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Review: Jadeys JuJu Dog Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are becoming a very popular way for people to receive products that they buy on a regular basis. From clothing to beauty products and baby supplies to home décor, you can find subscription boxes for almost anything. Jadeys JuJu is one of the newest subscription boxes on the market that caters to our canine companions.

How do dog subscription boxes work? Simple. When you sign up for a monthly subscription, the company sends you a package once a month filled with pet products that they choose for you. You can get subscription boxes filled with dog food, dog toys, treats, clothes and other doggy supplies.

The best dog subscription boxes deliver quality products for a great value. The company should take the time to evaluate the products that they include, and not just go with any cheap product that is available. Jadeys JuJu goes above and beyond to ensure that the products included in their monthly boxes are safe and healthy for your pet.

I was interested to try this box because they are new to the market and claim to offer a few things that other similar subscription box companies do not. Are their boxes worth the monthly cost? What makes this company different from the others? I'll explain all of that in my detailed review below.

Jadeys JuJu Dog Subscription Box Review

Jadeys JuJu Dog Subscription Box ReviewMost subscription boxes partner with companies that agree to include their products in the box. They may choose these products based on a low cost, because that means they can make a higher profit. Many companies will offer a good deal in order to market their products to the large audience that will receive the boxes.

Jadeys JuJu includes only high end, ethically sourced products. They claim to thoroughly research every company they work with to ensure they are delivering top of the line products to their subscribers.

Jadeys JuJu Dog Subscription Box ReviewEvery box includes:

  • 2-3 treats
  • 2-3 toys
  • 1-2 chews
  • 1 roll of dog poop bags
  • 1 supplement
  • 1 surprise for your pup
  • 1 surprise for the owner

Boxes are currently available for dogs, cats and horses. The treats included are always all-natural and/or organic. And, one of the best things about this box is that a portion of the proceeds are donated to 501 c3 pet rescue organizations.

You can find more information about the organizations that receive donations from Jadeys JuJu on the company's website.

I was impressed by the options offered by Jadeys JuJu. Not only are the boxes available for multiple animals, you can also have the boxes delivered quarterly instead of monthly if you prefer. This is a great option for dog owners who don't need 7-10 pet products each month.

Jadeys JuJu Dog Subscription Box ReviewThere is also an option to try a sample box (or send one as a gift) before committing to a subscription. The sample box includes 5-6 items instead of 7-10.

The drawback to this subscription box is that it is currently a one-size-fits-most product. Other similar companies offer options to customize the boxes based on your dog's size, breed, chewing preferences, etc… While they don't offer an option to customize the box for pet's with allergies, they do stipulate that they are diligent about staying away from products made with common allergy causing ingredients.

Jadeys JuJu is a brand new company, and they're not yet offering any customization options. However, I hope to see them add these options in the future. According to the company's website, they have many ideas in the works, so I'll be sure to keep watching Jadeys JuJu and update you when there are new options available.

Now, every good review discusses the value of the product, so let's get to it. If you'd like to subscribe to receive a Jadeys JuJu dog subscription box, it will cost you $59.99 per box plus shipping.

This is more expensive than most other dog subscription boxes, but you have to keep in mind the quality of the products included in the box. Natural, ethically sourced products are more expensive to purchase, which increases the cost of the box. You also receive 7-10 items per box, which is slightly more than the average included in other similar subscription boxes.

Jadeys JuJu Dog Subscription Box ReviewOverall, I think the Jadeys JuJu box is a good value for the money. It's also one of the only dog subscription box companies that focusses on high end products. If ethically sourced, high-quality products are important to you, this box is going to offer exactly what you're looking for.

Our friend's at Jadeys JuJu have been generous enough to offer a coupon code for any of our readers that would like to try their box. Input code 20TOPDOGJUJU at checkout to receive 20% OFF your initial subscription OR a single box. This offer does not apply to subsequent boxes or gift cards.

AND, until March 31,2019 you can input code 40JUJULAUNCH at checkout to receive 40% OFF to celebrate Jadey's JUJU subscription box launch. This is for an initial QUARTERLY box only. It cannot be applied to subsequent quarterly boxes, single boxes, or gift cards. Subscribers can cancel anytime.

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jadeys-juju-dog-subscription-box-reviewJadeys JuJu includes only high end, company's website products. They claim to thoroughly research every company they work with to ensure they are delivering top of the line products to their subscribers. Every box includes: 2-3 treats, 2-3 toys, 1-2 chews, 1 roll of dog poop bags, 1 supplement, 1 surprise for your pup and 1 surprise for the owner.