The Best Christmas Dog Pajamas

One of the best parts of the holiday season is being able to share the festivities with your furry family members. If you're looking to make this the best Christmas ever, splurging on the best Christmas dog pajamas for your Fido is a sure way to do it! Not only are they adorable, but your pup will also be warm and comfortable all day.

Before purchasing dog Christmas pajamas for your canine companion, there are a few things that you need to consider. First of all, remember that pajamas shouldn't be used simply for sleeping. When your dog is sleeping, it's best if he is not wearing clothing.

You want your pet to be as comfortable as possible, so he can get the rest that he needs. You also want to be sure that he's safe while he's asleep. Pajamas could restrict his range of motion or bunch up while he's asleep and become uncomfortable. Likewise, if the areas around the limbs or neck become too tight when the material bunches up, your dog could get injured in his sleep.

It's best if your pooch struts around in his Christmas dog pajamas during the day. You also need to ensure that you choose a set of pajamas that will fit your dog and meet his needs.

Consider your dog's coat. Is it a thick, heavy coat? If this is the case, a pair of extra-warm, woolly pajamas could cause him to overheat. On the other hand, if your pet has little to no fur, a nice warm pair of jammies will help to protect him from the cold.

If you're going to order dog Christmas pajamas online, be sure to follow the company's measuring instructions very carefully. Every company is going to have different measuring instructions, so don't just assume that your dog will be a ‘medium' in every brand.

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The Best Christmas Dog Pajamas

1Klippo Penguins & Snowflake Flannel Pajamas for Dogs

Klippo Penguins & Snowflake Flannel Dog Pajamas/Bodysuit/Loungewear - Red - X-Large Even dogs that don’t usually wear clothing would be glad to don a pajama during chilly winter nights. This flannel pajama from Klippo is made exactly for dogs that may need additional warmth as they curl up on their bed to sleep.

This soft red fabric has penguins and snowflakes printed all over it. It has four sleeves, a collar, two pockets, and a front opening with snap buttons. The Klippo Penguins & Snowflake Flannel Pajamas for Dogs also come with a Klippo ID tag attached to a D-ring at the top of the front opening. We find these pajamas durably made and they fit so well, too.


2Fitwarm Cute Penguin Xmas Pet Clothes for Dog


This red Fitwarm pajama is made of a soft, thick fabric and cut into a jumpsuit style. Penguin and snowflakes print will make this the perfect PJ to wear for the Christmas season. It has green ribbing around the neckline and cuffs. The bottom and lower front openings of these dog Christmas pajamas are elasticized to make them stay in place.

As with all dog clothing, it is important to make measurements and chest girth usually is the deciding number. For pantsuits and one-piece pajamas like the Fitwarm Cute Penguin Xmas Pet Clothes for Dogs, you have to take back length in equal importance. This pet clothing is very well constructed but it’s essential that it fits. This is offered in five sizes, so you have a wide range of choices.


3PajamaGram Santa Suit Christmas Matching Family Pajama Set

PajamaGram Family Christmas Pajamas - Family Christmas PJs Matching Sets, 4T Red These pajamas from PajamaGram are so well made inside and out. And why not, these are human-grade clothing with special sizes made for the furry four-legged member of the family. They are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex material, making the most of the breathability and flexibility that the fabric allows.

These Santa-inspired Christmas dog pajamas are a combination of red-and-white colors, with black prints for the button and belt replicas. There are sleeves for the forelegs, and white fabric is used as edging for the hem, neckline, and sleeve cuff of the PajamaGram Santa Suit Christmas Matching Family Pajama Set.


4Fitwarm Christmas Santa Thermal Dog Pajamas


This pajama-and-jumpsuit outfit from Fitwarm will not only be perfect for Christmas but for any other day with sub-zero temp. It is made of thick fleecy cloth and cut in such a way that it covers all limbs leaving only the lower front exposed. The color of these Christmas dog pajamas is navy blue with prints of reindeer and snowflakes.

The sleeves for the forelegs are attached raglan-style which is more comfortable. The neckline an all cuffs are trimmed with flexible ribbed edging which adds to the snug fit while allowing for ease in wearing and taking off of the clothing. The craftsmanship and quality of the materials used to make the Fitwarm Christmas Santa Thermal Dog Pajamas are top-notch.


5Fitwarm Cute Santa Reindeer Pet Clothes


Here’s another Christmas pajama from Fitwarm and it has all the awesome features of the one preceding it. You will find the same fleecy material, raglan-style sleeve attachment, and ribbed edges. This one has a green-and-red pattern of Santa and reindeer prints.

Like the other Christmas dog pajamas, the edging around the bottom opening that allows your dog to pee is elasticized to keep it snug and close-fitting. Unfortunately, only small sizes are available for the Fitwarm Cute Santa Reindeer Pet Clothes.


6Doggie Design’s Santa’s Lil Helper Dog Pajamas

Doggie Design Embroidered Dog Clothes, Small This Santa’s Lil Helper dog pajama from Doggie Design may not look thick or warm, but make no mistake about it because it is warm, though not thick. It is made of a special thermal cotton fabric that helps retain warmth, yet does not weigh your dog down.

This intelligently designed pajama has full coverage for all limbs, is open-tailed, and is also open at the lower front part. The phrase, “Santa’s Lil Helper” is embroidered on the lower back. These Christmas dog pajamas are available in small sizes only for dogs with a chest girth of 13”-16”, the back length of 10”, and the neckline of 10”-12”. If you have a Yorkie, try checking the Doggie Design's Santa's Lil Helper Dog Pajamas.


7LazyOne Dog Pajama FlapJack


What can be more comfortable than a flapjack pajama? And this LazyOne dog onesie is no exception. It is made of highly breathable, flexible, and preshrunk 100% ribbed cotton. Your dog will definitely love the comfort and full coverage during winter. It comes in a Christmassy pattern of red, gray, blue, and white, with outlines of elks, snowflakes, and rhombuses.

These Christmas dog pajamas are available in four sizes starting from extra small, with sizing based on length. Since the LazyOne Dog Pajama FlapJack is a onesie with limb covering, the length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail is indeed important. Without chest measurements, however, it might be difficult to find the perfect fit for dogs with broader shoulders or wider girth.


8Lanyar’s Holiday Penguin Xmas Cotton Pet Dog Pajamas


This blue pajama jumpsuit from Lanyar has an adorable penguin and snowflake print. These Christmas dog pajamas are made of 95% cotton material blended with 5% lycra to add to their stretchable quality. This has similar features as the Fitwarm Christmas pajamas we’ve listed above, including the open bottom and front part, raglan sleeves, and full leg covering.

The material is much thinner, which is acceptable since this is cotton instead of Fitwarm’s fleecy fabric. The Lanyar Holiday Penguin Xmas Cotton Pet Dog Pajamas will also be perfect in regions where it’s not overly cold during the holiday season. The size chart shows length, chest, and neck measurements. The first thing to measure is the back length since it determines if this pajama would fit all four legs. Then next would be the chest and neck. If it’s tight on the chest, then go one size higher.


9CuteBone Dog Pajamas – Cactus


This pajama from CuteBone is made with fleecy polyester fabric which will undoubtedly contain your dog’s natural body warmth when he or she sleeps at night. This is a white fabric with cute cacti print. These Christmas dog pajamas are a continuous outfit with four sleeves ribbed around the cuffs, and they have belly and tail openings.

We could very well see how comfortable dogs would be in this PJ because it does not weigh the wearer down. The CuteBone Dog Pajamas -Cactus is so cute it can be worn for walks or parties, especially when the air is a bit chilly. This style is available in seven patterns and five sizes.


10Lanyar’s Lovely Small Pet Pajamas – Snowman/Snowflake

Lanyarco Cute Snowman Reindeer Pet Clothes Christmas Dog Pajamas Shirts, Red Back Length 12" Small This is similar in design and cut to most Fitwarm pajamas we’ve included in this list, except possibly for the material and prints. These Christmas dog pajamas from Lanyar are made of a soft and thick fabric blend of 95% cotton and 5% lycra. It is red in color and printed with funny snowmen and snowflakes.

This pajama brand runs true to size, you just have to make sure to diligently measure your pet. Chest girth and back length measurements are of equal importance. The chest measurement of the Lanyar Loovely Small Pet Pajamas – Snowman/Snowflake must be equal to or bigger than your dog’s, while the back length of the outfit must not be shorter or 2” longer than your dog’s actual length.


11CuteBone Dog Pajamas – Christmas

CuteBone Dog Pajamas Christmas Tree Dog Apparel Dog Jumpsuit Pet Clothes Pajamas P17XS Another refreshing color and pattern from CuteBone come with prints of Christmas trees and gifts. It is made of the same polyester fabric as the other one we have in this list from CuteBone.

These Christmas dog pajamas will afford your pet comfort and warmth during frigid winter nights. One basic thing to do to ensure their comfort will be to measure carefully and compare with the size guide offered in the description of the CuteBone Dog Pajamas – Christmas. Don’t trust weight and breed or your pet’s previous clothing sizes. Take note, however, that this is made of toys and small breeds only.


12Fitwarm Christmas Gingerbread Man Dog Pajamas


We were about to say that this is another of those Fitwarm onesies we’ve featured, but, no, because this has a more fleecy interior fabric. Thus, it feels softer, warmer, and more comfortable for the pet. On the exterior, these Christmas dog pajamas have a more even, synthetic texture.

It’s mainly green in color with gingerbread man and cane prints. The rest of the Fitwarm Christmas Gingerbread Man Dog Pajamas is the same as the other Fitwarm pajamas with raglan-style sleeves for the forelegs. These Christmas dog pajamas are available in a wide range of sizes from XS to XXL.


13Lanyar’s Christmas Dogs Pajamas – Green Santa Claus

Holiday Santa Claus Xmas Cotton Pet Dog Pajamas Jumpshit for Medium Dogs, Back Length 20" Large Green If you want lightweight, breathable, and cottony Christmas pajama clothes for your dog, then this option from Lanyar should be it. These jammies are done in green with red Santa prints, so they’re definitely an “in” thing for parties, photo shoots, and family gatherings this Christmas season.

The Lanyar Christmas Dogs Pajamas – Green Santa Claus is true to size, so we suggest that you go by their size guide. Back length and chest girth are vital statistics. For irregularly built dogs, such as dachshunds, expect this PJ to be a bit loose around the chest but just right from neck to butt.


14Fitwarm Dog Christmas Outfit


Christmas is indeed a feast of colors, specifically, green and red. These Fitwarm Dog Christmas Outfits are in intense green, highlighted with reindeer, Santa hats, Christmas trees, and candy canes. It is made with polyester and cotton blend fabric.

The Fitwarm Dog Christmas Outfit will cover all four legs, and we’ve noticed that the sleeves of these pajamas are not as long as what we often see in most designs. What we’re saying is that they’d be good for dogs with shorter legs as there will be less folding of the cuffs, which will be more convenient for you and your dog.

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