Losing your dog and failing to find him can be any dog owner's nightmare. Don't you agree?

I don't want to feel the anxiety of losing my pooch (and I'm sure you wouldn't want that too!). That is why I've invested in Fi Smart Dog Collar.

We all heard how a GPS dog collar can effectively track your dog wherever it may be. I've come across Fi dog collar a couple of times online. 

This certainly piqued my interest and I took some time to check Fi dog collar reviews. With enough research, I decided to get one.

Fi Smart Dog Collar: Overview

fi collar gps dog tracking collar

The Fi dog collar has earned its title of being the best GPS collar for a reason. One is that it can transmit accurate data to your phone as far as a 7-feet radius.

Its GPS tracking features use both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology that guarantees accurate and reliable location.

Unlike other GPS dog collars, its battery life can extend up to 3 months even with daily use and regular charges.

Being one of the best smart dog collars, you can keep track of how your dog is doing with its app. Just check on your mobile phone and see the real-time health and activity status of your pooch.

Of course, no great smart dog collar can exist without a geofencing feature. This means you can get alerts whenever your canine buddy goes beyond the established “safe zones.”

Is style one of the factors you'd consider in a dog tracking collar? I would consider that too. 

It's a good thing that the Fi Smart Dog Collar has four colors to choose from. This GPS dog collar also has a minimalistic design that doesn’t look like a tracking device is attached to it!

Technical Features of a Fi Smart Dog Collar

I'm very picky when it comes to the things I buy for my dogs. And I intend to do my complete research before any purchase.

So, if you are in the same shoes as I was before, here is a summary of the technical features of the Fi Dog Collar to help you decide.

Size of a Fi Collar

The Fi dog collar is available in four sizes. They are as follows along with their corresponding neck measurement in circumference:

Small  11.5″ to 13.5″ 
Medium 13″–16.5″
Large  16″–22.5″
X-Large  22″–34.5″

The Fi collar has around one-inch width. The best thing about their collars is that they are adjustable. 

As for its tracker, it's about the size of a matchbox. Its GPS dog tracker measures around 1.4″ by 2.6″ by 0.5″. 

gps dog collar wear on the beach


What I really liked about Fi Smart Dog Collars is their improvement in being pull-resistant. Ever since their first model, they can triple the strength!

The Fi Dog Collar can withstand about 300 pounds of abrupt pull force. This feature makes this dog tracking collar one of the best leashes for dogs that pull.

Also, have you ever experienced a mini heart attack when you accidentally get your phone wet? Well, you won't be having the same scenario with the Fi Dog Collar.

The Fi Collar Series 2 has now waterproof Rated IP68 features which mean you can submerge this device up to five feet underwater for about 30 minutes.

The tracker device is covered with an armored aluminum faceplate and a durable internal layer of metal. This means your GPS tracker can withstand any saltwater exposure, leaving you nothing to worry about on beach trips.

Its durable material also makes the Fi collar chew-proof. The device can hold any scuffles and bites.

When it comes to adventures, you'd be amazed at how secured the GPS device is fastened to the collar. Unlike other trackers, its GPS tracking device is attached to the collar with firm metal clips.

Battery Life

Don't you get frustrated when the battery on your GPS dog collar runs out all the time? A lot of pet owners would complain about this aspect of their dog tracking collar. 

fi dog collar yellow

However, you don't need to worry about it in this smart dog collar. Its battery can last up to 3 months, and the device along with its charging accessories has a 1-year warranty.

We tried using it indoors and we're glad that it didn't run out even after using it for almost a month!

I've read in another Fi dog collar review that it can last up to 20 days with regular walks and outdoor activities.

What I really like about the Fi collar is its ability to preserve battery life. It utilizes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS/LTE technology.

As your dog wanders, it automatically shifts from one connection to another, whichever optimizes the signal strength and save battery life.

Design of the Fi Dog Collar

Smart dog collars tend to look bulky due to their highly advanced features. It's quite the contrary with this GPS dog collar.

Instead of having those large tracking devices sticking out of the collar, the GPS has a compact design encaged in durable metal hardware. 

When it comes to the collar, it has thick polyester webbing textures that have a quick-release buckle. I've attached my leash and it goes perfectly well. 

fi dog collar with LED lights

I have no problem attaching their dog tags either. The GPS dog collar also has built-in LED lights that can be activated with your Fi app. 

If you want cool designs for your collar, they have custom-made designs like bands made of leather, beads, bright colors, or any design you want.

I wanted to have more accessories and it's a good thing they are all available on their website. If you want to go matchy-matchy with your Fido's collar, you can choose numerous designs in the shop. 

Pricing and Subscription

You can get a Fi smart dog collar for only $149. It works well with a subscription that is about $99 a year. 

It may sound much but I'm actually getting more than I paid for. With a price of around two doughnuts per month, I get to secure the safety and health of my pooch.

Not to mention that I get several premium access on the Fi app. Also, if you're still hesitant, they offer a 30-day GPS/LTE trial. 

As for the accessories and bands, it would vary on the design you want. Fi collars with solid colors start at $29 but you can always opt for other styles with their respective price.

Tracking Features 

This smart dog collar utilizes different technologies to ensure real-time location without draining its battery all at once. The Fi dog collar uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and LTE.

The dog tracking collar would use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology if your pooch is nearby or just staying indoors. However, if your pooch is traveling outdoor, the dog collar will automatically shift to GPS technology. 

In cases that you are on a hike and your dog wanders far, the Fi collar switches to LTE-M which it's a cellular network with wide coverage and low battery consumption. 

A GPS dog collar can be very helpful and will eventually serve its purpose when you can locate your pooch as they get lost.

The best thing about Fi smart dog collar is that it uses its GPS/LTE technology during Lost Dog mode lasting up to two days of battery.

Mobile App

fi dog collar mapfi dog collar yellowYou can easily download the app which is available for iOS and Android. The mobile app will ask for permission to use your phone's location features and access other data. 

After enabling it and pairing it with your smart dog collar, you can start setting up your dog's profile. You can also set a safe zone where you'll receive alerts when your dog goes beyond it.

What I like very much about its app is the Discover tab. It's like social media for all the dogs using the Fi dog collar and I simply enjoy posting pictures of my Fido!

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Review of  Fi Smart Dog Collar Features

You probably thought that a dog tracking collar is bulky. I did too!

But it's quite the opposite with a Fi collar. I love how compact and smooth its design is! 

I picked the small gray collar for my pooch because I'd have less to worry about when it gets slightly dirty. Plus, I was always fond of dark colors when it comes to dog tracking collars. 

When attached to the Fi dog collar, my pooch shook a bit and scratched his head. However, after hours had passed, he didn't seem to mind the collar.

I started setting up the collar to its mobile app and I had so much fun! It was very easy to sync them and put up the safe zones. 

fi dog collar social media

What got me really riled up is setting up the profile picture. I wanted the best photo on my dog's profile so it took some time for me to choose one. 

Overall, the GPS dog collar works well. I didn't have to do any switching of tracking technology myself.

It automatically tracks my dog and gives me real-time updates. I also get to monitor how many steps it took and what's the health status of my pooch.

As dog owners, you're definitely getting more than you paid for. And it's more than I can ask for in a smart dog collar. 

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Pros & Cons of Fi Smart Dog Collar

To give you an overview of what to expect from a Fi Smart Dog Collar, here are the pros and cons:

  • Pull-resistance of 3000lbs
  • Long battery life of 3 months
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi available for 24/7 activity update
  • 1-year warranty
  • Too expensive with monthly subscriptions
  • Bulky for toy dog breeds

Unique Features of Fi Smart Dog Collar You Should Know About

Unlike other dog tracking collars, the bands can be easily interchanged. And there are plenty of customization options on their website.

The Fi collar is durable enough that you don’t have to worry about your dog chewing or scratching it off. The fast data transmission is guaranteed.

They have this newest feature which is the Fi collar sleep tracker. It records the number of hours your pooch was able to rest and sleep.

Are you and your family watching over your pooch?

The Fi dog collar actually allows multiple users in their app. That way, all of you can keep track of your pooch just in case one of you gets too busy.

What also makes this smart dog collar stand out is that they listen to feedback. That is probably the reason they were able to create the Fi Dog Collar Series 2.

Fi Smart Dog Collar: Comparison

See how the Fi dog collar differs from other smart dog collars in the market:

  Fi Smart Dog Collar Halo Collar Tile Mate
Dog Tracker Type GPS GPS Bluetooth
Battery Life 3 months 10-14 hours 3 years
Upfront Cost $149 $999 $24.99
Subscription Fee Yes

$1.89/week for a year





Why We’ve Put Fi Smart Dog Collar On Our List

Every aspect is user-friendly ⁠— from the tracking device, its accessories, and down to its mobile app. Whether it's you or an older family member using it, they can easily navigate through the app. 

fi collar gray

I feel more comfortable using the app too. And whenever my pooch reaches a certain milestone, I'd share it on the app with other Fi collar users.

Remember when we mentioned they listen to feedback? It was one of the Fi dog collar reviews that they are too big for cats and toy dog breeds. 

But when I checked their website again, they already have an option for smaller dogs. I believe this is a different size range.

The last thing we want to highlight is that you can get the best bang for your buck (even if you are subscribing monthly). After all, the price of two donuts is nothing compared to the safety of your pooch. 

Common Questions Asked About the Fi Smart Dog Collar

Here are frequently asked questions that most dog owners have about this dog tracking collar and their answers:

How Accurate is the Fi Dog Collar?

The Fi dog collar works as far as 7 feet. Fortunately, it uses GPS and LTE-M technology to track your dog regardless of its distance and speed.

The Fi Smart Dog Collar is the first tracking collar that uses the LTE-M cellular signal. So, you wouldn't have to worry about its accuracy in pinpointing the location. 

Does Fi Collar Work Without Wi-Fi?

Yes. But if your dog wanders in places with no Wi-Fi, this dog tracking collar shifts to either Bluetooth, GPS, or LTE-M technology. 

However, there was a Fi dog collar review that shows it doesn't work well without Wi-Fi. But our experience proves otherwise.

Is Fi Collar Worth It Without a Subscription?

The Fi collar can still function without a subscription. However, its tracking features won't be as effective.

If your pooch goes beyond the range, the GPS dog collar won't be able to detect its location. That's why it's highly recommended to avail of a subscription just in case your pooch gets lost. 

Can Fi Collars Get Wet?

Scared that your dog might run off to the water? It's a good thing that Fi dog collars are waterproof.

It has waterproof rated IP68 which means it can be submerged up to 1.5 meters deep for a maximum of 30 minutes. This should give you peace of mind when going to the beach and during the wet season. 

fi smart dog collar in pink

Fi Smart Dog Collar – Conclusion

A GPS dog collar is the best way to ensure the safety of your dog wherever they may go. Unfortunately, there are plenty of smart dog collars on the market.

If you look at the dog GPS collar reviews, some dog tracking collars have more cons than pros. However, that's not the case with a Fi smart dog collar. 

It's one of the best geo-fence dog collars that alert you whenever your pooch goes beyond the safe zone. The Fi collar also utilizes multiple technologies for real-time tracking. 

When looking at Fi dog collar reviews, you would see how many people are satisfied with all of its features, devices, and even its mobile app. We can attest to the reliability of the Fi smart dog collar with our own experience with it. 

Utilizing this device has been easy and worry-free. If you look at the level of comfort, my pooch has never shown any signs of irritation or unease. 

Hence, if you're looking for a budget-friendly and effective way to keep your dogs safe, you'll consider investing in smart dog collars like the Fi dog collar.

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