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Best Dog Tracker Comparison: Tagg vs. FitBark vs. Whistle

Health seems to be everyone’s obsession these days and that’s certainly not a bad thing. In recent years we’ve also created and used a ton of different gadgets to help us monitor and regulate our health, one of which are the various types of activity trackers that we use to monitor our heart rate, steps taken each day and sleep patterns. Did you know the best dog tracker can do the same for your canine companion?

Best Dog Tracker Comparison - Tagg vs FitBark vs WhistleIt’s recently become popular to pay closer attention not just to our own health and activities, but to do this for our pets as well. Considering how much time most dogs and cats spend alone at home each day, this is certainly a great idea for a lot of pet owners.

Unlike standard dog GPS trackers, a typical dog activity monitor can do a lot of things. They attach to the dog’s collar and monitor what he is doing all day, while also wirelessly transmitting all that data to an app or a website for you to check

The things a dog activity monitor can keep track of include the more basic stuff like showing you your dog’s activity – where they sleep all day, are they moving around the house, are they busy destroying your couch, etc… They can also keep tabs on some of the more specific tracking mechanics like showing sudden behavior changes (PDF) – is he scratching, shaking or pacing around.

You can also use an the best dog tracker to keep track of whether your dog is going outside of the house or the yard. This is a big worry for a lot of dog owners that live in more open areas. More advanced activity trackers can also double down as a health tracker, monitoring your dog’s temperature, heart rate and much more!

This can be very useful when you have health concerns for your dog, maybe due to old age or a recent illness that needs to be kept in mind. Being such useful and versatile devices, dog activity monitors can be useful in a lot of different situations, making them much more than just a luxury for a lot of pet owners.

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Best Dog Tracker Comparison
Tagg vs. FitBark vs. Whistle

Best Dog TrackerReasons Your Dog May Need an Activity Tracker

Maybe your dog is in a dire need of weight loss. Obesity has become an epidemic in the pet world, and a dog activity monitor will help you immensely in creating and keeping an exercise plan for your dog that works smoothly and is risk-free.

Perhaps you are busy working all day every day and you want to be sure that your dog is getting the exercise it requires while you are gone. Whether it is from your kids/family, from a roommate, from a dog walker or at the doggy day care, the best dog tracker can keep you updated on his exercise progress throughout the day.

Your dog may also be sick and you need to keep an eye on its general health, even when you are not home. Similarly, if your dog has  severe anxiety (particularly when it is home alone), you can use a tracker to make sure that he is behaving or to monitor the extent of the anxiety when you're away.

If you live in the country or in a relatively open area, the best dog tracker with GPS will save you a lot of heartache. You will never have to be worried that your dog is taking an independent walk outside every day while you are gone. You can also find out where Fido goes if he ever happens to escape your home or break free during his daily walks.

Are Dog Activity Trackers Easy to Use?

Best Dog TrackerHow complicated are such dog activity monitors to use, however? How hard is it to find the right one for your furry friend and for your situation? Is this technological branch as diverse and convoluted to navigate through as some of the other ones we are forced to face every day?

No, there is no reason to worry. Sure, there are quite a few different brands that make dog activity monitors, there are different price / quality ranges, and there are quite a few different options and features to look out for, but in the end of the day, dog activity monitors are quite simple gadgets to use, and once you have figured out what exactly you need one for, picking the right dog activity monitor is a quick and simple choice.

And, to further help you with that choice, below we’ve compiled a quick list of 3 of the most famous and well-regarded brands of dog activity monitors out there. We have compared their features and strengths to make your choice as clear and simple as possible.

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Choosing the Best Dog Tracker

We've done the research on three of the best dog tracker products available, and shared the pros and cons of each model here. We've also culled through hundreds of consumer reviews to find out what pet parents think about these trackers and whether or not they would recommend them to other owners.

The three top-selling trackers on the market are from TaggWhistle, and FitBark. Now, let's find out more about these products and the different features they offer.

Tagg Dog Tracker

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker - Dog and Cat Collar Attachment, White Widely regarded as the most accurate dog activity monitor and tracker, the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker has several key features that help it stand out from the crowd. As the name suggests, ththis tracker is used not just to track your dog’s activity, but also to keep an eye on its precise location.

If losing your dog is a worry for you – whether during a walk, if we are talking about a sighthound like a Saluki or a Greyhound, or you are just worried that your dog might escape your home while you are away, which is not uncommon for the more curious, restless and adventurous breeds, the a tracker like this one will give you a peace of mind that you never had before.

The Tagg app and software come with extremely accurate and detailed maps that are as easy to use as possible. This is an award-winning GPS system that has been proven over the years to be the most reliable tool for dog owners of furry escape artists.

This best dog tracker also allows you to set up a “zone” and mark it as the standard zone for your pet to be at during the day. Should your pet ever leave (or escape) this zone while unattended, the Tagg Pet Tracker can immediately alert you via email or text, making sure that you don’t miss your pet’s great escape, even if you are not keeping track of Tagg’s app.

As for Tagg’s app, this device is using an award-winning application that works with both iPhone and Android and is 100% free to use.

User-friendly and effective, Tagg’s app is easy to use for the newer users, while still offering all the features and details a seasoned user requires. Much more than just a GPS tracker, however, this Tagg device is also a great dog activity monitor. It tracks your dog’s activity levels with an incredible precision and offers extensive reports of everything your dog is doing.

Tagg will report when Fido is snoozing, playing, running and when he is scratching. If you are worried about your dog’s overall fitness and you need to make sure that it stays active throughout the day, this Tagg Pet Tracker will be of invaluable help for that goal.

The Tagg Pet Tracker doesn’t just track your dog’s activity on a day-to-day basis, it also keeps record of your dog’s activity for months, allowing for a timeline that stretches for quite a lot. This can be very useful when you want to set up a long-term training / weight loss plan for your dog or when you just want to make sure that your dog isn’t lowering its overall activity with time.

Tagg also offers one of the most impressive battery lives on the market, ensuring that the tracker’s battery won’t die in uncomfortable times and won’t be much of a bother. The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker fits most collars, allowing for an easy and care-free installation. You won’t need to buy new collars or worry whether the tracker will fit your dog’s collar or not.

For all its great features, however, it should also be mentioned that Tagg’s GPS Pet Tracker isn’t weightless. Due to its many useful functions, it’s not the lightest pet activity monitor on the market and isn’t recommended for dogs that weight less than 10 lbs. That’s not because it won’t fit, but simply because it will be uncomfortable for your dog.

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Another possible negative for some owners that we are obliged to mention is that the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker is not cheap. With a price that’s north of $150, this device is not for everyone’s budget.

It is also curious that Tagg was acquired by Whistle in January, 2015. Tagg’s CEO, Scott Neuberger, joined Whistle’s senior management team and Tagg’s GPS technology and battery life is currently being integrated into Whistle’s devices. As curious as this might be, Tagg devices are still sold as a separate brand on the market, and if anything – this purchase from Whistle is even more of a proof of Tagg’s high quality.

Whistle Dog Tracker

Speaking of Whistle, let’s take a look at the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor. A device with a beautiful design, the Whistle 3 tracker is something a lot of dog owners will use just for that. Don’t worry, however, it has much more to offer than just looks.

Whistle 3 / GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor / Grey The Whistle 3 Pet Tracker is widely regarded as the best pet health tracker. It keeps an eye on all the vital health characteristics a pet tracker can notice:

  • temperature
  • heart rate
  • breathing
  • activity

And, it does this with an impressive precision – something that’s of huge importance when it comes to your pet’s health. Another feature that helps with keeping an eye on your dog’s health is that Whistle’s app helps you keep track of your dog’s medications. It helps you keep a food log, as well, for when your dog is on a specialized diet

This best dog tracker even allows you to keep notes of the various things you notice throughout the day, making it easier to report things to your veterinarian. As any good dog activity monitor, Whistle easily connects to your wireless network at home and keeps you updated in real time, wherever you are.

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The Whistle 3 Pet Tracker also uses Bluetooth to help you keep track of who your pet’s spending time with throughout the day. Whistle’s app also has multiple social features, allowing you to keep up with other dog owners you might now, to share pictures, etc.

Speaking of Whistle’s app, previous Whistle devices were notorious for their numerous issues. Whistle 3 uses a new app, however, and it is one that is completely devoid of any such problems. If you’ve heard that Whistle’s devices have troublesome software, don’t worry – this is a thing of the past.

Whistle 3 has the longest battery life on the market, with a battery that easily lasts for up to 7 days, allowing for a care-free week.

Doubling as a GPS tracker as well, the Whistle 3 is also excellent in that regard – if your dog is prone to getting away from you in the park or escaping from home while you are away, a GPS tracker of Whistle’s high quality can be of invaluable help to finding your lost pup. Just like Tagg, the Whistle 3 GPS tracker also has the option to alert you via emails or texts when your pet leaves its designated “safe place.”

As any good dog activity monitor, the Whistle 3 also precisely tracks your dog’s activity throughout the day – when he rests, when he plays, when he is nervous, when he is calm, etc… The Whistle 3 is also very durable and 100% waterproof, allowing you to use it on walks or on trips outside of town.

The Whistle 3 can attach to most collars or harnesses that are up to 1” wide, allowing you to use the device on your dog’s standard collar instead of buying a new one. It is worth pointing out, however, that the Whistle 3 is not the lightest device on the market and is not recommended for dogs that weight less than 10 lbs.

FitBark Dog Tracker


The third entry in our list is the FitBark Dog Activity Monitor. A bit different from our previous two entries in several key ways, here are the FitBark features you might be interested in.

For starters, this best dog tracker is known for being extremely easy to use. If you are new to dog activity monitors, if you’re not a fan of overly complicated technology gadgets, or if you simply don’t want to have too much hassle, than this FitBark device might be for you.

Don’t take this to mean that the Fitbark Dog Activity Monitor has nothing to offer. This device offers precise activity monitoring for your dog, allowing you to keep an eye on everything your pet does throughout the day. The FitBark app also allows you to compare your dog’s results with those of other dogs of the same breed, giving you an often needed perspective of how your dog is doing.

This best dog tracker is very durable and 100% waterproof, making it a great companion on walks or on trips out of town. The FitBark Dog Activity Monitor doesn’t have a GPS tracker, making it suitable for dogs that are not in fear of escaping their home. On the flip side, the lack of a GPS tracker makes this FitBark device virtually weightless – with a weight of just 8 grams, you can attach this device to the smallest pup, and he still won’t feel its presence.

The cute bone-shape design of this device is also a plus that shouldn’t go ignored. Not only is this FitBark device easy to use, but so is its app. Very user friendly, it also allows you to share everything with both your family and friends, and with your vet, making the trips to the vet go much smoother than usual.

And there you have them – 3 of the best dog tracker brands out there with all of their features. All that’s left up to do now is figure out what exactly does your dog need? Are you afraid that your dog might run away and get lost? Then the most precise GPS tracker on the market might be what you’re looking for – Tagg.

Do you want to keep a closer eye on your dog’s health and not just its activity? The Whistle 3 pet tracker can give you just that while also allowing for GPS tracking. Are you just looking for a simple, but high-quality pet activity monitor that won’t bother your smaller dog even one bit, but will give you all the activity information you need? FitBark has got you covered.

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