Top Safe Christmas Dog Toys

When Christmas comes, you're going to be busy wrapping gifts, entertaining guests, and cooking holiday treats.

Why not buy some safer Christmas dog toys for your Fido and keep the dog away from more dangerous stuff?

Here are some of the most fun-looking, safe, and long-lasting dog toys with a Christmas theme.

22 Safe Christmas Dog Toys to Gift Your Furry Friend

1EXPAWLORER Squeaky Christmas Tennis Balls for Dogs

EXPAWLORER Squeaky Tennis Balls for Dogs - 12 Pcs Christmas Interactive Teething Chew Toys, Xmas Fetch Training Balls for Large Medium Small Dogs Balls are never out of style for Christmas or other occasions because dogs never get enough of them. These Squeaky Christmas Tennis Balls from EXPAWLORER ($16.99/ 12-piece) are Christmas-themed, and they come in green and red colors with different popular catchphrases apt for the season.

The balls are made of felt-covered rubber. Each has a diameter of 2.5”, about the size of a tennis ball.

2SCENEREAL Christmas Crutch Dog Rope Toys 4 Pack

SCENEREAL Christmas Dog Toys, Durable Crutch Bone Rope Toys 4 Pack, Bite Resistant Chew Toy for Teething Cleaning, Xmas Element Rope Toy for Puppy Small Medium Large Dogs Are you so busy that you’re running out of ideas about what Christmas toys to get for your pet? SCENEREAL Christmas Crutch Dog Rope Toys 4 Pack ($17.79) has you covered. It’s already packed in a box that contains four squeaky stuffed toys.

These Christmas dog toys even look better than in their photos, and the quality of material and construction is top-notch. In case you’re thinking of these as tiny toys, then you’re wrong. The SCENEREAL Christmas Crutch Dog Rope Toys 4 Pack Set is 8”.


Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Multisensory Toys for Dogs

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Rope Toys for Dogs - Plush Rope Limb Dog Toy, 12 Inch - Holiday Dog Rope Toys for Pets, Christmas Dog Toys, Dog Chew Toys, Dog Toys for Christmas, Dog Christmas Toys Active dogs and heavy chewers would need something to occupy them physically and mentally, and this chew rope set would probably be the best pick for you. This Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Multisensory Toy ($9.99) is made of non-toxic cotton fibers that were solidly knotted to serve their purpose and a squeaky body that keeps our pups entertained.

This is also an officially licensed Rudolph toy. However, a word of caution: this is best suited for light to moderate chewers. Heavy chewers might tear this apart in an instant.

4Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Treat Dispenser Ball

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Essentials Rosemary Scented Interactive Dog Ball Treat Dispenser Toy, Green The Orbee-Tuff Treat Dispenser Ball from Planet Dog ($8.99) will be a great item to stuff inside your dog’s Christmas stocking or buy as gifts for your friends’ dogs. This bouncy ball has a rosemary scent that will keep your dog calm and occupied.

Not only is it a durable toy for heavy chewers, but it can also dispense treats as you play fetch! What dog could possibly resist that?

5Gingerbread House Burrow Christmas Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Burrow Christmas Dog Toy - Plush Squeaky Holiday Dog Gifts for Small & Medium Puppy Dogs, Interactive Hide & Seek Stocking Stuffers for Pets - Gingerbread House Dogs love digging and fiddling with tiny toys or treats stuck somewhere. This Gingerbread House Burrow Christmas Dog Toy ($16.99) from ZippyPaws will challenge their mind for sure and keep them from getting bored. This set consists of a plush gingerbread house with door openings on its sides and three gingerbread men.

Your dog will have fun getting out the three squeaky stuffed toys from inside. You may also add a different treat at a time to add some element of surprise to your dog’s exploration.


6Charming Christmas Henrietta Chicken

Charming Pet Squawkers Henrietta Latex Rubber Chicken Interactive Dog Toy, Large We can just imagine how thrilled your dog would be with these Christmas dog toys from Charming. She squawks with every pressure on her, and you know how your pooch would like that very much. This chicken dog toy is 13” tall, made of latex, and poly-filled.

Henrietta’s 2-piece clothing is hand-painted. Her skin is textured with bumps, which dogs like chewing on, but what will really make your dog’s Christmas morning would be the loud squeal that this Charming Christmas Henrietta Chicken ($12.99) gives out. Lead-free paint was used to ensure that this toy causes you or your pet no harm.


7Santa Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Holiday Brainey Santa Squeaky Plush Dog Toy This Santa toy doesn’t say, “Ho, ho, ho!” Instead, it squeals, and that sound sends dogs’ tails wagging. This plush toy is made mainly of a round stuffed material wrapped in red velvet fabric with a beige-and-white part for Santa’s face and beard. A red Santa cap protruded on the top of the round part, and arms and legs were added to the sides and bottom, respectively.

Pompoms were attached as cap top and nose, and they’re usually the first to go in these Christmas dog toys, with the dangling limbs going next. Even after the usual dog abuse, the Holiday Brainey Santa Squeaky Plush Toy ($14.99) round face and body, or whatever remains of it, dogs would still love it and spend plenty of fun time with it.


8Holiday Squeakie Buddies Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Christmas Squeakie Buddies - Bulk 3 Pack of Seasonal Stuffing-Free Squeaky Dog Toys, No Stuffing Holiday Puppy Toys, Dog Stuff for Small & Medium Dogs - Santa Claus, Reindeer, & Snowman These squeaky Christmas dog toys will entertain your dog no end with their loud sound, and we mean really loud. One set includes a Santa, a reindeer, and a snowman. What makes these toys unique is that the whole toy squeaks, not just a spot in the toy.

The toys are made of shaped plastic wrapped in a colorful and funny cover. Since these are not stuffed, there would be no messy filling to clean up in case your dog decides to chew them to pieces. Holiday Squeakie Buddies ($11.99) are so light dogs; they just love to flip them, make them squeak, and bring them wherever they go.


9Harry Potter Holiday Tree Burrow Toy

Harry Potter 14" Holiday Tree Burrow Dog Toy with Plush Squeaker Hogwarts House Presents | Dog Toys for Pets, Plush Dog Toy, Dog Squeaky Toy, Toys for Dogs If you're a Potterhead, surprise your dog (or a fellow Potterhead's dog) with this Harry Potter Holiday Tree Burrow Toy ($15.77). This set contains one 14″ tree and four boxes of gifts with House emblems screen-printed on each.

The gift boxes also have an internal squeaker for each that will definitely get your dog working. What's more, this burrow toy is also licensed Harry Potter merchandise, a perfect addition to your collection.


10Christmas Dog Chew Toy Pack of 3

Flourish Pets 2 in 1 Christmas Dog Chew Toy with Non-Toxic BPA Free Rubber and Double Stitched Soft Fabric Exterior Squeaky Indestructible Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers (Christmas (Pack f 3) A toy feeds on a dog’s canine instinct to tear up its prey, and that’s probably why Flourish Pets came up with a toy for aggressive chewers, like this 4×4 chew toy made of BPA-free rubber and double-stitched soft fabric.

This Christmas Dog Chew Toy Pack of 3 ($29.99) is also aptly designed for the festive season, with toys featuring Santa Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and a Christmas tree.


11Hedgehog Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Outward Hound, Hedgehogz Plush Dog Toy, Large Your dog will love playing with this squeaky, furry little hedgehog. The small size is 3.9” high, and the large size is 5” high. The XL size is actually huge for a hedgehog. Its underside and legs are made of plush brown fabric, while its spines are made of dense furry material.

One thing you’d like about the Holiday Hedgehog Squeaky Plush Toy ($9.99) is that it won’t roll like a ball, so even when it gets tossed a lot, it will just be around waiting to be picked up.


12Christmas Sugar Cookie Plush Dog Toy

Midlee Christmas Sugar Cookie Plush Dog Toy (Gingerbread Man, Small) Gingerbread men have never been this fun before. Midlee’s gingerbread man is soft and cuddly and squeaks a lot when your dog does slightly more than cuddling. This toy is made of light brown plush fabric with stuffing. It is shaped like a gingerbread man. A darker brown fabric is stitched along the inner outline and embroidered with details.

This is a well-made and solidly stitched stuffed toy. Imagine your dog’s glee when he or she finds this inside his or her Christmas stocking! The small Christmas Sugar Cookie Plush Toy ($13.00) is 5” tall, while the bigger one is 8”. It’s also available in a Santa hat shape.


13Reindeer Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Holiday Brainey Reindeer Squeaky Plush Dog Toy Another toy from ZippyPaws, this baby reindeer, is so cute! We hope your dog finds it too adorable to tear apart. These Christmas dog toys are made of golden brown fuzzy material with white and red mixed in. There’s only one size available with these measurements: 8” x 8” x 4”.

What’s unique about this squeaky toy is that it doesn’t just have one sound. It has two squeakers, and each one makes a different sound. The Holiday Reindeer Squeaky Plush Toy ($7.49) actually bigger than how it looks in the photo, but very cuddly all the same. It will make a soft and huggable toy to bring to bed with. This will hold up nicely to tossing and gripping but not to your power boys’ rough play.


14Outward Hound Holiday Squeaker Mat

Outward Hound Squeaker Matz Plush Gingerbread Man Holiday Dog Toy, XL The downside with soft fluffy stuffed toys is that inquisitive and mischievous pooches will keep on finding ways to “disembowel” them. This Christmas-inspired squeaky mat from Outward Hound was designed to divert dogs from doing that. They’d have fun flipping and shaking these long and flat squeakers instead.

These Christmas dog toys have three patterns – reindeer, gingerbread man, and Santa – which will be recognizable from the head and face of the toy. The rest of the toy is the long body, which holds 16 squeakers. So, if one squeaker stops working, there will be a whole lot more left in the Outward Hound Holiday Squeaker Mat ($11.89).


15Jigglerz Squeaky Santa Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Holiday Jigglerz Squeaky Santa Plush Dog ToyThis is similar to the flat Outward Hound toy before this, except that this has totally no stuffing in it – none in the head part or anywhere else. These Christmas dog toys are more like your dog’s favorite blanket that he never sleeps without. Except that it will be more entertaining than a blanket because it squeaks.

And talking about squeaks, this toy doesn’t need to be chewed on or hit or bumped to make the sound. The Holiday Jigglerz Squeaky Santa Plush Toy ($19.75) has a Jigglerz squeaker that produces a sound when shaken or whipped about. It also has crinkle paper on the head and feet, which adds to the fun. These dog Christmas toys are Santa-inspired and are mainly red with black and white details.


16Lulubelles H&K for Dogs Power Plush

Lulubelles H&K for Dogs Power Plush | Dear Santa Bone (Small) | Double Sided Christmas Funny Dog Toy | Dog Toy with Squeaker | Dog Gift | Fun, Durable, and Safe | Squeaky Dog Toy This safe Christmas toy for dogs is so adorable and soft. It’s made of a long stuffed plush fabric carefully stitched on the inside with nylon tape. This bone-shaped plush toy is available in 2 sizes. Small sizes measure 8.5×4″ while large ones measure 12×6″.

Lulubelles H&K for Dogs Power Plush ($12.99 for Small; $16.99 for Large) is made from durable materials. However, it is not designed for dogs that you know to be aggressive chewers, but for dogs, it would just be happily tossing it around, chewing on it lightly, or taking it along to its activities.

After much loving, machine-wash your Power Plush toy in cold water. Dry thoroughly on a gentle cycle and return to the patient pup!

174-in-1 Christmas Reindeer Dog Toy

Chngeary Dog Christmas Toys for Small Medium Large Dogs, Squeaky Plush Dog Toys + Interactive Dog Toys + Dog Rope Toys Multi Function Cute Reindeer Puppy Toys for Christmas Rope toys can be quite common, so this Christmas, a reindeer dog toy will be a pleasant variation yet lend the same benefits that rope toys do. The rope used to shape this toy is made from 100% cotton fiber and non-toxic dyes.

Apart from the rope limbs, the signature red nose also features a squeaker inside. The back of the head serves as a plush toy, and the body can either be a chew toy or a kibble dispenser. This 4-in-1 Christmas Reindeer Dog Toy ($12.99) is inexpensive and durable, and it will surely make an interesting gift for friends and family members who own small- or medium-breed dogs.


18Loopy Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws - Loopy - No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy - for Small and Medium Dogs - Sheep This is similar in concept to the stuffing-free plush dog toys we’ve included in this list. It is shaped in a loop with a lamb head, though it looks more like a turtle because of its ring shape. These Christmas dog toys are 10”x8”x1” in size and have a light brown body and head with dark brown feet and antlers. The ring-shaped body has six sections, and each section has a squeaker.

The Holiday Loopy Squeaky Plush Toy ($10.99) is a solidly constructed toy, and dogs seem less interested in ripping it apart. The loop design easily makes it a favorite toy for two dogs to bond and play tug with.


19Holiday Crinkle Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Holiday Crinkle - Squeaky Plush Dog Toy (Santa, Large) Get the laughs with this lanky Santa that squeaks and makes crinkly sounds. These Christmas dog toys are made of red thick-ribbed velvet fabric, with cream, white, and black materials for Santa’s other details. It strikes a funny picture because of Santa’s gangly legs. This toy measures 16” long, and you can imagine it dangling from your doggy’s mouth.

All four limbs have crinkle paper inside, and there’s one squeaker stuffed inside Santa’s body. Hearing all the sounds of the Holiday Crinkle Squeaky Plush Toy ($17.99) is really amusing and we’re sure your dog will spend endless hours making them. It’s modestly priced, too, which makes this a favorite purchase for Christmas.


20ZippyPaws Crinkle Penguin Plush Dog Toy

ZippyPaws Crinkle Christmas Dog Toy - Plush Squeaky Holiday Dog Gifts for Small & Medium Puppy Dogs, Interactive Hide & Seek Stocking Stuffers for Pets - Holiday Penguin, X-Large This is the penguin variation of lanky Santa, and it’s equally fun to have for your little girls and boys. This is stuffed but does not contain as much stuffing as most soft and plump plushies. It is very well made.

Like Santa, the Holiday Crinkle Squeaky Penguin Plush Toy ($8.49) is also made of ribbed velvet fabric, but in black color. The combination of sounds these Christmas dog toys make also comes from 1 squeaker and crinkle paper inside the limbs. It has a red Santa hat and orange nose and webbed feet. There are two sizes available and the large one is 19” long from the top of its cap to the tips of its feet.



Wonderpet! Figure 8 Tennis Ball Toys 

Greenbone Wonderpet! Figure 8 Tennis Ball Toys (Pink, Blue or Orange) Ropes are great for bonding between you and your dog, and Greenbone's Wonderpet! Figure 8 Tennis Ball Toy ($3.85) is a high-quality rope to use for playing tug-and-war. This rope is made of natural materials tightly woven to withstand rough play and pulling.

The rope is shaped into a number 8 figure and held in the middle by a solidly-stitched material to keep it in place and in shape. This is a great toy to have to help dogs get over boredom, anxiety, destructive chewing, or unspent energy. While they pull and tug with this rope, their teeth and gums also get stimulated, which is great for their oral health.


22Christmas Dog Rope Toy Pack of 3

LLSPET Christmas Dog Rope Toys, Dog Chew Rope Ball Set (3 Pack), Colorful Rope Balls Toys, Interactive Tug of War Toys for Teething, Small and Medium Breeds, Toys for Dogs Fill your pet’s Christmas stocking with treats and this pack of 3 rope toys in green and red colors. These dog Christmas toys from Bingpet are made of 100% cotton fiber tightly woven into a rope and knotted to produce this rope with knots and balls.

Rope knots and balls are great toys to have for interactive activities to stimulate the brain, similar to many other interactive toys for dogs. It’s a fun way to train dogs and drain their excess energy before the day ends. The Christmas Dog Rope Toy Pack of 3 ($15.99) keeps them physically fit and mentally alert, and helps maintain healthy gums and teeth.

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Top Safe Christmas Dog Toys

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