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Review: Halti No-Pull Harness and Training Lead

Traditional no-pull dog harnesses look similar to a regular walking harnesses. They usually have multiple attachment points, including one on the dogs' chest. The Halti No-Pull Harness from The Company of Animals is not your standard dog harness. Its unique design is what makes it so effective.

Halti No-Pull Harness and Training Lead ReviewFront clip harnesses can be difficult for dog owners to get used to. It's a weird point of control for most pet owners, and while they may be effective, it takes a while to get used to using these training products. The Halti Harness is very simple to use and comfortable for dogs to wear.

I'll give you all the details of this training aid below, and you can see how our Labrador, Saddie, liked wearing it in the video review above. For more information on training your dog to stop pulling on his leash, you can also check out these other resources from Top Dog Tips:

Now, let's look at the pros and cons of the Halti No-Pull Harness for dogs and the matching training lead. I'll let you know what I thought of these dog training products, and I encourage anyone who has used it to leave comments about their experience with Halti products in the comment section below.

Halti No-Pull Harness and Training Lead Review

Halti No-Pull Harness ReviewHalti No-Pull Harness

You can see the unique design of this harness in my video review above. It has thin straps that wrap around your dog's chest, under his legs, and back up over his shoulders. Unlike traditional dog harnesses that have a large chest plate, this harness has a much smaller chest panel.

Halti No-Pull HarnessThe chest panel has a patented non-slip design to keep it in place and allow you to have optimum control over your dog at all times. There are attachment points on the chest and between the dog's shoulder blades. The Halti No-Pull Harness also has 3 adjustment points to ensure you get the right fit.

In my video review, you will see how the Halti Harness tightens around your dog if he pulls on the lead. This tightening does NOT hurt your dog. It simply gives him correction and redirects the pulling behavior.

This dog harness is made of lightweight, breathable neoprene that has elastic woven in it. Our Labrador, Saddie, seems to be very comfortable while wearing her Halti No-Pull Harness. It allows her to have a full range of motion and does not chafe her chest or in her armpits.

Halti No-Pull HarnessSaddie is a big girl. She weighs 75-pounds. We've been using this harness for months, and even with her pulling and walking daily, the Halti Harness isn't showing any signs of wear. It has reinforced nylon piping to add durability. There is also reflective taping along the harness to provide added visibility in the dark.

This no-pull harness is available in sizes ranging from small to large for dogs with a neck measurement of 8.5″-24.5″. Depending on the size you need, you can purchase a Halti No-Pull Harness on Amazon for $22.56-$29.58.

The price is actually cheaper than most dog harnesses that are specifically designed to stop pulling. It's also comparable in price to traditional walking harnesses that are equipped with a chest attachment to discourage pulling. The Halti Harness is easy to use, comfortable for your pet, and effective at training a dog to stop pulling on the lead. For these reasons, I think it's a very good value for the money.

Halti Training Lead

The Halti Training Lead, as the name would suggest, is the ideal leash to use with the Halti No-Pull Harness. It's actually a 6-in-1 leash. You can use it as a:

  • Halti Training Lead For Dogs, Double Ended Dog Training Leash for Halti Head Collar and No Pull Harness, Black Training Leash for Small Dogs and Medium Dogs short lead
  • medium lead
  • long lead
  • hands-free lead

It can also be used to walk 2 dogs at the same time or to steer the Halti Harness. As you will see in my video review, there is a latch on each end of the lead. If you attach one to the chest clip and one to the back clip of the Halti Harness, you can easily steer and control your dog without having to worry about him pulling.

I like the soft padded material that this leash is made of. It's comfortable on your hand, even on long walks. Of course, you can use this training lead with any dog harness or collar.

The Halti Training Lead is available in 2 sizes. They are both 6 feet long, but the smaller size is only .5″ wide and the larger size is 1″ wide. The smaller size sells for $10.58 on Amazon, and you can buy the large size for $15.22.

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halti-no-pull-harness-reviewTraditional no-pull dog harnesses look similar to a regular walking harness. They usually have multiple attachment points, including one on the dogs's chest. The Halti No-Pull Harness from The Company of Animals is not your standard dog harness. Its unique design is what makes it so effective.