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Review: Dog Smile Club Subscription Box


Doggy subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular with pet parents. Subscription services have been around for decades, but they've only recently branched out into the pet market. There are a lot of options to choose from, so how does Dog Smile Club compare with other boxes on the market?

When you sign up for monthly subscription boxes for dogs, they send you a package once a month filled with pet products that fit into a certain category. For example, you can get subscription boxes filled with dog food, toys, treats, clothes and other dog supplies. Some boxes are designed for certain breeds, while others may include products for power chewers.

How do you choose the right box for you and your pup?

Ensuring that the products are going to be useful should be your top priority. While some dogs are pretty easy to shop for because they don't have food allergies or toy preferences, others require specialized items. If your dog falls into the later category, you'll need to be sure that you can customize the products that come in your monthly subscription box.

Even if the products are going to be suitable for your canine companion, you also need to be sure that you will use enough of the products to warrant a monthly delivery. Choose a subscription with a delivery option that works for you.

And, finally, affordability always needs to be considered. You have to keep the value of the products in mind when comparing the cost. How does the Dog Smile Club box rate when it comes to usefulness, available options and value? You're about to find out.

Dog Smile Club Subscription Box Review

Dog Smile Club Subscription Box ReviewI was very interested in checking out this subscription box because it's suppose to be specifically designed to improve a dog's mental, physical and oral health. I've reviewed a lot of dog subscription box options, but I have yet to find one that is designed to improve a dog's overall health and well-being.

The Dog Smile Club box can be customized based on your dog's age, size and sex. Personally, I'd like to see more options including allergies and chewing preferences. These options, in particular, are important for a dog's safety.

You could receive a variety of products in your Dog Smile Box, including:

  • interactive toys
  • brain games
  • water additives
  • dental chews and treats
  • training tips
  • exercise games
  • products to keep your dog physically active

As with most dog subscription boxes, you pay less per box if you subscribe for a longer period of time. A month-to-month subscription is $29.95 per box, a 3-month subscription is $28.95 per box, a 6-month subscription is $27.99 per box and a 12-month subscription is $25.99 per box.

The price is on the low end of the spectrum for dog subscription boxes. The company doesn't say how many products come in each box, which leads me to think it varies from month to month. I received 10 products in my first box, which is well worth the cost. In fact, this box offers one of the best values I've ever seen with any dog subscription box.

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