11 Best GPS Trackers for Dogs and Dog Collars in 2022 Review & Cost

There are many GPS trackers for dogs on the market today, and choosing the right option for your pet means analyzing various factors.

One of the most important factors in choosing the right GPS dog collar is likely to be the dog GPS trackers' service costs.

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GPS Tracker for Dogs

Back then, pet owners barely have any chance when looking for their lost dogs. They would probably put out flyers and manually call each shelter in the area. 

Fortunately, the advanced technology of GPS trackers has an easier way to track and monitor your pooch. Now, you can have peace of mind when letting your dogs run around outdoors.

A GPS tracker for dogs provides a real-time location to pet owners through their smartphones. They are easily accessible nowadays, and you can even order one online. 

As dog owners, we often want to get the most out of these dog products. It’s a good thing that a GPS dog collar can also have geofencing features that help in training your pooch. 

Their dog tracking collars can send out tones to stop your pooch from going beyond the safe zones. You will be able to monitor your dog and train him to stay within your yard at the same time. 

If you are a busy dog owner but want the best for your pooch, GPS trackers for dogs can be a great investment. You may not be with your pooch every time, but you will always know that they are safe.

GPS Tracker for Dogs

How Do GPS Tracker for Dogs Work

GPS pet collars will typically connect to your smartphone, making it easy to view where your pet is in the palm of your hand. Some rely on Wi-Fi, but most have you set them up with Bluetooth. 

When in use, these dog GPS tracker collars work by sending a signal to your GPS. They rely on satellite information, just like any other GPS would. 

Most of these collars and dog GPS trackers will have a very slight delay when sending your dog’s location to your smartphone.

It will depend on the area of coverage and the dog GPS tracker itself. Some GPS trackers will always track and send you your dog’s location. Others will only send you the location if they are outside of your “safe zone.”

We've compared the service cost of ALL the most popular pet GPS devices for dogs to help you make a more informed decision.

This is not a round-up of the best GPS tracker for dog devices, and if you're looking for proper dog GPS collars, take a look at this year's round-up of the best devices here.

You can find all the costs of the most popular dog GPS tracker devices down below. But the cost of service for a dog GPS tracker isn't the only factor you should be considering.

You also need to account for the company's services and think about the comfort of the GPS device.

Some common services offered by multiple companies are:

  • Real-time GPS location of the dog;
  • Pet activity monitoring;
  • Free iOS/Android app for tracking and health data;
  • Ability to set boundary areas;
  • Notifications when your dog crosses set points;
  • Integrated light on the dog GPS tracker to find your pet more easily in the dark and many more.

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How to Connect a GPS Tracker

The mechanics of the GPS tracker for dogs are quite simple and mainly utilize multiple satellites. When you have just purchased your new dog tracker, the first thing to do is to pair it with your phone.

In some cases, you need to download an app and pair it with your GPS dog collar. You will then follow the on-screen instruction and type in the details of your dog.

The method of access will depend on the type of dog tracker you acquire. Whether you are purchasing a GPS dog collar or a separate attachable device, here's how you can connect to the GPS tracker:

  1. Check the manual that comes with your dog tracker
  2. Turn on and activate with a subscription plan
  3. Log into the device app or web browser to sync with the device
  4. Put the dog tracking collar on your dog or attach the GPS device to the collar
  5. Wait for the GPS positions to show on the map
  6. Double-check whether the battery is fully charged

Connecting to the GPS tracker is generally easy to do, and you’ll be able to navigate through the process in a swift. Once you have synced your dog tracker data in your phone, then you're good to go!

However, if you still find it confusing or need a little guidance, you can look at its manual or contact customer support. 

Is Your GPS Tracker Data Secure?

It usually depends on the brand of the GPS dog collar you’re buying. Not all dog tracking collars have high-end data security.

Most dog trackers use Bluetooth technology to determine their pet's GPS. However, it is quite different from the usual Bluetooth pairing where you use a PIN code. 

With the now advanced Bluetooth technology in a dog tracker, you need to pre-authenticate with your smartphone before completely using it. That means syncing your phone and tracker either a code or push notifications.

Once successfully authenticated, some dog trackers confirm the MAC address of the connected device. This way, data from your dog tracking collar won't be transferred or accessed by other smartphones. 

However, you don't need to worry about any of these technical details. Most dog trackers nowadays are automatically encrypted into your smartphones and you can always ask the sellers or representatives about the safety of your data.

Does a GPS Tracker Really Work?

Are you having doubts about the reliability of a GPS dog collar? 

One thing you should know about a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker is that it has been used for several decades for security, monitoring, and other important functions.

You have probably used this feature in ways you didn’t know such as finding your keys or calling an Uber. 

You can expect the same reliable technology in a dog tracking collar or any GPS dog tracking device. They are designed to provide the real-time location of your pooch wherever you may be checking from. 

Don’t want to get too technical but these GPS dog trackers connect to a nearby set of satellites to determine location.

It uses three or more satellites from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network to acquire data about the longitude, latitude, elevation, and time of the subject. 

What To Consider When Purchasing a GPS Tracker for Dogs

There are many things to consider before buying a GPS dog tracker. While most pet owners build fences around their yard, some would invest in a dog tracking collar to monitor their pooches. 

A GPS tracker for dogs can be quite expensive, so pet owners need to understand more about this device before actually buying one. To start off, you need to know the best type of dog tracker that works well with you and your pooch.

Best Type of GPS Tracker for Dogs

What Is The Best Type of GPS Tracker for Dogs?

Did you know that there are many types of dog trackers? You will know how the GPS dog collar works in the latter part of the article, but it's also best to learn how other types work.

Aside from the dog GPS tracker, there are radio collars. These utilize old technologies that transmit data from one place to another but not in real-time.

There is also the short-range dog tracker. This uses either Bluetooth or RFID to receive signals from your pet's collar. The downside is it's applicable only for a short distance.

Here are several types of GPS trackers for dogs that you may come across when choosing the best dog tracker in the market:

Bluetooth Technology

Most people use Bluetooth technology to find lost phones, remotes, and keys. It's no surprise that the same thing is used in dog tracking collars. 

Bluetooth connection is easy to activate on your mobile phone and linking between devices is a breeze. These types of dog trackers are also a cheaper option ranging from $10 to $50.

A Bluetooth dog tracker requires less battery consumption which gives you plenty of time before charging them again. The accuracy will depend on the strength of the Bluetooth signal. 

However, the signal strength relies on the distance or range between your phone and the tracker. The maximum range of a Bluetooth dog tracking collar is around 200 feet

If your pooch is highly active or loves running around in wide-open spaces, the Bluetooth type of dog tracker may not be inadequate and present challenges in terms of accuracy.

Radio Frequency 

Technically speaking, radiofrequency refers to a mass of electromagnetic energy traveling through a certain frequency. But in simpler terms, it's when devices send and receive data through radiofrequency.

So, you’re probably expecting that this type of dog tracker is huge and expensive, right? The advantage of having radio frequency dog trackers is that they are actually compact, budget-friendly, and accurate in a short distance.

A radio frequency (RF) dog tracking collar does not depend on the cellular network or GPS connection. You can save so much energy with its long-lasting battery that could last up to one year.

However, you can only see the accurate location of your dog with a maximum range of 416 feet.  Trees, buildings, and other infrastructures can disrupt the signal and decrease accuracy.

When it comes to safety, exposure to radiofrequency is completely safe for pets and humans.  It's just as safe as using your phone or watching television.

Range Dog Tracking Collar

As the name implies, this dog tracker relies on the distance between your tracker and your mobile phone. The range dog tracker relies on Bluetooth or radio-frequency identification (RIFD).

They are smaller than the usual GPS dog tracker which works well with toy dogs. However, keep in mind that the range of these pet trackers is only directional.

This means that it can only determine the location of your dog in a single direction. For instance, the device notifies that your dog is located 10 meters to the west of where you're at.

GPS Dog Tracker

When using a Global Positioning System (GPS) dog tracker, you can expect to get real-time location data anywhere on Earth. Many lost pets were actually found with the use of GPS trackers for dogs. 

Unlike other types, GPS dog trackers maintain a constant connection and can provide an updated location at any time. So, whenever you need to know where your dog is, you can simply look at your smartphone, enable the GPS, and poof, you’ll find your pooch. 

Some GPS dog collars also have a geofence feature. With this, you will receive an alert whenever your pet goes outside a designated area.

It's widely accessible in the market, but it may be expensive compared to other dog tracking devices. A GPS tracker can cost more than $50 and may have added a monthly subscription fee. 

Because of its real-time tracking and notifications, a GPS dog collar can consume much of its battery power. Fortunately, most of them have rechargeable batteries and last up to 3 days.

Real-Time Pet Trackers 

When a dog tracker was first introduced into the pet care industry, real-time pet trackers were a hit! Most dog owners would grab the chance to get this device just to keep their pets safe and monitored.

Back then, many pets get lost with almost no chance of finding them. Dog owners often use flyers or call shelters to search for their missing pets.

This type of dog tracker often comes with a monthly service fee on top of the price of the device. It doesn't work if it's out of the cell range or bitten off by your dog. 

Still, they are generally sturdy and waterproof. Manufacturers also guarantee that these pet trackers don't overheat despite their massive battery consumption.

No Cell Service Trackers

You don't need cellular coverage to locate your dogs. No cell service trackers are specifically designed for the outdoors. 

Pet owners would still be able to track their dog's movement even if they go past their designated area. It's the ideal dog tracker when you plan to go on an adventure off the grid.

How Much Do GPS Tracker for Dogs Cost

Cost is a huge factor when looking for the best GPS tracker for dogs. We want what's best for our pooch, but it doesn't mean we have to break the bank.

When it comes to dog trackers, you will face two major options: with or without a subscription.

Dog Trackers WITH Subscriptions

Most GPS trackers for dogs offer monthly or yearly subscriptions to guarantee real-time, accurate updates with the most advanced technology. You will pay for these monthly fees in addition to the price of the device.

With monthly subscriptions, the GPS dog collar will provide the exact location from an unlimited range. Most of these trackers use GPS or cellular signal which means you can track your dog from work or wherever you are. 

Subscription payment schemes may vary in every product. The fees range from $2 to $8 while some dog tracker brands offer free subscriptions for the first year or a few months.

Dog Trackers WITHOUT Subscriptions

Pet owners get discouraged when they first see monthly subscriptions on GPS dog trackers. However, quality monitoring of your pooch shouldn't be costly.

You can find equally efficient and reliable data from a GPS dog collar with no subscription fees. Some of these dog trackers utilize their own technology or make use of Bluetooth or WiFi.

This may impose a few limitations when it comes to range and cellular signal. Still, dog tracking devices let you monitor in the open outdoors with no problem. 

Another downside of dog trackers with no subscription fees is that they can be very pricey. A GPS dog tracker that is highly advanced and trusted by most pet owners may reach up to $700 for its one-time payment. 

Tips On Choosing The Best GPS Tracker for Dogs

It's no doubt that a GPS tracker for dogs is a good investment to keep your pooch safe and secured. It's also a fast and efficient way to monitor the location of your pooch or train them to stay inside the yard whenever you need to.

If your mind is set on buying a dog tracking collar for your pooch, the next thing to consider is the factors in choosing the best one. With numerous dog tracker options in the market, how do you know which is suitable for your dog and its security?

Here is a list of things to think about before buying the best GPS tracker for your dog. And you may want to start by identifying the main purpose of getting one in the first place.

Your Specific Needs from a Dog Tracker

Why do you need a GPS tracker for dogs in the first place? Is it to keep your dog monitored and safe? Or do you want geofencing features to train him to stay inside the house?

Most pet owners purchase a dog tracking collar to keep an eye on their pooch whether they are at work or at home. Also, finding a lost pet becomes easier when you have GPS dog trackers.

If you have fast dog breeds, you might need to consider GPS dog trackers known for their range and accuracy. There are also some dog tracking collars that let you check the health of your dogs such as their heartbeat and activity level.

A new pet dog may also need a GPS dog collar. A young pup tends to run and explore all over the place so a dog tracker will make sure they don’t wander off.

Size of Your Dog 

Not every dog tracking collar is suitable for all dogs, especially toy dog breeds due to their weight. Hence, size is a factor when choosing the right dog tracker for your pooch. 

The comfort of your dogs will depend on the size of the GPS collar. The last thing you want to happen is to choose the wrong size and get the collars too tight or too loose.

Waterproof Features 

At times, we can't control where our dog goes, and we can't control the weather either. Once you have a waterproof GPS tracker for dogs, you wouldn't need to worry about both.

If you are trying to purchase a dog tracking collar, it's best to choose waterproof ones. The device would still work and you can still keep track of your pooch even when they're out in heavy rain.

Battery Life of a Dog Tracking Collar 

It can be very frustrating when a GPS dog collar runs out of batteries really quickly. That means you'd have to re-charge again, and it definitely adds up to your list of chores. 

Each GPS tracker for dogs has different battery life.  It's ideal to choose devices that can work from 8 to 16 hours before recharging them.

Some highly advanced GPS dog collars can even last up to 96 hours just in case you want to monitor your dog for longer periods or if you're working with K9 dog breeds

Cost of a Dog Tracker

It's not uncommon for dog owners like you to want a good, working GPS tracker for dogs without spending so much. And it seems that you've come to the right place.

As much as we want to invest for the protection and security of our pooch, we also don't want to break the bank. Fortunately, there are many GPS dog tracker options that may fit your budget.

For instance, you can purchase around $50 for a GPS dog collar for both daily and occasional use. You can opt for a cheaper price or a monthly subscription, whichever works for your budget.

Still, finding the best budget-friendly GPS dog tracker is never easy. Just like you, we understand how much it means to keep your pooch safe but also be able to get the most out of these devices.

Alternative to GPS Tracker for Dogs

Alternative to GPS Tracker for Dogs

It’s no doubt that a GPS tracker for dogs works well for both you and your pooch. The only limitation to this technology is when your dog wanders into enclosed spaces like tunnels or under bridges.

Any obstacles to the satellite's signal hinder the accuracy of these GPS devices. If the signal doesn’t work well in your area, you can opt for these alternatives to GPS trackers for dogs:

GPS Chip for Dogs

“My dog already has a microchip. Do they still need a GPS tracker?” Well, it depends.

While there are actually microchips with GPS that track your dog's location, most of them don't really work that way. Microchips in dogs are tiny devices (almost as small as a grain of rice) injected into your dog's loose skin.

Each microchip has a certain ID that can be read via RFID. It helps identify someone's lost pooch in case they don't have dog tags.

Still, there is a development of non-GPS microchips where it doesn't rely on satellite signals but on the Earth's magnetic field. The technology is still new, and it's not widely available in the market yet. 

Bluetooth Tracker

This is one of the easiest and most accessible types of dog trackers. Every phone now has Bluetooth, and you can simply connect your phone to the dog tracking collar.

However, a Bluetooth dog tracker doesn't work on wide ranges. It may not be ideal if you have an active dog that loves to explore in and out of the house.

Invisible Fence

Remember when we mentioned geofencing? The invisible fence dog tracker focuses on that and on keeping your dog within its boundary.

Whenever your dog goes past the invisible fence, they will hear a warning tone first. At times, they will feel a gentle static to signify that he has crossed the border.

The invisible fence feature in a dog tracker is a good way to train your pooch about wandering off. You will also have full control of its settings from a control panel or mobile app. 

Plus, it's said to be cheaper than having a traditional fence. However, some dog owners don't think it is very effective.

We saw reviews of dog owners complaining that dogs still go outside the invisible fences despite the warnings and end up chasing after their pooches. 

GPS Tracker for Cats

Cats can be just as curious and mischievous as dogs (and even more!). That’s why pet owners won’t take a chance and get GPS trackers for their cats too.

Maybe you already have a dog tracking collar and you're asking whether it works on your cat. Yes, it does!

Some GPS trackers are quite versatile and can be attached to all types of pets including cats and even birds.

Can You Use Dog Trackers for Cats?

Do you have cats too? The good news about GPS dog trackers is that you can also use them for your cats.

If you happen to be one of the pet owners who have both dogs and cats in the same household, there's one less thing to worry about when it comes to GPS trackers.

Cats seem to lounge anywhere and putting on these GPS trackers definitely saves you the time looking for them. Most trackers are recommended for cats weighing at least 4 kg to get comfortable. 

However, in our research, weight requirement is not really necessary since they are numerous GPS tracking collars in different shapes and sizes that will fit your cat.

What Should You Consider When Using On a Cat

Cats have a different nature compared to dogs. You may see your feline lounging on the couch for hours but the next thing you know they'd be on a tree in your backyard.

They can be unpredictable which gives you more reasons to get GPS tracking collars with additional features helpful in tracking cats.

Given a cat's nature to climb and jump between places, we recommend the tracking collar have a  breakaway safety mechanism. The GPS collar will detach when your cat gets stuck.

Fortunately, there are weight-adjustable breakaway mechanisms that free your cat from its collar before the worst happens. 

We also recommend getting a GPS tracking collar with reflective nylon. That way, it would be easy to spot your cat at night. 

Why Do You Need a GPS Tracker for Dogs

Why Do You Need a GPS Tracker for Dogs

Are you still weighing the pros and cons of getting a GPS dog tracker? If you are still wondering whether a dog tracking collar is a good choice for you and your

Keep Track When Hunting

When you have one of those hunting dogs as your canine companion, investing in a quality dog collar happens to be a great choice. Choose a GPS dog collar with a wide range and on-point accuracy. 

There are going to be trees and other obstacles between you and your dog when hunting. The signal is also going to be tricky depending on where you're hunting.

With these in mind, you can opt for range dog tracking collars that don't rely on internet connectivity or satellite signals. You will be able to locate your dog and how far it may go.

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Monitor Dogs in Heat

Whether it's your dog in heat or your pooch has detected one nearby, it's important to start putting a GPS dog collar on. Dogs in heat tend to attract a lot of attention and you shouldn't be surprised when they’d be strutting around with studs lining up on your porch.

In other cases, dogs in heat hide and avoid all the attention when they're still sensitive. A dog tracker helps you determine where your dog is and comfort them.

If you have a stud who has sensed a dog in heat nearby, expect your pooch to be chasing around that dam. But you can't exactly go where your dog goes when they're chasing girls.

With a GPS dog collar, you will know how far your pooch went without ever interrupting their pursuits or “business.”

Dogs are Escape Artists

Is your dog running off again? Well, dogs can be great escape artists. 

Whether it's out of curiosity or due to their hyperactivity, dogs tend to escape and explore beyond your fenced yard. But because of this, more and more dogs get lost.

When you have GPS dog collars, your escape artist of a pooch can explore all he wants without worrying about where he goes. The geofencing feature in dog trackers can also be very helpful when training your pooch to stay inside. 

Maintain Peace of Mind

Some say that pet owners get GPS dog trackers not only for their pooch but also for themselves. There is some truth to this because having these dog tracking collars lets a dog parent worry less.

If you often get anxious about where your dog goes whether you're in the park or at work, you can enjoy a little peace of mind with a GPS tracker for dogs.

Fortunately, peace of mind doesn't have to cost much. You can keep your dog (and your mind) safe and sound with a price of a bagel and coffee per month. 

Know Where Your Outdoor Dog Goes

There are certain dog breeds that certainly love the great outdoors. However, as pet owners, we can't always keep an eye on our pooch. 

You'd probably get the best outdoor dog pen for your pooch, but a GPS dog collar would work just as well. It can track your pooch around the yard and train them to stay inside.

Let Them Play or Hike Outside Safely

Some pet owners find leashes too restrictive. Still, they want to keep their pets safe when playing in the park.

That's where the GPS dog tracking collar comes in. You can take off their leash and let them run around the place.

Just make sure that your dog is well trained when interacting with others in the outdoors. Also, you need to check the local leash laws before setting them free.

Monitor Health & Activity with Dog Trackers

Did you know that a GPS dog collar can also be a canine activity tracker? This means that you can monitor their energy level and other health conditions through their collars.

Dog trackers can keep your dog in shape as well. You can set activity goals and keep health records of your pooch on a mobile app.

If you happen to have overweight dogs or with certain health conditions, you can monitor their progress and keep them at their ideal weight.

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Comparing 13 Dog GPS Trackers’ Service Costs

11 GPS Tracker for Dogs Costs Compared (2022)

1. Fi Smart Dog Collar
– The Most Popular GPS Dog Tracker

Find it here

smart fi gps dog collar

The Fi Smart Dog Collar has probably been the most prominent GPS Tracker for Dogs on the market.

If you own a dog, you most likely have been targeted by its ads on social media.

The Fi Smart Dog Collar provides a pretty amazing battery life; it can go up to a month or so between each charge. That goes without saying that its activity tracker is also consuming much of its battery life. 

This GPS dog collar features a capability that allows the owner to set multiple “safe zones.”

You can purchase the Fi Smart Dog Collar with a one-time payment of $149. But I would suggest getting the GPS monthly subscription. 

Don't worry. They offer a free trial for a month and see if it's something you would want to spend every month.

When it comes to appearance, you can choose from four colors. Plus, they have partnered with a third-party vendor that actually customizes the collars for you!

Unfortunately, the Fi Collar only uses AT&T's cell towers for GPS tracking. This does not mean you have to have AT&T as a cell provider; it means that if you are in an area where there is little to no AT&T coverage (which you can find out here), then you will want to look at a different option.

Dog Tracker Type GPS
Battery Life 3 months
Upfront Cost $149
Subscription Fee Yes

$1.89/week for a year

Pros Highly pull-resistant, long battery life, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi available for 24/7 activity update, 1-year warranty
Cons Too expensive with monthly subscriptions, bulky for toy dog breeds, limited range based on cellular signal

2. Halo Dog Collar
– Dog Tracker with Smart Fences & Training by Cesar Millan

Find it here

halo gps dog tracker

I personally love this option because of its continual improvements and my own experience. The Halo Collar has a new model called the Halo 2 Model.

This dog GPS tracker ended up actually saving my dog. I had the original model before the upgrade.

When I first got the model it only took a few weeks for my dog to learn the boundaries.

I was able to track his progress through the app and I was able to track his location with the previous model.

We have a fenced area at our farm and the dogs can't get out as long as I close the gate to our driveway.

My dog Rico is a husky. Huskies are known to be escape artists. I happened to have been taking the trash out one day and he got out.

When I came back, I called his name, and no pitter-patter of nails on the floor came to see if I had a treat. I thought, “oh no he's just ignoring me”.

Unfortunately, after looking for him throughout the whole house I couldn't find him and I was hit with a pang of sweat down the back of my neck.

I freaked out because I left the gate open.

Fortunately, I pulled out my phone and pulled up the app, and found him sitting right near the boundary.

As I sprinted to the front of the house where the gate was, there he was sitting there slyly next to the boundary with the gate wide open.

Why I Personally Recommend This

That's my own personal experience and if you want to check the current price of the model click here.

You'll see that they boast a minimal sleek collar design which is another reason I'd recommend this dog tracking collar.

Unlike other trackers, there's no device protruding from the collar that my pooch sometimes finds bothersome.

One challenge I had with the Halo Dog Collar is its syncing and calibrating process at first. It took a few more minutes than expected. 

Good thing it eventually synced into my mobile app and began setting it up. 

Dog Tracker Type GPS
Battery Life 10-14 hours
Subscription Fee Yes


Upfront Cost $999
Pros Effective smart invisible fences, limitless range, real-time location and activity updates, additional training lessons
Cons Very expensive, a subscription plan is required to activate services, too much battery consumption 

3. Whistle Health & GPS Tracker
– Dog Tracking Collar with Advanced Health Monitoring Technology

Find on Amazon

Dog Tracker Whistle Go

The Whistle Health & GPS tracker for dogs is one of the technology pioneers that combined GPS tracking with additional features.

It's also one of the most popular options that many pet owners choose today. I would recommend this dog tracker to first-time pet owners or those who are very particular about their dog’s health.

What really amazes me with the Whistle GPS dog collar is that it lets us understand why our pooch is behaving the way it does. I had time to spare one hot afternoon and checked the Whistle app.

I showed that my dog was panting and licking more than usual. He was showing signs of dehydration so I readily gave him some cool water and carried him next to me.

It’s a good thing that the Whistle Health & GPS plan shows me the health status of my dog. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known what my dog was feeling at that time. 

This dog GPS tracker also utilizes cellular technology to track and locate your dog at all times. A particularly small device, the Whistle slips right onto any dog collar and provides feedback through a mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS systems.

However, you're paying both for a device and a subscription fee with Whistle. Still, I believe most pet owners would agree that it’s worth it given that you get health updates and understand your pooch better with it.

Dog Tracker Type GPS
Battery Life 2-3 days
Subscription Fee Yes


Upfront Cost $129.99
Pros Accurate GPS data, advanced health monitoring technology, health-focused features with access to vets, monitor multiple pets
Cons Not suitable in colder climates, doesn't work well with no Wi-Fi or cellular signal

4. Tile Mate
– Most Compact Bluetooth Dog Tracker Bundle

Find on Amazon

tile mate dog tracker

A tile is a finder tool that is not specifically designed as a dog GPS tracker; however, it can be used as a dog collar tag. The small tag works with the Tile app on your phone.

You're probably a busy dog owner juggling between responsibilities. While you may have many things on your plate, you'd want to still keep track of your pooch. 

The Tile Mate Combo Pack is quite a surprise for you and for any bustling dog owners. It actually consists of four slim trackers!

There's a tracker for your dog and all other things you sometimes forget like your keys and wallet.

If your dog gets lost while wearing the title tag on his collar, you can ring their tile from your phone when he's within 250 feet.

While Tile is clearly the most affordable one when comparing GPS tracker for dogs service costs, it is slightly impractical for a lost pet due to its limited range. However, the Tile app also allows you to activate a unique “Notify When Found” feature.

This feature works by notifying you when another Tile user passes by your pet wearing their tile collar tag. This individual passing by will trigger an alert through the Tile system to let you know where your pet was last seen.

Dog Tracker Type Bluetooth
Battery Life 3 years
Subscription Fee Yes


Upfront Cost $24.99
Pros Long battery life, real-time location updates, easy to set up, great for indoor tracking
Cons Limited range, non-replaceable batteries, receive notifications when Bluetooth is activated

5. Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs
– Popular GPS Collar for Dogs and Cats

Find on Amazon

GPS Dog Tracker Tractive Waterproof

When discussing the best GPS tracker for dogs and their service costs, naturally, I should mention the now very famous Tractive dog tracker. Like Whistle, it is one of the most popular trackers for pets and is used by most pet owners who choose to track their dog's activity.

It’s no surprise that this dog tracking collar has made its way to the top of the most recommended list. This GPS tracker for dogs has a compact design that makes it easy for your pets to move around.

The Tractive GPS Tracker for dogs is a small and simple pet tracking device with a built-in GPS capability, similar to many others I've already mentioned on this list.

If you happen to love traveling, this dog tracker works in over 150 countries. It also has LED lights in its collars that make them easier to spot at night.

That makes one less thing to worry about when exploring with your pooch. 

I also love the fact that it’s waterproof. I often hesitate to let my dog take a dip with their collar on but with the positive reviews I’ve read, I wouldn’t mind them jumping straight into the lake or playing with mud. 

It works with Android and iOS devices, and you can track your dog’s movements wherever you are. Take a look at Samantha's video review of Tractive to learn more about how this device works.

Dog Tracker Type GPS
Battery Life 8 hours
Subscription Fee Yes


Upfront Cost $49.99
Pros Live tracking features available, virtual fence alerts, ideal for both dogs and cats, compact and lightweight
Cons Only single user allowed, requires a subscription to work well, delayed pet activity updates

REVIEW: Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Review

6. Garmin Dog Tracking Bundle
– Best Dog Tracking Collar for Hunting Dog Breeds

Find on Amazon

Garmin dog tracking collar bundle

With all the trackers on this list, the Garmin Dog Tracking Bundle is yet the best dog tracker for hunting dog breeds! And it doesn't even need Wi-Fi or any cellular signal to capture data.

If you got a sporting dog of your own, then this GPS tracker is for you! I probably had more than what I bargained for when I got this set.

They are a powerful dog tracker with a superb range. We got the bundle with a handheld device and dog tracker in it and they worked like a charm (though we were just testing it out for only 2 miles). The maximum range is about 9 miles. 

I can say that this dog tracker is specifically designed for hunting dogs or even a pack! You can track up to 20 dogs at the same time on this device.

They already got pre-loaded maps so there's no need to worry when your dogs wander too far, too fast.

The only downside to this is that this dog tracking collar is so expensive! I wouldn't recommend getting this dog tracker just to monitor your pooch on daily walks or simple hikes.

However, this would be a great investment if you and your dog go on wide-range treks and hunts on a regular basis.

Dog Tracker Type No cell service tracker
Battery Life 20 hours
Subscription Fee None
Upfront Cost $899.99
Pros Pre-loaded maps available, wide tracking range up to 9 miles, cellular signal or Wi-Fi not required, monitor multiple dogs
Cons Too bulky and expensive for everyday or casual tracking

7. WUF
– GPS Dog Tracking Collar with Interactive Mobile App

WUF dog GPS trackerThe WUF dog GPS tracker is a wearable device that serves as a tracker and an activity monitor.

This dog GPS tracker also features a two-way audio connection so that you can call your dogs inside when they stray to the far end of your garden.

The WUF GPS tracker for dogs also allows you to set virtual boundaries for your pet, and it's one of the few dog GPS trackers, with service costs being completely FREE.

Monthly subscriptions can be daunting, and I'd love it if there were no regular fees to worry about. Thank goodness WUF smart collar is just as reliable. 

I've tested out their training features, and the app has actionable steps that you can take with your dog. Their video tutorials are so fun and easy that I couldn't stop watching. 

Dog Tracker Type GPS
Battery Life 5 days
Subscription Fee None
Upfront Cost $189.99
Pros Real-time location update, monitor and store health records, advanced training features with voice commands
Cons New product in the market, not easily accessible, poor customer support

8. PawTracker
– Simple Dog Tracking Collar for Fast and Easy Use

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The Paw Tracker dog GPS device

The Paw Tracker is similar to the Whistle but is a less popular option and slightly more expensive on the upfront cost. It also has only one subscription fee option, which is on the higher end when compared to Whistle.

The Paw Tracker is large but lightweight, and this dog GPS tracker device clips right onto your dog’s collar and relies on GPS satellites to locate your pet at all times.

Once the GPS satellites have located your dog, coordinates are relayed via cell service to help you to find your pooch. Pretty simple, and it works.

Also, some pet owners probably have a litter of dogs (or cats) in their place. Fortunately, you can track more than 7 pets with a subscription. 

So whenever I'm on my phone, I can check the app. I'd see where my dog is and where they have been.

It's what I loved about this dog tracking collar and I'm sure other dog owners would love it too.

Dog Tracker Type GPS
Battery Life 5 days
Subscription Fee Yes


Upfront Cost $99.95
Pros Access real-time and historical data, get geofencing alerts, LED lights for better detection
Cons Technology slows down upon activation, too bulky for toy dog breeds and cats

9. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar
– Highly Recommended GPS Tracker for Dogs

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GPS Dog Tracker Link AKC Smart Dog CollarThe Link, AKC Smart Collar for dogs, is a GPS-enabled dog collar and winner of the CES 2017 Best of Innovation award (source).

This GPS tracker for dogs collar not only provides GPS information but also tracks your pet's activity and provides custom activity recommendations based on the data from your dog.

The Link GPS tracker for dogs collar also has temperature alerts, a remote light that can be turned on so that you can see your dog in the dark, and a remote sound feature to communicate with your dog from a distance.

When I synced the device with my phone, I downloaded the app and it was very straightforward and easy to navigate. I can even put up photos of my pooch for their “profile.”

It's amazing how it gives me real-time data while keeping track of where my dog is, how he is doing, and suggesting what's best for him.

Tech experts rate this GPS tracker for dogs very high, so don't be put off by the lack of reviews on this one; it's a new device about going big next year.

I've read mostly great reviews about this dog tracking collar. But when I saw that I can actually have its design customized the way I want, I got pretty excited. Who doesn't love a smart collar with some style?

Dog Tracker Type GPS
Battery Life 5 days
Subscription Fee Yes


Upfront Cost $135
Pros Real-time location updates, stores health records, nationwide GPS range
Cons Too many notifications, leather dog collar quality

10. Petfon Dog Collar Tracker and Activity Monitor
– Compact Dog Tracker with Free from Fees

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Dog Tracker PETFON Pet GPS Tracker for Dogs

The Petfon Dog Collar Tracker for dogs is a smaller device that fits right onto your dog’s collar, and due to its lightweight, is not a heavy burden to smaller dogs.

It's another fairly new dog tracker and DOES NOT require any subscription fees. I’m personally a fan of dog trackers with no monthly fees (and who isn’t?)

The Petfon GPS Tracker for Dogs device works directly with the Petfon browser-based app, which allows you to use it without cell service. It also allows you to display multicolor lights to locate your dog when there is little to no light.

This device allows you also to set a safe area and an alert system for when he/she steps out of that area.

When searching for great tracking collars for dogs, I would also want what's best for my pooch. And that includes my dog's level of comfort.

I was glad that the Petfon Smart Tracker didn't only provide these excellent monitoring features but also has the neoprene padding which adds extra comfort for your pooch. 

So, if you want your dog safe and comfortable (just like I would), I'd recommend the Petfon Dog Collar Tracker for its function and comfort.

Dog Tracker Type No cell service tracker
Battery Life 9-17 hours
Subscription Fee None
Upfront Cost $215.99
Pros Guaranteed long-distance range, track multiple dogs, no cellular signal required
Cons Signal varies in location, battery life

11. Dogtra Pathfinder
– Most Reliable Dog Tracker for Hunting and Training

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dogtra pathfinder dog tracker no signal

When I first heard about Dogtra Pathfinder, I was skeptical. The device was a bit pricey and it made me wonder if it was a good investment.

I checked the reviews and was pretty impressed myself. Similar to the Garmin Dog Tracking bundle, it can monitor your dog in a very large range of up to 9 miles.

It has new e-collar training features with pager vibrations and LED lights to guide both you and your dogs. The Dogtra Pathfinder has different map options just like how you see it on Google Maps.

There is even an offline map available just in case the signal is lost.

With all these features, I can definitely say that this dog tracker is the perfect training and tracking dog collar for hunting dog breeds. 

In my case, I'm very excited to try this dog tracking collar whenever I and my pooch set out for an adventure outdoors. 

I can even have playdates with other dog owners and their pets since this GPS tracker can monitor more than 20 dogs.

I’m a little worried about the battery life though. I hope it doesn’t drain out before we even finish the entire hike.

Dog Tracker Type GPS
Battery Life 8 hours
Subscription Fee None
Upfront Cost $429.99
Pros 9-mile range outdoors, faster USB charge, no subscription required, monitor multiple dogs
Cons Too big for toy dog breeds, battery life varies upon usage

Common Questions about GPS Dog Collars

The following information may also be useful as you search for a GPS tracker for dogs. 

Which GPS Tracker for Dogs Is the Best? 

Fi Smart Dog Collar, WUF, Whistle GO, The Paw Tracker, Squeaker Buddy, and Link AKC Smart Dog Collar are great options as well as any of the systems we mentioned above in this review.

Remember, you want something comfortable for your dog and with good reviews. 

How Much Does It Cost to Put a GPS in Your Dog?

A GPS tracker for dogs collar is the most affordable and convenient way to put a GPS in or on your dog.

Expect to pay about $5 to $10 per month, plus a one-time fee of anywhere from about $30 to $300. More expensive versions are also available. 

Can You GPS Chip Your Dog? 

Yes, when you microchip your dog, you can include a GPS chip in addition to your personal information.

Dog GPS tracker collars also offer a great supplement. 

Do I Need to Chip My Dog If He Has a GPS Collar? 

Keep in mind that you should still chip your dog. Microchips can’t fall off as a collar might.

They also provide important information, including your contact details, if someone else finds your dog. 

You should still use a collar, as well, even if you have a microchip. Think of it as a backup if something goes wrong with the microchip.

There is also the bonus that you don’t need any special equipment to read the collar — just your smartphone. 

Do GPS Tracker for Dogs Work? 

Yes! As long as you buy a reliable one, such as those on our list, GPS dog collars work well.

They rely on satellite data and can help you find your dog. 

Is Your Private GPS Dog Collar Data Secure?

That depends. Not all dog GPS trackers are created with high-end security.

Fortunately, most dog trackers' data is encrypted. This means the brand does not share your dog's location data outside the app or your phone.

How Can I Track My Lost Dog? 

A GPS tracker for dogs collar is a great way to track your lost dog.

You should also share your dog’s information and pictures on social media, local shelters, and flyers in the local community.

Talk to people you know, as well as neighbors, and ask them to be on the lookout for your dog.

Remember to check local shelters. 

What’s the Difference Between a GPS Dog Collar and a Bluetooth Dog Collar?

A GPS tracker for dogs collar can track your dog no matter where he goes. By contrast, a Bluetooth dog collar only works in smaller distances.

You have to be within a few dozen meters of your dog for it to work. 

Can I Use a GPS Dog Collar on Cats? 

Yes, you could use one of these collars on cats, but with a few caveats.

It would be best if you typically opted for a smaller and slimmer device because cats are smaller than dogs.

It would be best if you also took care when choosing the GPS tracker. Some have difficulties identifying the unique movements of cats.

GPS Tracker for Dogs: How to Choose the Best One For You

As mentioned, there are plenty of dog tracker choices in the market. One deciding factor is the reason you're getting one in the first place.

The GPS tracker for dogs is a great tool to keep track of where your dog is, whether they're inside the house or out in the yard. It's also an effective way to look for your pooch whenever they escape.

Getting a dog GPS tracker doesn't cost much and it's not difficult to use. Dog owners know how active or curious their pooches can be so they wouldn't hesitate on getting a GPS dog collar.

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