Dog Proof Trash Can - The 4 Best Trash Cans for Dog Owners

We all know how cunning dogs can sometimes be when it comes to finding their way in and out of anything in search of a tasty snack. This includes cupboards, closets and, of course, trash cans. Such endeavors can often result not only in a messy kitchen but can even dangerous for your pooch.

One of the main reasons dogs suffer from a variety of stomach problems is due to them eating table scraps which they discover in the trash. Items they consume along the way can also get lodged in their throats, becoming a choking hazard, or they ingest things that get stuck in their intestines. This is why it's important for pet owners of such curious dogs to switch to trash cans that can prevent that, and there are some specially designed dog proof trash can brands that we've explored specifically for this reason.

What Is a Dog Proof Trash Can?

A trash can that is “dog-proof” is made to prevent pets from going through the garbage within it that often contains food leftovers that may smell enticing to the pup. There are a few features they must have for them to be classified as good dog-proof trash cans.

Secure lid

1. Secure lid

Trash cans without any kind of lid, or even with loosely fitted non-secure lids present an easy target for your pooch. A good lid will not only prevent your dog from getting inside and eating anything he finds in the garbage, but it will also keep the smell locked away, which is often the reason why dogs go through the contents in the first place.


2. Pedal

Another thing to consider is how easy for an animal it would be to open the trash can. While pedals won’t keep all the dogs away – especially if your pooch is smart to learn how to operate by observing you – most of the dogs won’t be able to learn how to deal with these pedals. This is especially true for small or medium breeds that aren’t tall enough to do anything even if they get their feet on the pedal.

Locking mechanism

3. Locking mechanism

On top of a secure lid and an opening mechanism, it's good to have an added layer of “security.” A recommended dog-proof trash can would ideally come with a latch to prevent your pupper from opening the lid at all, even if they know how to do it normally. Alternatively, if your trash can doesn’t have a latch, you can still make it dog-proof with a locking device that you can purchase separately, like this trash can lid with a lock.

The 4 Best Dog Proof Trash Can Brands

Now that we have established what makes a trash can dog-proof, let’s take a look at some options currently available. Below are the four best dog proof trash cans that we've tested and loved the most for their security and ease of use for people, and not dogs.

1. Simplehuman Gallon Semi-Round Step Trash Can

The most recognizable brand in the “trash can world,” Simplehuman is a mix of good quality and affordability for what their items offer. This trash can specifically has both a secure latch and a pedal, which makes it a safe option for households with dogs. It is a sturdy product, so your dog will have a hard time knocking it over, too. Yet, it is also light enough to be portable and let you move it around when needed.

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An interesting addition is that the can comes with a guard on the back that prevents it from scratching your walls, which can be useful if your pooch knocks it over. It is easy to clean and has a 13-gallon capacity. However, the assembly of this one, especially its lid, is a little bit complicated. It's not impossible but you better prepare yourself with some time and patience when you're ready to put it together.


2. Simplehuman Cw1950 Kitchen Trash Can

This is another product from the same manufacturer, although this trash can is more expensive than the previous one, but it's also far more stylish and easier to assemble. It comes with a strong steel pedal, which is extremely durable and seems that it will last for a long time (according to the company, it should last up to 150,000 steps), particularly when comparing it to constructions to all other trash cans on the list.

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The lid on this trashcan not only has an interesting “lid shox technology” that makes it silent, but it's also extra-secure and when you attempt it, it's clearly hard to open for pets and small children. However, what can be either an advantage or a disadvantage, this trash can stays open for as long as you want, so be careful if you use it around your pooch and forget to close it. The capacity of this trash can is 10 gallons, which is a bit smaller than the above Simplehuman trashcan.


3. Umbra Brim Trash Can with Lid

If either of the above options are too expensive, this is the third best trash can for dog owners to consider on a slightly tighter budget. This highly functional Umbra trash can comes with a locking lid. The lid also stays open until you step on the steel food pedal, allowing for easy trash beg removal. Again, this could be a pro or a con, in case you forget to close it and leave it open for your pup to sneak in.

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The can itself is made of very durable polypropylene and has a satin finish, which makes it easy to clean with nothing more than a damp cloth, and giving it a more stylish look. Brim trash cans come with a unique inner bag ring, which conveniently conceals the top of the garbage bag and preserves the can’s appealing design (made by the famous household items designer David Quan). This can has a 13-gallon capacity.


4. NINESTARS DZT-50-28BR Automatic Trash Can

Finally, the most expensive dog-proof trashcan on the list is also the most innovative. The future is here and it comes in the form of the motion sensor, touchless trash can from Ninestars. Thanks to this infrared motion sensor, your trash can will open automatically whenever you are close enough. This can has a non-skid base, a capacity of 13 gallons and is made of stainless steel.

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While this trash can is probably the most innovative you can find, your dog may be able to figure out how to open it as well. Note that we've tested it with a medium sized breed around the can and it won't open until the person is next to the trashcan, but other pet owners' mileage may differ, particularly with large dogs. This can is still sturdy and tall enough to prevent your pup from knocking it over or getting into it. But if you have a large dog, you probably should stay away from this modern trash-disposing gadget.

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