Top Best Dog Christmas Stockings

Looking for an inexpensive and easy way to treat your dog for the holidays? A dog Christmas stocking is the perfect way to do so! They offer a variety of gifts in one cute package. Plus, they'll make your pup SO happy!

From dog toys to treats and adorable clothes to new grooming products, the stocking-stuffing possibilities for canines are endless. With a little training, your dog could even pull his gifts from the stocking all on his own. Wouldn't that make an adorable video to share with family and friends this holiday season?

Of course, you'll need to choose a stocking that expresses your pet's personality. That's why we've found a dozen of the best dog Christmas stocking options that will suit virtually every pooch. I know we're all on a budget, especially around Christmas time, so these options are also very affordable.

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Top 12 Best Dog Christmas Stocking Options

1DIBSIES Personalization Station’s Personalized Dog Paw Christmas Stocking


Christmas is for kids, and that includes your fur kids. Before you hang Christmas stockings on the fireplace mantel, first get this dog paw dog Christmas stocking. DIBSIES has made this stocking of red velvet fabric shaped like a paw, with a white velvet patch for the paw pads. The same white velvet material is used for the cuff where you can have your dog’s name embroidered.

The plush materials used to make the DIBSIES Personalization Station's Personalized Dog Paw Christmas Stocking are thick and high quality, and the embroidery is solid. Your dog will definitely be proud to have his or her name so well-stitched and centered. The stocking is a good size. There’s more than enough space for stuffing Christmas treats inside its 18.5” length.


2MWPlanet LLC’s Christmas Dog Stocking Bone


This bone-shaped stocking from MWPlanet LLC is made of brown burlap material lined with a white cloth inside. It has a loop for hanging and a lovely double bow ribbon in the middle. These are handmade stockings, so you can be sure that they had been individually checked for quality. You may choose between a red and green bow.

The stocking is 17” long and 8” wide, with an opening at the top part just where the loop is attached. With its size, it can hold plenty of treats and toys inside, but take into consideration the slightly narrow opening. If you intend to stuff the MWPlanet LLC's Christmas Dog Stocking Bone with something like a ball, it might fit but will be pretty snug.


3Kyjen’s Outward Hound Christmas Paw Stocking


Here’s another dog Christmas stocking. It comes in Christmassy colors of red, green, and white. This option from Kyjen is cheaper than DIBSIES’ personalized paw stocking. It is made of red velvet material, green satin cloth for the paw pads, and a fleecy white material for the cuff.

The paw pads are attached with a single-line stitch, unlike the satin stitch used in our top item. The length is a little over 13”, while the width varies along the length from 4” to 7”. There’s a loop for hanging the Kyjen Outward Hound Christmas Paw Stocking, but there’s no name personalization. Oddly, the small size has much better quality than the large size.


4WEWILL Lovely Embroidered Dog Christmas Stockings

WEWILL Lovely Embroidered Dog Christmas Stockings Ideal Xmas Holiday Party Gifts for Puppy Pet 16-Inch Long(Puppy) Would you be interested in a large stocking that can carry a lot of stuff in it? We’re not kidding – WEWILL offers this 16-inch long stocking!

The WEWILL Lovely Embroidered Dog Christmas Stocking includes an embroidered cute puppy pattern on the dog Christmas stocking. This dog Christmas stocking has a classic green and red design color.  It should be the best happy Christmas holiday gift for your pets.


5Lo Lord Lo’s Christmas Stocking for Pet Dog Cat Large Paw Stocking

LO LORD LO Christmas Paw Stocking for Pet Dog Cat Large Chirstmas Stockings Bone for Personalize (red)­ Have this large paw stocking to hang for your dog to make sure that he or she is included in the family tradition on Christmas Eve. This stocking from Lo Lord Lo is made of white plush fabric shaped into a paw 18” long and 11” wide. It has decorative tartan plaid patching to replicate paw pads. The same plaid fabric is used for the cuff and loop of this dog Christmas stocking. It is lined inside with a soft white cloth.

This is very big and you can stuff it with a whole lot of items and there will be enough space. The Lo Lord Lo's Christmas Stocking for Pet Dog Cat Large Paw Stocking is less than half the price of Dibsies paw stocking, but it doesn’t have a personalized name. You can stitch it yourself, or take felt letters and attach them with adhesive, instead. For us, it’s beautiful as it is.


6Ethical Christmas Holiday Dog Toy Stocking


This is a transparent dog Christmas stocking-shaped gift pack from Ethical Christmas. It is filled with pet toys, mice, and other Christmas-themed items, most of which squeak. The stocking itself is only made of disposable materials like the transparent plastic sheet, some hard backing, and red-and-white striped trim.

You’re actually buying the contents of the Ethical Christmas Holiday Dog Toy Stocking, not the dog Christmas stocking, but the stocking looks great hanging from the mantelpiece just like the real thing. And of course, nothing beats not having to scour for the small items which will definitely make your dog’s Christmas morning an exciting one.


7Kurt Adler “Good Dog” Stocking


This Good Dog stocking from Kurt Adler measures 17” long and 8.25” wide and has plenty of room inside for Christmas goodies for your dog. The stocking looks so special with its red polyester fabric embellished with bones with ribbons tied around them. It has a folded white cuff with “Good Dog” embroidered. There’s a loop, too, for hanging the stocking with.

The design of this dog Christmas stocking goes well with the traditional Christmas theme. It’s very well made and has solid stitching. The Kurt Adler “Good Dog” Stocking is slightly smaller than Lo Lord Lo’s paw stocking, but it’s bigger than most foot-shaped ones.


8Combined Stockings for Dogs + Christmas Dog Collar Bundle


This is about the same price and has the same concept as the 8-piece Ethical Christmas holiday stocking. It is made of a transparent plastic stocking-shaped bundle with pink-and-white holiday trim.

Your dog would definitely wag its tail in excitement as you take the Combined Stockings for Dogs + Christmas Dog Collar Bundle off the tree or fireplace on Christmas morn. The Christmas goodies are all visible from the outside and they’re all very colorful. There’s a rope knot, a tennis ball, a squeaky shoe, and a squeaky rolled newspaper replica. Plus, there’s a large nylon Christmas collar, too. The collar is adjustable to a neck circumference of 17”-27”.


9GBI’s Pets Christmas Stocking


This felt pet stocking from GBI makes for great Christmas décor to dress windows and pet stores with. But they’re most perfect as your dog’s own Christmas stocking to hang from the fireplace mantel and for Santa to fill up with gifts and treats. You may have to pin it since it doesn’t have a loop – that’s one very critical loophole, we must say.

It’s just the right size at 18” long. For your dog, you’d love the red-and-green pattern with a cutout of a dog wearing a funny green Santa cap. The cuff of the GBI Pets Christmas Stocking is green felt material with white snowflakes and speckles. It’s a non-furry material, so you can print your dog’s name on it. A cat design is also available, in case you also have a cat in the house.


10Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Stocking


We seriously think that just by looking at the row of your family’s Christmas stockings including this Outward Hound dog stocking from Kyjen, your pooch would already get a good idea of whom this is for. It’s unmistakably a doggy stocking, with that brown felt texture, and funny dog face with droopy ears. By the way, the ears actually droop, unlike how it’s shown in the picture, but it’s funny and adorable all the same.

The top of the Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Stocking is lined with white faux fur. The felt material is not soft or velvety, but kind of stiff. The ears are soft and velvety, and you’d wish the stocking was made of the same material. Even then, it serves the purpose and has plenty of room for goodies. It’s inexpensive, too.


11Ranch Rewards Rawhide Holiday Dog Stocking


All these rewards in one stocking – your dog will definitely find that hard to believe, even for Christmas. It’s similar in concept to our previous transparent stocking-shaped gift packs, except that this is shorter. Like the two previous stockings, though, this one from Ranch Rewards is also filled to the brim. It has chews and treats – all 7 of them and even includes a rawhide dental chew.

The large Ranch Rewards Rawhide Holiday Dog Stocking measures 15” long and 6.5” wide. There are three sizes available in this dog Christmas stocking, and curiously, this large size is the cheapest of the three. This sure is an easy way, not to mention inexpensive, to shop for gifts and stockings for your own dog and your friends’ dogs, too.


12Airadyne’s Limited Edition Fluffy Christmas Dog Stocking


What dog will ever feel left out on Christmas with such a huge dog Christmas stocking for Santa to fill in with goodies? This is the ultimate stocking from Airadyne, measuring 20” long and very sturdily made. It is made of a red polyblend fabric with a pattern of wooly dog applique and embroidered snowflakes to make it attuned to the holidays.

The interior of this dog Christmas stocking is lined with satin material. The Airdyne Limited Edition Fluffy Christmas Dog Stocking has a cuff made of the same red polyblend material which has been intentionally left blank for you to embroider your pet’s name. You may also print the name using white or light-colored ink since the material is smooth. It has a loop ready for hanging.

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