Husse is Looking for Dog Loving Entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Husse sells and markets a wide variety of premium quality cat and dog food and other various pet accessories. What sets them apart from other pet product manufacturers is that Husse delivers their products right to your front door for no extra cost. The company was founded in Sweden in 1987, and it has been growing steadily ever since.

The company has distributors and franchisees representing their brand in more than 45 countries including Austria, Croatia, the Caribbean, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. They are also new to the United States. In fact, the brand has only been represented here for about six months.

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They currently have representatives in three states: California, Arizona and Florida. They are looking to add more before the end of the year. Earlier this year the company was the first ever European business to be allowed by the United States Department of Agriculture to export dog food to the US. Now they are trying to expand the awareness of their GMO free dog treats and pet food throughout the country.

Husse is Looking for Dog Loving Entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Almost 30 years ago, Swedish founder Tom Eliasson found himself completely broke after the financial crisis of the early 1990's. He was eager to get back on his feet, but he needed an idea that could get him started without a large investment. He came up with the idea of producing and delivering to quality dog food, and that proved to be the golden ticket! The Eliasson family still oversees the business, which is currently the largest pet food franchise in the world. The Husse family consists of more than 1,100 entrepreneurs right now.

The company says that its production process is closely monitored, controlled and tested. Their food is designed to meet the specific needs of the animal that it feeds. They have a team of veterinarians and pet nutrition experts that work to formulate blends that provide complete nutrition with top quality ingredients.

Husse has a Pet Research Center where there is always testing being done to improve the quality of the food that they manufacture. Not only are their products healthy and safe, but they provide 100% reliable delivery right to your front door. Delivery is on a fixed schedule, but Husse also guarantees that products can be delivered at any time of the day, seven days a week.

Husse is Looking for Dog Loving Entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Anyone interested in starting a Husse franchise must first invest in the franchise license and purchase a red car that meets the company’s guidelines. Then it’s just two days of training and they can start selling. As far as pet businesses go, that’s a pretty easy start-up. It’s a small investment and because you’re franchising, the company will provide you with everything that you need to know.

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Planning for a business can be the most challenging part for some entrepreneurs. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own pet business but you don’t want to have to do all the planning yourself, a franchise may be worth looking into. A business like Husse is a great choice because they offer a unique service that fills a niche many pet owners don’t think about.

Home delivery of dog products would be great! It’s one less stop to make when you’re out running errands, and if you live in a city that has home grocery delivery as well, you would hardly ever need to make time for shopping. This service would also be a great benefit to disabled or elderly pet parents that have a hard time shopping for themselves.


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