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Review: happyhund Dog Brushes for Deshedding

What's more challenging than grooming your dog at home? Choosing grooming supplies, of course! There are so many dog grooming products available, so how are you supposed to know which ones are effective, affordable and comfortable to use? This review will give you all the details of happyhund Dog Brushes to help you decide if they will be a good choice for your pup.

The grooming tools you will need will depend on your dog's coat type and length. There are many different shapes and sizes of dog brushes, but there is more to it than that. Each type of dog brush is used for a different reason. Some will brush out long tangled hair, while others are meant for dematting or deshedding.

happyhund Dog BrushesIt's really important to do a bit of research before you start shopping for the best dog brush for your pet. If you're not sure what type of coat your dog has, that's the first thing you need to figure out. Here's a tip: if your dog's hair continuously grows, that means it is hair and if it stops growing at a certain length, that means he has fur.

You'll also need to note whether his coat is thick or thin, long or short, and how much Fido sheds. It's also best to know if your dog has a double coat or any skin conditions that you need to be careful of. happyhund Dog Brushes are available in 5 styles for different coat lengths and types, and I'll describe them all in this review.

happyhund Dog Brushes for Deshedding Review

happyhund Dog BrushesThese dog brushes offer one thing that I've never seen on any comparable product – an adjustable handle. As you will see in my video review, with the push of a button you can adjust the handle to 1 of 5 different settings. Once the get to the setting you prefer, the handle locks in. The handle will not move when you're brushing your dog.

You can adjust the handle to the most comfortable position or to the position that allows you to groom your pet easily. The handle also has a rubber grip for added comfort.

happyhund Dog Brusheshappyhund Dog Brushes come in 5 varieties:

  • deshedding brush
  • long soft pin brush
  • medium soft pin brush
  • short soft pin brush
  • undercoat rake

You can see the deshedding brush in the photo on the right. I demonstrate how well it works in my video review. Our Labrador sheds like crazy this time of year, and this brush definitely pulls the shed hair from her coat.

I just wish the teeth were a little bit longer, so they could hold more fur. I fill the brush with just one swipe down my dog. I would definitely recommend this as a deshedding tool for small breeds, but if you have a large dog you'll want to look for a tool made specifically for large breeds.

happyhund Dog Brushes include 3 soft pin brushes. You can see the difference between the three in the large photo above. They are made for long, medium and short length fur. These pin brushes have small rubber bristles that grab shed fur and debris to remove it from the coat. The soft bristles also provide a soothing massage while you're grooming your dog.

happyhund Dog BrushesThe last of the happyhund Dog Brushes is their undercoat rake. It features long steel alloy teeth that pull out hair shed from the undercoat of a double coated breed. The teeth have rounded tips, so they are gentle on skin.

Undercoat rakes are ideal for double coated dogs that shed profusely in the spring and fall. While a typical deshedding brush may be enough when it's not shedding season, an undercoat rake pulls out the excessive fur that is shed seasonally.

As I mentioned, all of these brushes are quite small. If you have large hands, they may not be comfortable for you. They also may not be suitable for the largest breeds. However, they are ideal for reaching all the nooks and crannies and getting into those hard-to-reach spots.

You can purchase any of these brushes on Amazon for $13.99. They're cheaper than a lot of the big-name grooming brushes out there, but they are also smaller than the most traditional brushes. I think they would be a good value if you have a small or medium breed, but if you have a large dog I would recommend finding bigger grooming tools.

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happyhund-dog-brushes-reviewThese grooming brushes from happyhund feature a pivoting handle that can be positioned for the groomer's comfort. There are 5 different brushes available to meet the needs of all coat lengths and types. These brushes are affordable on any budget, but they may not be large enough for your liking.