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Review: DogIt Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain for Large Dogs

Hydration is essential for a dog's overall health and well-being. Don't feel badly if you've forgotten to fill your pet's bowl once or twice – we've all done it. Instead, do something to prevent it from happening again. Automatic dog water fountains, like the DogIt Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain, can hold a large capacity of water and keep it from becoming stagnant.

This fountain was specifically designed for large breed dogs. It sits up off the ground, so taller dogs don't need to bend down as far to get a drink. I was interested in trying it out with my Labrador Retriever.

Not only does it have a unique design, there are a few other features that drew me to this dog water fountain:

  • large capacity
  • purifying filter
  • affordability

While I was intrigued, I was also worried that this wouldn't be a good choice for our Beagle mix and cats. I was really looking for a water fountain that would accommodate all of our pets. Still, I wanted to give it a try and see what the DogIt Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain had to offer.

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DogIt Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain Review


If you have an extra large dog or multiple large breeds, you're going to need a fountain that can hold a lot of water. For owners in this situation, I would definitely recommend the Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain!

It holds a whopping 355 ounces, which is about 2.77 gallons!

I instantly noticed the unique design of this this pet fountain. It sits on a pedestal that raises the water access point to about 14 inches off the ground. I love this feature, because it's easier for tall dogs and especially beneficial for canines with arthritis and other joint issues, similar to raised dog food bowls.

This dog water fountain is also equipped with a replaceable water filter, but as you'll see in my video review above, it's not as easy to clean as it seems. The DogIt Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain has many different pieces, which not only makes it more difficult to clean, it's also more difficult to fill with water.

To put the water in: You'll have to take the water basin off the base, turn it upside down, open the valve and then fill it with water. It's not as easy as other models with an open bowl that you can simply pour water into.

When it comes to cleaning, you have to take all the pieces apart to ensure that you remove all the debris and bacteria. It takes me about 20 minutes to clean this water fountain, but it only needs to be done about once per week.

The DogIt Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain also has a small motor, which means it requires electricity to run. This fountain does a great job of aerating the water, but it's difficult to take traveling. You can't use them while on-the-go, and you won't be able to take this fountain with you while camping or adventuring where there is no electricity.

You can purchase the Dogit Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain for Large Dogs for about $58 on Amazon. This is very affordable for a fountain of this quality, which really impressed me. Similar products sell for a much higher price point.

I expected this fountain to be made with cheaper quality materials, but I was surprised to see that it is very well made. I expect that it will last for many years.

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dogit-design-fresh-clear-drinking-fountain-reviewThe DogIt Design Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain has a large capacity and is lifted off the ground about 14". This makes it ideal for owners of large breed dogs and multi-pet households.