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Top 17 Christmas Treats for Dogs

Looking for a delicious way to treat your dog this holiday season? The best Christmas dog treats will keep your pet happy and healthy. It's much better to feed one of the treats on this list than it is to share table scraps from your holiday meal.

The Best Christmas Dog TreatsYou can make your own homemade dog treats with a Christmas theme, or you can buy some pre-made that will look perfect on the day. Christmas dog treats also make great gifts for the other canine's on your list. Perhaps your gran-dogs or little furry nieces and nephews would like to find a new package of treats under the tree?

Whether you're shopping for your own pet or someone else's canine companion, you need to keep their dietary concerns in mind. Does the dog have a sensitive stomach? Does he have any food allergies?

It's important to keep these things in mind, as well as the pet's dental health. Puppies and senior dogs may not be able to chew hard biscuits very well. Likewise, pets with dental health issues prefer soft chews over tough jerky treats or crunchy biscuits.

The Best Christmas Dog Treats

1Claudia's Canine Cuisine – Santa Paws Classic Gourmet Dog Cookies

Miles Kimball Claudia's Canine Cuisine - Santa Paws Classic Gourmet Dog CookiesIndulge your dog with Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Santa paws classic gourmet dog cookies from Claudia's Canine Bakery this Christmas. With an assortment of multicolored chunks, your dog will surely enjoy nibbling on these nutritious and delectable cookie-shaped holiday treats. These all-natural human-grade and protein-rich cookies will not only delight your dog but also nourish him or her.

These best Christmas dog treats are made in the USA and delivered to you freshly oven-baked. It’s absolutely safe to give to your dog as training reward for a trick well done or simply as a treat to keep them busy while you’re away at work. Claudia's Canine Cuisine – Santa Paws Classic Gourmet Dog Cookies obviously aromatic because dogs could sniff through the packing. Each pack contains around 50 chunky pieces of incredibly succulent treats your dog will love feasting throughout the holidays.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I wasn't sure what to expect, but I liked the picture. I have a friend with a little dog who loves biscuits (don't they all?), for whom I always buy something at Christmas. I want the dog to enjoy…”


2Lazy Dog Cookie Company Original Pup Pie Treat

Lazy Dog Cookie Company Original Pup Pie TreatIf you think that desserts are for people only, then you can eat your heart out with this mouthwatering pie frosted with dairy-free vanilla yogurt and freshly-grated coconut. These treats from The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. are full of nature’s finest organic and human-grade ingredients. It does not contain wheat, soy, corn, or GMO components. What it contains instead are oat flour, cinnamon, pumpkin, cane molasses, peanut butter, ginger, and sodium bicarbonate.

Lazy Dog Cookie Company Original Pup Pie Treats have a 16-month shelf life but with its nice smell and tastiness, I doubt if this whole dessert would last for more than a week with your puppies. You’ll also find these Christmas dog treats to be very healthful for your pets. They have a guaranteed analysis of the following: crude protein at 7.52%; crude fat at 6.43%; and crude fiber at 1.10%.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “This was my 3 year old pups birthday “cake” this year. It's more of a hard cookie and it smelled divine! It smells like Thanksgiving, its got the cinnamon and pumpkin smells. I wanted to eat it, but I…”


3Ranch Rewards Rawhide Holiday Dog Stocking

Ranch Rewards Rawhide Holiday Dog StockingThis is the third Ranch Rewards’ rawhide treat on our list and the least pricey but with more super-licking delicious large goodies in it. It’s packed in a treat-filled holiday stocking that’s ready for gift-giving or hanging on the mantelpiece. Its main ingredient is 100% beef hide. Each stocking contains seven assorted colorful rawhide Christmas dog treats in various holiday shapes that include; a Christmas tree rawhide cookie, a large red candy cane, 2 small candy canes in red and green, a reindeer rawhide cookie, a white twisty rawhide bone, and a bone shape.

With the Ranch Rewards Rawhide Holiday Dog Stocking added to your choices, choosing holiday doggie treats shouldn’t be problem. The treats are a bit thin and small, though, and they actually look like they’ll be good for smaller dogs.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “These were a great present for my dog, he ate them in just a couple of days, and he's usually very picky. Will buy again next year!…”


4Ranch Rewards Holiday Rawhide Gift Pack Bone

Ranch Rewards Holiday Rawhide Gift Pack BoneRanch Rewards holiday rawhide gift pack contains meaty beef hide dog treats prepared from all-natural ingredients and none of those harmful preservatives or chemicals. Neatly packed in a colorful and specially-designed Christmas gift box are four tasty 5-inch candy cane rawhide treats which your dogs will love munching on. What’s more, rawhide cleans pets’ teeth, so it’s no doubt a double treat.

These rawhide bones are actually much safer than those small chunks that break into pieces easily and cause choking in pets. Nonetheless, pet supervision is recommended when feeding these treats or any treat for that matter. Also, be aware that Ranch Rewards Holiday Rawhide Gift Pack Bone may stain some fabrics or surfaces. This comes in a ready-to-give gift box and actually nice as a gifting idea for friends and family who also have dogs.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Safety hazard, item came in original packing from store with no outter layer; therefore, the pre opened box had the treats exposed. Will never order from them again. It looks like someone opened…”


5Blue Buffalo’s Santa Snacks Oatmeal & Cinnamon Biscuits

Blue Buffalo’s Santa Snacks Oatmeal & Cinnamon BiscuitsShare your love on this gift-giving season by giving your adorable puppies and dogs these Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks biscuits. The biscuits are oven-baked to a crunchy texture and in shapes of star, gingerbread man, and Christmas tree – what a treat! It is prepared with some of the best natural ingredients including flaxseed, barley, carrots, oatmeal, pumpkin, and cinnamon, among others.

These Christmas dog treats are guaranteed safe for pets because it has no corn, soy, or wheat components, or chicken by-product meals that can cause allergies or stomach upset in sensitive pets. Blue Buffalo Santa Snacks Oatmeal & Cinnamon Biscuits are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals and also a good source of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids that help enhance healthy skin and shiny coat in pets. It’s non-allergenic so you won’t have to worry about your dog contracting severe skin allergies.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Best non allergy cookie bones ever! My dogs love these to death!!! They jump off the floor to get one! Easy to buy year round thank goodness!…”


6Specialty Gift Boxes’ Jumbo Dog Gift Box Basket

Specialty Gift Boxes’ Jumbo Dog Gift Box BasketWith Jumbo Dog Gift Box from Specialty Gift Boxes, your furry friends will get all the Christmas goodness they deserve for their loyalty. Each box contains 15 amazing items – from tasty food packets and treats to wholesome dog toys – practically everything your dogs will enjoy and be happy with all season long. To mention a few, there’s the 1-lb Alpo Variety Little Bite-Sized Snap Treats, a 4.5-oz.

Alpo TBONZ Porterhouse flavor dog treats, a 3.5-oz Pedigree chopped ground dinner packet in assorted flavors, a vinyl newspaper dog toy or super squeaky rope, and small squeaker balls. The Specialty Gift Boxes Jumbo Dog Gift Box Basket is truly the most convenient way of presenting your dogs the whole exciting lot instead of shopping for piecemeal items that are sometimes hard to find and are even twice more expensive in most retail stores.


7Ranch Rewards Holiday Candy Canes

Ranch Rewards Holiday Candy CanesJust like the other Ranch Rewards Christmas dog treats previously introduced on our list, this dog treat boasts of similar value and features, except for its quantity and packaging. These 5-inch candy cane rawhide treats come in a convenient 12-flavorful pack, which you could wrap as gifts under the tree or as stuffer to fill your dog’s Christmas stocking with.

Munching on rawhides cleans the oral cavity and also helps strengthen dogs’ teeth. These delicious candy cane rawhides are also perfect as rewards when training dogs to do amazing tricks or simply as treats for the holidays. The stripes of the Ranch Rewards Holiday Candy Canes are artificially colored strings, so we suggest removing them before you give the rawhide to your dog.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “My dog is crazy picky. He doesn't like any dog food, or any dog treats. For some reason he likes these those. He is a small yorkie (3.5 lbs) And I will give him one of these and he will chew on it and play with it for…”


8Bone Bons Organic Dog Treats’ Dog Christmas Treats

Bone Bons Organic Dog Treats’ Christmas Dog TreatsExclusively sourced and proudly made in the USA, the Christmas dog treats from Bone Bons Organic Dog Treats are 100% USDA-approved and certified all-natural. Its ingredients are organic, including the frostings and colorings. These dog cookie treats are absolutely safe having none of those harmful preservatives, additives, by-products, and chemicals.

Bone Bons Organic Dog Treats Dog Christmas Treats uses no grain, wheat flour, sugar, corn syrup, shortening or oil in its frosting to make it not only super licking delicious but healthful, as well. You will receive half a dozen of smartly-designed Christmas cookies that are vacuum-sealed to maintain their freshness inside a recyclable cloth-drawstring kitbag and secured with a festive ribbon. Bone Bons not only provides you with stocking stuffers in this pack, it also includes a creative stocking substitute.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My dogs (2 Shih Tzu) loved these and I loved the safe ingredients! I would order these again from Bone Bons…”


9Claudia's Canine Gourmet Christmas Dog Treat Gift Box

Here’s another specially-made dog treat from Claudia’s Canine Bakery that would surely make your hairy best friend busy under the Christmas tree on Christmas morn. This is a combination pack containing about 40 cookies in mouthwatering varieties shaped in broccoli, dog bones, and other fun shapes and colors. These hard cookies are flavored in peanut butter and vanilla, and some have yogurt decorations and stripes.

Claudia’s Canine products are made and sourced in the USA. The ingredients of Claudia's Canine Gourmet Christmas Dog Treat Gift Box include wheat, flour, peanut butter, vanilla, honey, yogurt, palm oil, and artificial food coloring. You may want to check three other variations which are all equally delicious, including sets which contain rawhide, truffles, and peanut butter sucker.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “super cute little treats…we'll see if the dog will eat em. lol…”


10Crunchkins Crunch Edible Card, Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas

Crunchkins Crunch Edible Card, Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry ChristmasThese unique edible greeting cards are made of 100% all-natural beef rawhide and baked to a perfect crisp to give your dogs that crunchy texture they’ll love to munch on. Crunchkins Crunch Edible Card is totally safe for your dog because it uses water-based ink. And just like a real greeting card, it comes complete with a mailing envelop. This envelop, though, is not edible, so don’t let him or her chew it, too.

You’ll find this rawhide crunch card appropriate for your pet’s birthday, too, because the other side of these Christmas dog treats similarly designed just aptly worded for such occasion. So, Crunchkins Crunch Edible Card, Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas actually a dual purpose kind of card or treat. Treats very rarely come as greeting cards, so this is something that’s totally in a league of its own.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My dog loves these card. I really like that it comes with an envelope like a real card. Perfect for our fur baby. He gets one for Christmas and his birthday every year!…”


11McSteven's Dog Nog Drink Powder Mix

McSteven's Dog Nog Drink Powder MixHere’s a wonderful way to complete your holiday doggie treats this festive holiday season. McSteven’s Dog Nog Drink Powder Mix holiday dog treat is a rich formula made for pups and adult dogs to wash those bone cookies down. It comes in two 3-oz. containers, which will be perfect as presents at holiday parties for the little pooches of family, friends, and fellow dog lovers.

The beverage is easy to prepare – just add water and stir until the powder dissolves into a fine aroma that dogs love. Active dogs expend energy faster than you think, and McSteven's Dog Nog Drink Powder Mix will help them rehydrate. Giving them plain water may be fine but Dog Nog drink plus a holiday cookie would definitely make Christmas mornings more special for your dog.


12PetFun Christmas Smart Doggy Challenging Treat Dispenser Toy

PetFun Christmas Smart Doggy Challenging Treat Dispenser ToyDon’t let boredom stifle your dog’s playfulness, especially during these festive holidays. Let him use PetFun’s amazing dog treat dispenser. It is safe for pet animals, and made of non-toxic and exceptionally hard-wearing natural rubber. This item is available in red and three size options with the following dimensions: Small, 2.36”; Medium, 3”, and Large, 3.74”.

These will be perfect for small up to large-sized breeds and will keep them occupied for hours on end while you’re busy during the holiday. The PetFun Christmas Smart Doggy Challenging Treat Dispenser Toy helps in resolving problems involving separation anxiety, chewing on things, teething, training, and weight management. We’ve seen great results when served as alternative to traditional bowl feeding for speed eaters because the ball dispenser slows them down.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My dog loves eating from this I usually give him half in his bowl and half in here. He gets excited every time I pull it out! I think it's great for speed eaters and gives him a little exercise. My only complaint is…”


13Ranch Rewards Holiday Rawhide Twist

Ranch Rewards Holiday Rawhide TwistYet another Holiday Rawhide Twists from Ranch Rewards, and this time it’s a pack of assorted treats to last way after the Yuletide season. Your dog’s stocking would be filled up with this, no doubt, because this Christmas pack contains 20 twists. As with the other Ranch Rewards’ treats, these are made of real beef hide ingredients dogs love to chew. It will keep boredom away, not to mention plaque and tartar.

It’s a great dog treat that you should not pass up for your furry friends this Christmas. Each twisted treat measures 5” long, but a bit on the thin side. The ingredients of the Ranch Rewards Holiday Rawhide Twist include pure beef rawhide and red, green, and yellow artificial food color.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “My pets loved these!!…”


14Dingo Holiday Rawhide

Dingo Holiday RawhideGet your dog a real meaty treat for Christmas. Dingo Holiday Rawhide offers real chicken bits in every single bite of their Munchy Stix recipe. Each pack contains eight pieces of rawhide sticks overflowing with the natural goodness of real chicken. More than being a chew, these sticks are great as snacks, rewards, or treats for small dogs and puppies. These Christmas dog treats gentle to the mouth and they don’t break up or get gooey.

A piece of Dingo’s Holiday Rawhide Munchy Stix is a good 6 inches long. It contains artificial food color that lends it its fleshy tone. It may cause some staining on light-colored carpet or floor. Though dogs clearly find this very irresistible, we recommend limiting their intake to just one stick per day as what the manufacturer states in the instructions.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): This chew–while relatively long for our 9 pound dog with a small and narrow mouth–is lightweight, and he can carry it around and maneuver it into his favorite spaces. He must like it a lot: I cannot get…”


15DreamBone Holiday Variety Pack for Dogs

DreamBone Holiday Variety Pack for DogsThese Candy Cane Rawhide Treats from DreamBone are another one of the various vegetable and chicken treats for the Yuletide season. Inside these holiday treats are bits and pieces of real chicken, mixed with natural and nutritious vegetables that will make your dog truly happy. These Christmas dog treats come in a festive pack of 6, enough to send your naughty but nice pups chewing quietly.

Since these chews are big and quite thick, they’ll be safe enough to chew without causing choking hazards. DreamBone Holiday Variety Pack for Dogs also helps maintain healthy teeth in dogs.  This should make an ideal Christmas gift for your dogs or your friends’ dogs.


16Regent’s Christmas Dog Rawhide Treat Holiday Stocking Gift Set

Regent’s Christmas Dog Rawhide Treat Holiday Stocking Gift SetRegent’s Christmas dog rawhide stocking gift sets come in three variations, and this one is the Rawhide Ring option. This could be the special something that you had been looking to buy for your dog or a friend’s dog for Christmas. This set includes rawhides in five shapes and textures –grid-like square, ring, sticks, bone, and one that looks like a lollipop – all delicious and nutritious.

These Christmas dog treats are all made of 100% natural beef hide. This set makes a perfect gift idea for Christmas parties and events. Your dogs will love it and enjoy the many health benefits that rawhides offer. Don’t get left behind, get Regent's Christmas Dog Rawhide Treat Holiday Stocking Gift Set for your dogs as early as now before the holiday shopping rush starts.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “I can't personally attest to the taste but my dogs seemed to devour them in a matter of minutes so I guess that's endorsement enough…”


17Ranch Rewards Holiday Rawhide Bones

Ranch Rewards Holiday Rawhide BonesIf you haven’t got this winner from Ranch Rewards yet, better have it now on your shopping list for Christmas. This Holiday Rawhide Bones gift pack comes with two 6-inch big yummy bone treats. These Christmas dog treats are also available in 2-inch 6-packs and 4-inch 4-packs that will make your cute little pups really busy. These dog treats are made of tough beef hide bones that can provide hours of distraction while also cleaning dogs’ teeth naturally.

These Christmas dog treats will make a great addition to your dog’s Christmas stocking fillers. Ranch Rewards Holiday Rawhide Bones would be better for medium and large dogs, since it’s thicker and harder to chew. Be aware that the colors are artificial food dyes, but they’re used very sparingly in this style.

Most helpful review (read the full Amazon review): “Though a bit expensive for the four inch size, my dog loves these. You only get four in the pack.She chews them until they get wet and soft enough to eat. I am glad Amazon carries these. Wal-Mart has…”

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