As you can see, it quickly folds out in just seconds and folds in just as easily. This ramp would be great for traveling in an RV or if you have a hunting dog that is constantly climbing in and out of the vehicle.

As I mentioned, it is equipped with a convenient carrying handle and a safety release latch to prevent the pet ramp from accidentally opening when you’re moving it around. The ramp has an ultra-stiff design so it won’t buckle or sag over time and four rubber feet keep it in place while your dog is using it. You haven’t even heard the best part yet. These telescoping ramps are covered by Solvit’s Lifetime Warranty against defects in the materials and workmanship!

If you’ve got a large or extra-large breed, a ramp like this one is perfect. It is wide enough that large dogs will feel comfortable and stable while using it and solid enough that you won’t have to worry about it holding their weight. It’s also coated with a special material for traction control so your pet won’t slip while he’s climbing up or going down the ramp. My dog would probably be scared of a ramp like this at first, but after testing it out a few times with the help of her favorite dog treats I don’t think she’d have a problem using it.

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