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Best GPS Tracker for Dogs and Dog Collar: 2021 Review & Cost


There are many GPS trackers for dogs on the market today, and choosing the right option for your pet means analyzing various factors.

One of the most important factors in choosing the right GPS dog collar is likely to be the dog GPS trackers' service costs.

3 Types of GPS Tracker for Dogs

Did you know that there are many types of dog trackers? You will know how the GPS dog collar works in the later part of the article, but it's also best to learn how other types work.

Aside from the dog GPS tracker, there are radio collars. These utilize old technologies that transmit data from one place to another but not in real-time.

There is also the short-range dog tracker. This uses either Bluetooth or RFID to receive signals from your pet's collar. The downside is it's applicable only for a short distance.

How Do GPS Dog Collars Work?

GPS pet collars will typically connect to your smartphone, making it easy to view where your pet is in the palm of your hand. Some rely on Wi-Fi, but most have you set them up with Bluetooth. 

When in use, these dog GPS tracker collars work by sending a signal to your GPS. They rely on satellite information, just like any other GPS would. 

Most of these collars and dog gps trackers will have a very slight delay when sending your dog’s location to your smartphone.

It will depend on the area of coverage and the dog GPS tracker itself. Some GPS trackers will always track and send you your dog’s location. Others will only send you the location if they are outside of your “safe zone.”

We've compared the service cost of ALL the most popular pet GPS devices for dogs to help you make a more informed decision.

This is not a round-up of the best GPS tracker for dogs devices, and if you're looking for proper dog GPS collars, take a look at this year's round-up of the best devices here.

Top Dog GPS Trackers Service Costs ComparedYou can find all the costs of the most popular dog GPS tracker devices down below. But the cost of service for a dog GPS tracker isn't the only factor you should be considering. You also need to account for the company's services and think about the comfort of the GPS device.

Some common services offered by multiple companies are:

  • Real-time GPS location of the dog;
  • Pet activity monitoring;
  • Free iOS/Android app for tracking and health data;
  • Ability to set boundary areas;
  • Notifications when your dog crosses set points;
  • Integrated light on the dog GPS tracker to find your pet more easily in the dark and many more.

What to Consider When Getting a Dog GPS Tracker

The above list comprises the most valuable features of any such device, but anything additional or unique can add value.

For example, you may want a waterproof GPS tracker for dogs (which is useful for hunters with gun dogs or owners who like close to water reserves), and you'll need to pay attention to the range that the device covers well.

The comfort of a GPS tracker for dogs itself is another important consideration. For example, does the GPS device clips onto your pet's existing collar, or does it come with its own special GPS collar for dogs?

Is the device small and lightweight? What is the material made out of, and is it comfortable for the dog to wear?

Considering an overall price of a GPS tracker for dogs and the service costs is important, but don't get hung up on the money alone.

As with most tech products, you will likely need to pay more for a better service and additional features, some of which can be useful and even necessary, depending on how you intend to use your dog GPS tracker.

Before buying your next GPS tracker for dogs, please think of how it will be used and make a list of the most important features to you.

That way, you can find a device that will meet your needs and fit your budget. After that, please take a look at our breakdown of these 13 dog GPS trackers service costs and see how either one fairs against others.

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13 GPS Tracker for Dogs Costs Compared (2022)

Comparing 13 Dog GPS Trackers’ Service Costs

1. Fi Smart Dog Collar

Get it Here: https://shop.tryfi.com/

smart fi gps dog collar

The Fi Smart Dog Collar has probably been the most prominent GPS Tracker for Dogs on the market.

If you own a dog, you most likely have been targeted by their ads on social media.

The Fi Smart Dog Collar provides a pretty amazing battery life; it can go up to a month or so between each charge.

This GPS dog collar features a capability that allows the owner to set multiple “safe zones.”

Unfortunately, the Fi Collar only uses AT&T's cell towers for GPS tracking. This does not mean you have to have AT&T as a cell provider; it means that if you are in an area where there is little to no AT&T coverage (which you can find out here), then you will want to look at a different option.

2. Halo Dog Collar

Get It Here

I personally love this option because of its continual improvements and my own experience. The Halo Collar has a new model called the Halo 2 Model.

This dog GPS tracker ended up actually saving my dog. I had the original model before the upgrade.

When I first got the model it only took a few weeks for my dog to learn the boundaries.

I was able to track his progress through the app and I was able to track his location with the previous model.

We have a fenced area at our farm and the dogs can't get out as long as I close the gate to our driveway.

My dog Rico is a husky. Huskies are known to be escape artists. I happened to have been taking the trash out one day and he got out.

When I came back, I called his name and no pitter-patter of nails on the floor coming to see if I had a treat. I thought, “oh now he's just ignoring me”.

Unfortunately, after looking for him throughout the whole house I couldn't find him and I was hit with a pang of sweat down the back of my neck.

I freaked out because I left the gate open.

Fortunately, I pulled out my phone and pulled up the app and found him sitting right near the boundary.

As I sprinted to the front of the house where the gate was, there he was sitting there slyly next to the boundary with the gate wide open.

That's my own personal experience and if you want to check the current price of the model click here.

3. WUF

Upfront Cost: $189.99
Subscription Fee: None
Get it herehttps://www.getwuf.com

WUF dog GPS trackerThe WUF dog GPS tracker is a wearable device that serves as a tracker and an activity monitor.

This dog GPS tracker also features a two-way audio connection so that you can call your dogs inside when they stray to the far end of your garden.

The WUF GPS tracker for dogs also allows you to set virtual boundaries for your pet, and it's one of the few dog GPS trackers, with service costs being completely FREE.


Upfront Cost: $199
Subscription Fee: $9.50/month
Get it herehttp://voyce.com

VOYCE GPS tracker for dogsThe Voyce GPS tracker for dogs is a rather unusual-looking dog collar device that focuses more on your pet's health and wellness information than actually being a GPS device.

If you are looking for a health tracker that provides information on your dog’s activity, respiration, heart rate, distance traveled, and so forth, then this is the device for you.

However, it's far from being the top option if location tracking is very important to you.

5. Whistle GO

The Whistle GO GPS tracker for dogs is one of the technology pioneers that combined GPS tracking with additional features.

Dog Tracker Whistle Go

It's also one of the most popular options that many pet owners choose today; however, you're paying both for a device and a subscription fee with Whistle.

This dog GPS tracker utilizes cellular technology to track and locate your dog at all times. A particularly small device, the Whistle slips right onto any dog collar and provides feedback through a mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS systems.

6. The Paw Tracker

Upfront Cost: $99.95
Subscription Fee: $9.95/month
Please get it herehttps://www.thepawtracker.com

The Paw Tracker dog GPS deviceThe Paw Tracker is similar to the Whistle but is a less popular option and slightly more expensive on the upfront cost. It also has only one subscription fee option, which is on the higher end when compared to Whistle.

The Paw Tracker is large but lightweight, and this dog GPS tracker device clips right onto your dog’s collar and relies on GPS satellites to locate your pet at all times.

Once the GPS satellites have located your dog, coordinates are relayed via cell service to help you to find your pooch. Pretty simple, and it works.

7. Squeaker Buddy

Upfront Cost: $250
Subscription Fee: $99.99/year
Get it herehttp://www.squeakerdogs.com

Squeaker Buddy dog GPS collarThe Squeaker Buddy is an LED-lit GPS tracker collar for your dog, and so far, it's one of the most expensive options in upfront costs we've seen when comparing dog GPS tracker service costs.

But note that their subscription fee is for a year, unlike other dog GPS trackers that charge monthly; this breaks down to about $8.30 per month (still not cheap).

Squeaker Buddy dog GPS tracker collar allows for your pet's activity monitoring and provides information like your dog's body temperature and heart monitoring.

Information is displayed both through a mobile app and on a small OLED screen on the dog collar itself.

Since it is built into a collar, the Squeaker Buddy is available multiple sizes for different dogs.

8. Tile

A tile is a finder tool that is not specifically designed as a dog GPS tracker; however, it can be used as a dog collar tag. The small tag works with the Tile app on your phone.

Dog Tracker Tile Mate

If your dog gets lost while wearing the title tag on his collar, you can ring their tile from your phone when he's within 100 feet.

While Tile is clearly the most affordable one when comparing GPS tracker for dogs service costs, it is slightly impractical for a lost pet. However, the Tile app also allows you to activate a unique “Notify When Found” feature.

This feature works by notifying you when another Tile user passes by your pet wearing their tile collar tag. This individual passing by will trigger an alert through the Tile system to let you know where your pet was last seen.

9. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

The Link, AKC Smart Collar for dogs, is a GPS-enabled dog collar and winner of the CES 2017 Best of Innovation award (source).

GPS Dog Tracker Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

This GPS tracker for dogs collar not only provides GPS information but also tracks your pet's activity and provides custom activity recommendations based on the data from your dog.

The GPS tracker for dogs collar also has temperature alerts, a remote light that can be turned on so that you can see your dog in the dark, and a remote sound feature to communicate with your dog from a distance.

Tech experts rate this GPS tracker for dogs very high, so don't be put off by the lack of reviews on this one; it's a new device about going big next year.

10. Whistle 3 Location Tracker

The Whistle 3 is a reliable staple for trying out your first dog GPS tracker.

If a dog ends up leaving home, it allows you to track wherever they go. This collar uses GPS, cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth to find out your dog's location.

Dog Collar Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

The Whistle 3 is not only small and lightweight, but it also has a top-notch GPS tracker for dogs and activity tracker built into it. It also allows you to set up a subscription plan and customer alerts.

This means that you can not only track your dog’s location but that you can also keep track of his/her activity level needed based on their unique breed, weight, and age.

11. Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs

When discussing the best GPS tracker for dogs and their service costs, naturally, I should mention the now very famous Tractive dog tracker. Like Whistle, it is one of the most popular trackers for pets and is used by most pet owners who choose to track their dog's activity.

GPS Dog Tracker Tractive Waterproof

The Tractive GPS Tracker for dogs is a small and simple pet tracking device with a built-in GPS capability, similar to many others I've already mentioned on this list.

It works with Android and iOS devices, and you can track your dog’s movements wherever you are. Take a look at Samantha's video review of Tractive (linked below) to learn more about how this device works.

REVIEW: Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Review

12. iGPS Tracker

Upfront Cost: $79.95
Subscription Fee: $9.95/month
Get it here
: Facebook.com (yes, really)

iGPS tracker for dogsA shock-resistant GPS tracker for dogs, the GPS Tracker for Dogs fits on to any dog collar and allows you to set up safe areas and boundaries for your dog.

Text alerts will be sent whenever your pet passes through the boundaries you set, and Google search will give voice prompts to take you to exactly where your pooch is if he does escape.

Not much can be said about the iGPS Pet Tracker since it's a relatively new device that not many dog owners have tested.

The company also doesn't have its own website, doesn't provide enough information about the dog GPS tracker, and sells it through its Facebook store. If you decide to try this one, please let us know your opinion in the comments!

13. Petpace

Upfront Cost: $199.95
Subscription Fee: First year free, then $14.95/month
Get it herehttp://petpace.com

Petpace dog GPS tracker deviceThe Petpace is a more advanced dog GPS tracker than most of those devices I've already mentioned above.

It provides advanced and very detailed health statistics of your canine and GPS capability for locating your pet.

Petpace, like a few other dog GPS tracker devices, has been around for a while now and seems to be getting more attention from dog owners.

However, this is a larger device, and it's also the most expensive option on this comparison list of dog GPS trackers service costs (both in upfront fees and monthly subscription fees).

I'd say Petpace, due to its higher costs, is better suited for dog parents who have a good reason to pay these high costs, such as being in the process of diagnosing a specific health condition of the dog.

14. Petfon Dog GPS Collar Tracker and Activity Monitor

The Petfon Dog GPS Collar Tracker for dogs is a smaller device that fits right onto your dog’s collar, and due to its lightweight, is not a heavy burden to smaller dogs.

Dog Tracker PETFON Pet GPS Tracker for Dogs

It's another fairly new dog GPS tracker and DOES NOT require any subscription fees.

The Petfon GPS Tracker for Dogs device works directly with the Petfon browser-based app, which allows you to use it without cell service. It also allows you to display multicolor lights to locate your dog when there is little to no light.

This device allows you also to set a safe area and an alert system for when he/she steps out of that area.

Non-GPS Collars for Those Who Want an Alternative to GPS Trackers for Dogs

While GPS collars are a great choice for your dog, they are not the only option. Tracking collars without GPS typically use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or radio frequency signals to pinpoint where your dog is. Keep in mind that non-GPS collars may have a more limited range than the GPS version. However, that range is likely to travel with you, especially in the case of a Bluetooth connection. 

Dog Tracker Eureka Technology MARCOPOLO Advanced Pet Monitoring

1. Marco Polo 

No Subscription Fee

Get it here: Marco Polo

This pet collar can work anywhere and doesn’t require cellular service, GPS, or an internet connection. It has a range of up to two miles and a long battery life. You can set up a Safe Zone and then turn on the GPS tracker for dogs tracking if your dog leaves that zone. Multi-pet families can use the same locator with up to three dogs. 

Dog Tracker Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag

2. Pawscout

No Subscription Fee

Get it here: Pawscout

The GPS tracker for dogs from Pawscout relies on Bluetooth to track your dog, and it delivers a range of up to 300 feet. One cool feature is that if your dog ventures further than 300 feet away from your smartphone, you can take advantage of community tracking. You can even add your dog’s medical information in the smartphone application if someone else in the community finds your dog and needs to know something important, such as allergies.

How to Connect to the Dog GPS Tracker

The mechanics of the GPS tracker for dogs are quite simple and mainly utilize multiple satellites. When you have just purchased your new dog tracker, the first thing to do is to pair it with your phone.

In some cases, you need to download an app and pair it with your GPS dog collar. You will then follow the on-screen instruction and type in the details of your dog.

Once you have synced your dog tracker data in your phone, then you're good to go!

Common Questions about GPS Dog Collars

The following information may also be useful as you search for a GPS tracker for dogs. 

Which GPS Tracker for Dogs Is the Best? 

Fi Smart Dog Collar, WUF, Whistle GO, The Paw Tracker, Squeaker Buddy, and Link AKC Smart Dog Collar are great options as well as any of the systems we mentioned above in this review.

Remember, you want something comfortable for your dog and with good reviews. 

How Much Does It Cost to Put a GPS in Your Dog?

A GPS tracker for dogs collar is the most affordable and convenient way to put a GPS in or on your dog.

Expect to pay about $5 to $10 per month, plus a one-time fee of anywhere from about $30 to $300. More expensive versions are also available. 

Can You GPS Chip Your Dog? 

Yes, when you microchip your dog, you can include a GPS chip in addition to your personal information.

Dog GPS tracker collars also offer a great supplement. 

Do I Need to Chip My Dog If He Has a GPS Collar? 

Keep in mind that you should still chip your dog. Microchips can’t fall off as a collar might.

They also provide important information, including your contact details, if someone else finds your dog. 

You should still use a collar, as well, even if you have a microchip. Think of it as a backup if something goes wrong with the microchip.

There is also the bonus that you don’t need any special equipment to read the collar — just your smartphone. 

Do GPS Tracker for Dogs Work? 

Yes! As long as you buy a reliable one, such as those on our list, GPS dog collars work well.

They rely on satellite data and can help you find your dog. 

Is Your Private GPS Dog Collar Data Secure?

That depends. Not all dog GPS trackers are created with high-end security.

Fortunately, most dog trackers' data is encrypted. This means the brand does not share your dog's location data outside the app or your phone.

How Can I Track My Lost Dog? 

A GPS tracker for dogs collar is a great way to track your lost dog.

You should also share your dog’s information and pictures on social media, local shelters, and flyers in the local community.

Talk to people you know, as well as neighbors, and ask them to be on the lookout for your dog.

Remember to check local shelters. 

What’s the Difference Between a GPS Dog Collar and a Bluetooth Dog Collar?

A GPS tracker for dogs collar can track your dog no matter where he goes. By contrast, a Bluetooth dog collar only works in smaller distances.

You have to be within a few dozen meters of your dog for it to work. 

Can I Use a GPS Dog Collar on Cats? 

Yes, you could use one of these collars on cats, but with a few caveats.

It would be best if you typically opted for a smaller and slimmer device because cats are smaller than dogs.

It would be best if you also took care when choosing the GPS tracker. Some have difficulties identifying the unique movements of cats.

GPS Tracker for Dogs: How to Choose the Best One For You

As mentioned, there are plenty of dog tracker choices in the market. One deciding factor is the reason you're getting one in the first place.

The GPS tracker for dogs is a great tool to keep track of where your dog is, whether they're inside the house or out in the yard. It's also an effective way to look for your pooch whenever they escape.

Getting a dog GPS tracker doesn't cost much and it's not difficult to use. Dog owners know how active or curious their pooches can be so they wouldn't hesitate on getting a GPS dog collar.

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