Dog Christmas Outfits

Dressing your dog for the holidays is hard to resist. Finding just the right outfit can be the difficult part because there are so many options available to choose from. If you’re having trouble choosing just the right dog Christmas outfits or costumes, check out the choices on this list. You're sure to find something that is just right for your Fido.

The Best Dog Christmas Outfits and CostumesWhether you're looking for a dapper outfit for your pooch to wear in family holiday photos or you want your little beauty to be the talk of the Christmas dinner table, we've got something for everyone on this list. There are hundreds of options available for you to choose from, so if you can't find what you're looking for here, check out some of the other dogs Christmas outfits from these manufacturers.

It's important to consider your dog's needs when choosing any type of clothing for him. Some dog Christmas outfits may look adorable, but could also cause major problems for your dog.

Clothing and costumes need to fit properly. Loose-fitting apparel can be a safety hazard, as it may get caught on something and cause injury to your dog. Costumes and clothing that are too tight will restrict the range of motion and might lead to chaffing or lacerations.

The best thing that you can do is to bring your pet shopping with you for dog Christmas outfits. However, if you need to order online be sure to follow the manufacturer's measuring instructions precisely.

The Best Dog Christmas Outfits and Costumes

1Klippo’s Christmas Formal Velour Dress with Boa Trims for Small Breeds

Klippo’s Christmas Formal Velour Dress with Boa Trims for Small BreedsThis Santa-inspired dress from Klippo is made of luxurious velvet cloth adorned with feather boas along the hem and around the neck. Seen from your dog’s back, the bodice would be body-hugging and the skirt shirred. A bow of the same velvety fabric provides an accent for the back of the dress.

At the front, the hem slants upward to the girth strap which fastens with snaps. There’s a similar strap or band around the neck, which also has snaps and a loop that holds a D-ring for a Klippo ID tag. The fit of the Klippo Christmas Formal Velour Dress with Boa Trims for Small Breeds is true to size, so we suggest that you measure your dog carefully based on the size chart provided.

2Pawaboo Pet Costume – Santa Suit

Pawaboo Pet Costume - Santa SuitThis is a funny Santa costume from Pawaboo that’s a bit of a puzzle at first. The costume is made of red polyester fabric with white trimmings and a collar made of plush material. It is designed with a long back, fake Santa “arms”, and full front details including Santa’s belt, and Santa’s pants which are actually where your dog’s forelegs go through.

Your dog’s hindquarters would have no leg covers, but the standing Santa figure would adequately conceal that. The Pawaboo Pet Costume – Santa Suit fastens at the chest with hook-and-loop clasps and comes with a matching Santa cap.

3Mesasa’s Dog Shoes – Non-Slip Snow Shoes

Mesasa’s Dog Shoes - Non Slip Snow ShoesThese adorable little elf boots from Mesasa would make any dog stand out during a Christmas function. Velcro straps keep the shoes securely on your dog's paws, and they also offer a non-slip rubber sole to keep Fido safe on the ice and snow.

These shoes are waterproof and have textured outer soles for a better grip, and buyers say that these make for one of the best dog Christmas outfits. The Mesasa Dog Shoes – Non-Slip Snow Shoes are available in 4 sizes. The sizes are a bit small and snug, so it would be best to order one size up.

4Rubie's Elf Pet Costume

Dress up your dog as Santa’s helpful elf with Rubie’s red-and-green elf dog costume. The main outfit is made of green polyester fabric, with a jester’s collar and red jingle bell pompom accents. This pattern is repeated on the Santa-style hat and the ankle cuffs. This is absolutely one of the best dog Christmas outfits!

This is a well-made costume that uses high-quality materials. The bells and pompom accents are secured well to the Rubie Elf Pet Costume. There are five sizes to choose from and a size chart is provided. However, the size runs small and you would do well choosing a bigger size for your pet.

5Mixmax Dog Christmas Clothes – Reindeer Costume

Mixmax Dog Christmas Clothes - Reindeer CostumeThis brown polar fleece hoodie jacket from Mixmax is exactly like a regular winter coat for your dog, except for those fanciful reindeer antlers which turn it into a Christmas costume. The brown fabric is soft and cozy, and it is trimmed on the hood edges, cuffs, and hem with white velvet material. Front snaps make donning and taking off these best dog Christmas outfits a breeze. The stuffed antlers would transform your little puppy into a cute reindeer in an instant and make him the darling of the party.

The quality of materials and craftsmanship used to make the Mixmax Dog Christmas Clothes – Reindeer Costume is commendable. The hood is very suitable for chilly walks. If you’re buying this for a dog with pointy ears, you may want to know that there are no holes in the hood for the ears. This is available in small and medium sizes and runs rather small based on the size chart provided. So if couldn’t decide between two sizes, you better choose the larger one to be safe.

6Ultimate Halloween Costume Elf Outfit Dog Costume

Ultimate Halloween Costume Elf Outfit Dog CostumeThis is a costume of Santa’s little elf helper from Ultimate Halloween Costume. These dog Christmas outfits are made of green, soft, felt-like material that covers the back and fastens around the neck and chest. It has a red jester’s collar, which is made of the same material. A red-and-white striped fabric adds color to the lower back of the outfit.

The red-and-green pattern is repeated for the elf’s cap which has a jingly bell on the tip. This UHC costume comes in five sizes, but unfortunately, its sizing is off. The XL Ultimate Halloween Costume Elf Outfit Dog Costume would fit a 50-lb Great Dane, but any heavier and you would have a problem.

7Reelok Christmas Santa Claus Outfit

Reelok Christmas Santa Claus OutfitThis Santa costume from Reelok takes the same concept as the Pawaboo pet costume, except for some important features. One important difference we noticed would be the fabric used because this outfit is made of highly breathable cotton fabric instead of polyester.

The collar is round in shape and the front details are also slightly different, although overall they look the same. The Reelok Christmas Santa Claus Outfit is a set, which also includes a Santa hat. These dog Christmas outfits are only available in one size – a medium – and they fit dogs 15” around the chest, 11.8” around the neck, and 9.8” along the back.

8Rubie’s Costume Reindeer Hoodie

Rubie’s Costume Reindeer HoodieYour dog would love wearing this costume from Rubie's because it’s so comfortable and hassle-free. Except for the stuffed antler, it would look like a regular dog hoodie shirt. It’s made of chocolate brown soft cozy fabric with a hood and a funny reindeer face print on the back.

The Rubie's Costume Reindeer Hoodie is worn by pulling over your dog’s head. It has no sleeves which may limit your dog’s movement. Instead, the fabric curves around the neck and chest, and that secures the coat on your dog. The small size would fit small breeds with a chest girth of 14” and neck-to-tail length of 11”. There are four other sizes available.

9California Costumes’ Gingerbread Pup Dog Costume

California Costumes’ Gingerbread Pup Dog CostumeYou won’t always find gingerbread man costumes for dogs, probably because it would be difficult to attain the look. This outfit from California Costumes is a nice interpretation of a gingerbread man. It is made of 100% plush fabric with parts that are stuffed. The color of these dog Christmas outfits is mainly brown like a baked cookie, with pink ribbon accents and other details.

It has a round-shaped hood that you fasten with a tie around your dog’s head. Your dog’s forelegs go through the gingerbread man’s pants or legs. This one’s for the photo because the California Costumes Gingerbread Pup Dog Costume looks really funny, but something that your dog wouldn’t want wearing for any extended time.

10Pet Leso’s Dog Christmas Coat Santa Costume

Pet Leso’s Dog Christmas Coat Santa CostumePet Leso’s dog Christmas outfit is not only a costume – it’s also a warm coat. This is styled in the way dog hoodie pajamas are cut – that covers all four legs, elasticized along the opening to retain the shape along the hindquarters. A flap secured by a Velcro strip on the front makes this costume easy to wear and take off.

It’s made of soft and warm red fabric, adorned with Santa details, such as a black belt, and white furry trimmings along the hem, cuffs, and hoodie’s edges. And, the Pet Leso Dog Christmas Coat Santa Costume comes with Santa’s cap, of course. Your dog can be like Santa on Christmas and enjoy it, too.

11Rubie’s Costume Santa's Little Helper Elf Pet Costume

Rubie’s Costume Santa's Little Helper Elf Pet CostumeLet your dog dress up as Santa’s Lil Helper with this costume from Rubie's. Like the previous gingerbread costume, this has the same concept of mock arms so that Santa’s helper will look like it stands upright. These dog Christmas outfits are cut like a jumpsuit, but your pet’s forelegs will actually wear the pants.

Your dog’s hind will not wear any costume but that will be mostly hidden by the funny green front. The important measurements here would be your dog’s chest girth, neck circumference, armhole circumference, and sleeve length. The material used to make Rubie's Costume Santa's Little Helper Elf Pet Costume is soft green fabric, which is also the same material used for the cap.

12Pawz Road Elf Pet Costume

Pawz Road Elf Pet CostumeThis green velveteen cloth is both warm and silky soft. Your dog would definitely not mind wearing this costume from Pawz Road, because it’s so comfortable. It is shaped like a usual dog coat, with sleeves for the forelegs and a front opening that closes with white snap buttons.

The back is a bit long and designed with a zigzag hem. A jester’s felt collar with red pompoms adds to the festive look. The zigzag and pompom pattern is repeated on the hem, cap, and elasticized ankle ornaments for a more put-together look. The Pawz Road Elf Pet Costume comes in four sizes.

13Puoyis Pet Dog Christmas Costume

Puoyis Pet Dog Christmas CostumeThis looks so much like Reelok and Pawaboo’s Santa costume, except again for the fabric and possibly the sizing. Like those two previous brands, this Santa costume from Puoyis has phony Santa arms. Your pet’s forelegs will wear Santa’s pants.

Unlike the two other brands mentioned which were rather limited in size options, you could choose from three sizes for the Puoyis Pet Dog Christmas Costume. For the same size description, say medium, Puoyis' dimensions are way smaller, so you definitely need to measure carefully.

14Clever Creations’ Red and White Santa's Outfit and Hat

Clever Creations’ Red and White Santa's Outfit and HatClever Creations makes it possible for your dog to both feel comfortable in a costume and fit in the festivities. This Santa outfit is all about your dog’s comfort but also allows you to have fun at the party because your fur kid is not left behind. These dog Christmas outfits look awesome with the white-trimmed red Santa hat and coat that come with them.

The Clever Creations Red and White Santa Outfit and Hat is made of soft and warm fabric, which will keep your dog comfortable even on chilly Christmas events. The hat was thoughtfully designed to include holes for the ears. The coat is high in the waist allowing full movement and freedom in the hindquarters. The coat fastens on the front with a Velcro strip for added ease when donning it or taking it off.

15NACOCO Dog Christmas Costume Pet Winter Coat

NACOCO Dog Christmas Costume Pet Winter CoatThis Santa costume from NACOCO is designed and made for small dogs with a chest girth of 12.4”, neck-to-tail length of 8”, and neck circumference of 8.4”.  It is made of red heavy-duty cotton blend fabric, white faux fur trimmings, a black PU leather belt, and other details. It is cut like a typical dog pajama, which covers all four legs.

The opening on the chest of these dog Christmas outfits has button closures. The opening for the bottom part, which allows your dog to pee, has elasticized edging to keep it snug. The NACOCO Dog Christmas Costume Pet Winter Coat will not only look good in photos, but it will also be nice and comfortable for your dog to wear.

16Zoo Snoods Reindeer Costume

Zoo Snoods Reindeer CostumePractical and no-frills are how we would describe this light brown reindeer costume from Zoo Snoods, which we believe pets would more likely not mind wearing. It is made of soft yarn, which will be comfy and warm for your pet. This is styled like a dog hairnet with cute reindeer ears.

This hand-knit snood is perfect for small and medium dogs with a head circumference between 12-16 inches. Please check the chart for the correct size of the Zoo Snoods Reindeer Costume for your pet.

17Topsung Pet Blingbling Tutu Dress

Topsung Pet Blingbling Tutu DressYour dog will definitely wow the crowd in this ballerina costume with a pink-sequined black cotton bodice and hot pink tulle tutu Topsung. The armholes and neckline are trimmed with soft pink edging, while the hem of the flared skirt is trimmed with pink satin. A very dainty flower accent on the waist adds overall flare to the dress. You may need to add some stitches securing the flower on the dress so that it will stay there longer.

This is one party dress that can be worn for Christmas events, other special occasions, or photo shoots. The Topsung Pet Blingbling Tutu Dress is available in medium size only, which will be for dogs with a chest girth of 13”, neck circumference of 9.5”, and back length of 13.4”.

18YAODHAOD Elk Hoodie

YAODHAOD Elk HoodieIf you liked the elk costumes that came before this, then you’d probably love YAODHAOD’s hoodie version. And it’s not just the style, this is made of a cotton blend with fleece lining. They are only similar in the overall elk look but they differ significantly in the details.

The Pawz Road Dog Christmas Elk Costume is also shaped in the tradition of a dog sweatshirt that covers the body, so it’s definitely perfect for winter. It also sports a stylish elk antler hood, which qualifies it as a costume.

19Mixmax Reindeer Costume for Dogs

Mixmax Reindeer Costume for DogsWe have yet another of the best dog Christmas outfits from Mixmax, and it’s a reindeer costume that looks so much like Pawz Road’s elk Christmas costume. Their sizes vary widely, though, so it’s very important to measure carefully while referring to each brand’s respective size chart.

This is a hoodie jacket that covers all four legs. The Mixmax Reindeer Costume for Dogs provides an elasticized opening for the dog to pee. The hoodie is very cute but does not have ear holes. The weight of the antlers also causes the hood to keep falling off toward the back. The sizes of these dog Christmas outfits run small, but the quality of both materials and make is topnotch.

20Chnaivy Dog Christmas Costume

Chnaivy Dog Christmas CostumeYou’ll definitely not run out of Santa costumes, because we have yet another suggestion – this time from Chnaivy. This Christmas costume for dogs is a cape-like design carrying a dwarf toy on the back. It comes with adjustable velcro to ensure that your pet is comfortable.

These dog Christmas outfits are made of high-quality cotton and polyester fiber. It is easy to clean, put on or take off. There are other variations and sizes of the Chnaivy Dog Christmas Costume. So, make sure to measure your dogs properly for convenience.

21California Costumes’ Elf Pup Dog Costume

California Costumes’ Elf Pup Dog CostumeHere’s another elf costume and this one stands upright. By that, we mean that it is in the same concept as the other upright costumes which have stuffed elfin arms while the leg sleeves of this elf costume from California Costumes are where your dog inserts his or her forelegs.

The costume depicts an elf wearing a hat and bringing a gift. The main colors of the California Costume Elf Pup Dog Costume are red, green, and white, with gold and black highlights. It is made of 100% polyester fabric with some details printed on the material. There are four sizes available for these dog Christmas outfits.

22Rubie’s Christmas Collection Pet Costume – Santa Claus

Rubie’s Costume Christmas Collection Pet Costume - Santa ClausWe’ve had Rubie elf and deer costumes before this, and we can’t leave this list without a Santa costume from them. This jacket has long sleeves for the forelegs and has no covering below the waist. Dogs that don’t want to be hindered in their movement would definitely be more tolerant of this style.

The materials used to make these dog Christmas outfits are thin and soft, but will surely be warm because of the thread’s density. The red jacket has a black Santa belt with a metal buckle and metal holes for adjusting the belt’s tightness. A matching hat goes with the Rubie Christmas Collection Pet Costume – Santa Claus. The large size will be a good fit for dogs with a chest girth of 20”.

23BWOGUE Dog Elk Headband with Santa Hat

BWOGUE Dog Elk Headband with Santa HatOur final item is a reindeer costume from BWOGUE, which is basically a headband. This Christmas costume is made of soft fabric that's 100% safe for your dog's skin. This simple head accessory is styled as a reindeer antler with a red Santa hat and white pompom ball.

The BWOGUE Dog Elk Headband with Santa Hat is easy to wear and take off. This is a very comfortable costume and we don’t find so many issues with sizing. Still, it is important for you to measure carefully before placing an order for these dog Christmas outfits.

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