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These Dog Treats Are So Good You Can Eat Them Yourself

These Dog Treats Are So Good, You Can Eat Them Yourself
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Have you ever purchased a bag of dog treats for your pet and thought about trying them yourself. If you haven’t, I probably sound crazy. I know this. However, if you have, then you can understand where I’m coming from. We feed our dogs beef treats that smell like human grade beef jerky, and I have contemplated trying them more than once.

He won’t be happy when he reads this article, but my husband actually has tried them before. He said they weren’t too bad. There are many human grade dog treats available, but I think the stigma of eating a dog treat still keeps most pet parents from actually trying one. Miss Valentine’s dog treats from The League of Crafty Canines is one brand of dog treat that is safe for human consumption. Whether you actually try them is totally up to you, but many consumers have and the response isn’t what you’d think.

These Dog Treats Are So Good, You Can Eat Them Yourself
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The company uses a unique approach to market their business. They call themselves The League of Crafty Canines and claim to be an assortment of amazing dogs that combine their skills to create the products that the company manufactures. It’s cute, but personally I would like to know more about the people behind the company.

They say that in real life, Miss Valentine is a Jack Russell Terrier who is a magnificent “bake-stress.” All of Miss Valentine’s recipes are gluten free and all natural. They are baked in small batches to ensure quality, and each treat has a “bite” taken from it. The packaging states that Miss Valentine takes a “bite” out of each treat as her own personal quality control system.

It’s a unique idea, and I’m sure the treats are wonderful, I just don’t play into the cutesy aspect of it all. However, on a nutritional level, the treats are a wonderful choice for pet parents. They come in five distinct flavors including Bedtime Biscuits, Puppermints, Butterfly Bites, Sweet Sassy Molassy and Sweet Hearts.

Bedtime Biscuits are made with lavender and chamomile to offer a calming quality. Lavender is also known to be a natural flea repellent, and chamomile is great for upset stomachs and healthy digestion. These treats are made with brown rice flour, which is gluten-free and highly digestible. They would be a great choice for dogs with anxiety or allergies.

These Dog Treats Are So Good, You Can Eat Them Yourself
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Puppermints, as the name suggests, are a dog breath mint treat. Brown rice flour is the base for these treats as well, and they also contain fresh mint, chlorophyll, parsley, canola oil, green apples, eggs and shells, vanilla and rosemary (a natural preservative). Butterfly Bites are made to soothe upset stomachs. Their ingredients include basil, which is a strong antimicrobial and antiviral and is also full of antioxidant properties

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Sweet Sassy Molassy dog treats are the company’s original treat. They are a tasty mix of peanut butter and blackstrap molasses, which are the most nutrient rich molasses. Miss Valentine’s includes cinnamon in these treats as well – a natural anti-inflammatory, and also good for stomach problems, arthritis and regulating blood sugar.

Finally, The League of Crafty Canines wraps up their dog treat line with Miss Valentine’s Sweet Hearts treats. These also contain peanut butter, but offer clover honey as well, which is a natural antibiotic and is great for energy and preventing allergies. Bedtime Biscuits, Sweet Heart treats and Sweet Sassy Molassy treats can also be purchased singularly if you’d like to mix and match.

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