Home Dog Supplies Reviews Review: EarthBath Grooming Wipes for Dogs (2021)

Review: EarthBath Grooming Wipes for Dogs (2021)

Giving your dog a bath is time-consuming, and it can be quite a hassle. It's especially frustrating when your dog doesn't really need a bath, but he's gotten a little bit of dirt in his fur. EarthBath Grooming Wipes for dogs are a nice alternative to giving your dog a traditional bath.

The main reason that pet owners purchase grooming wipes is for the convenience of cleaning and freshening their dog's coat without having to give them a full bath. It's much easier to wipe your dog down with a grooming wipe than the wrestle him into the tub and clean up the bath aftermath!

Just remember that grooming wipes are not a substitute for bathing. They are simply a grooming tool to help keep Fido clean in between bathing.

So, what makes EarthBath Grooming Wipes for dogs stand out from other brands? Are they worth the cost? Keep reading to find out!

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EarthBath Grooming Wipes for Dogs Review

EarthBath Grooming Wipes for dogsThese wipes are made to clean and condition your dog's coat. It's important to look at the ingredients when shopping for dog grooming wipes. Some of these products are made with harmful chemicals that will dry out your dog's skin and coat over time.

The natural ingredients used in EarthBath Grooming Wipes for dogs include green tea leaf extract and aloe vera, which will moisturize and condition the skin and coat. The full list of EarthBath Grooming Wipesingredients include:

  • purified water
  • polysorbate 20 (a natural derivative of sorbitol)
  • green tea leaf extract
  • Hawaiian awapuhi Extract
  • aloe vera
  • vitamin E
  • benzoic acid

These wipes from EarthBath are 8″ X 7″ in size. As you'll see in my video guide above, they are large enough to cover your hand and big enough for use on large breeds. They are SLS/SLES, paraben, alcohol, and lanolin-free, as well.

I like the scent of these wipes. The green tea leaf extract and Hawaiin awapuhi extract leave behind a pleasant, mild scent. It stays on your dog for a day or two, and it's not overpowering like some wipes with artificial fragrances. They're also safe for daily use.

EarthBath Grooming Wipes for dogsI demonstrate how well they remove dirt and hair in my video review above. They pull a lot of shed hair, dirt, and debris off of our dogs. I have used them to try and remove sap that got stuck in Saddie's fur during a hike, and with a little extra elbow grease, they removed that too!

The only thing I don't like about EarthBath Grooming Wipes for dogs is their thickness or lack thereof in this case. These wipes are a bit thinner than baby wipes. They work fine for the face and coat, but rough paw pads and dog nails tear through them.

You can purchase a 100-count package (which comes in a plastic dispenser like the one featured in my video review) for $14.99 on Amazon. Compared to other wipes, they're more expensive, but EarthBath Grooming Wipes are also made with higher quality ingredients than most wipes. $14.99 is still very affordable, even for pet parents on a budget.

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