Easy Steps Dog Grooming

For a new pet owner, dog grooming can be intimidating.

But there's nothing to fear — once you know all the steps and get your dog used to the process the first few times, your next grooming sessions will go smoothly.

There are plenty of dog grooming books and courses that teach first-time dog owners how to groom a dog properly, but once you lay down all the steps in front of you, it's clearly not as complicated as some may think.

Here's an infographic with 11 quick steps to your full grooming session, from preparation and choosing the right dog grooming supplies to brushing, bathing, drying, and cleaning.

All are laid out in the order of how most pet groomers recommend doing this. Save it for your future reference.

Dog Grooming Step by Step

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1. Grooming supplies you'll need

• A sprayer, shower, or hose
• A (dog) bathtub that fits your pooch
• Dry towels
• Dog shampoo (oatmeal/flea/medicated)
• (Optional) Dog hair conditioner
• Nail clipper
• (Optional) Pet-safe blow dryer
• Clean cotton wads
• Ear cleaning solution
• A dog brush
• (Optional) Deshedding tool
• (Optional) Dematting tool
• Dog toothbrush
• Toothpaste for dogs
• Styptic powder
• Paw moisturizer/cream
• Low-calorie treats

2. Choose the Right Spot

• Outdoor or Indoor
• A pet bathtub or (prepared) your own tub
• (Optional) Dog grooming table

3. Set Up the Atmosphere

• Make your dog feel comfortable
• Ease him into it; do not show tension
• Use the power of treats
• Constantly reward, pet, and praise him

4. Brush the Coat

• Get rid of any mats or tangles before the bath using a dematting tool
• Use a deshedding tool or a brush to reduce excess hair
• Examine the body for any ticks or infections

5. Hair Trimming

(Optional) Some dogs might need their hair trimmed before bathing

Areas that might need to be trimmed:

• Excessive hair around the anus that is trapping feces
• Areas around the ears
• Excessive hair around the eyes that is obscuring vision
• Common matt or tangle areas

6. Paw Care

• Examine the dog’s paws for any scratches or infections
• Remove debris or seeds stuck between the toes

7. Bathing

• Start slowly with low-pressure warm water
• Wash from the neck down, as the dog’s head and face are very sensitive
• Avoid wetting the dog’s ears
• Apply the dog shampoo and massage into the coat
• After you have cleaned most of his body, wash his intimate parts
• Slowly wash off the shampoo
• (Optional) Apply dog hair conditioner and wash again
• Finish up by washing all the shampoo that’s left
• Reward with a treat and praise

8. Drying

• Gently use a dry towel
• (Optional) A second towel may be needed
• (Optional) Next, use a blow dryer on “Cold”
• If used, avoid pointing the dryer to sensitive areas such as eyes and ears
• If used, keep the dryer at a safe distance
• Once dry, apply paw moisturizer
• Reward with a treat and praise

9. Ear Cleaning

• Use a medicated solution to carefully flush the dirt in the ears
• Wait 3 to 5 minutes
• Clean gently with cotton wads
• Reward with a treat and praise

10. Teeth Cleaning

• Use a toothpaste for dogs and a pet toothbrush
• Start from the back and work towards the front
• Move the brush circularly
• Gently clean the gum line

11. Nail Trimming

• Have your styptic powder at hand’s reach
• Identify the quick’s position, which is the pink area of the nail
• Cut below the quick
• Cut a small portion of the nail and reward your dog
• If the nail starts bleeding, apply the styptic powder
• Keep going progressively rewarding him now and again

And you're done!

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