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Review: K9 Sport Sack Rover Dog Backpack Carrier

Dog carrier backpacks are packs that you can sit your pooch inside to bring him along on adventures. Usually, these types of carriers are made only for small breeds. If you're looking for a pack for your medium sized pup to ride around in, check out the K9 Sport Sack Rover dog backpack carrier.

It's not often that you see someone carrying their pooch around in a backpack. While these carriers aren't right for everyone, they are perfect for hikers that want to bring their canine companion along into the the outdoors. They're also great if you plan to bring your dog with you on an adventure that requires a lot of supplies.

Doggy carriers are becoming more popular, so manufacturers are coming up with some very interesting designs. You'll need to consider your needs, your dog's size and how you'll be using the carrier before you begin shopping.

K9 Sport Sack RoverIf you're not physically able to carry your dog on your back or your pet is too heavy for you to “wear” him comfortably, this style is not for you. In this case, perhaps a dog carrier on wheels is more your style.

If you think a backpack carrier is right for you are your fur baby, you'll need to think about how you'll be using the pack. Do you need extra space to store supplies? Would you like extra support and/or padding for your back?

My suggestion is to try out multiple dog backpacks, and bring your pet along if possible. Most pet supply stores allow you to bring your dog inside with you. Find a carrier that is comfortable for you to wear and comfortable for your pet to sit in.

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K9 Sport Sack Rover Dog Backpack Carrier Review

K9 Sport Sack Dog Backpack CarrierWe love to go hiking with our dogs, but I was worried when we got Molly. I didn't think she would be able to keep up. Molly is the first small breed we've ever had, so it's been a bit of a learning experience. We found out quickly that her little legs hold her back from doing many of the things our other dogs love to do.

It wouldn't be fair to take the big dogs along and leave poor little Molly home alone, but what else could we do? Purchase a doggy backpack carrier, of course! I felt a little foolish the first couple of times I carried Molly around in one of these, but the more I used it the more I fell in love. And, it seemed like Molly felt the same way!

I started out gradually by just leaving the backpack on the floor and letting Molly sniff it. Once she was comfortable with the new smell, I put her inside. She was a bit timid at first, but finding a comfortable carrier was key. Once she settled in, she really seemed to enjoy riding around in a backpack carrier.

The K9 Sport Sack Rover bag is a step up from the company's other models. It is made of Outlast Temperature Regulating Fabric to keep your dog cool in all conditions. Unlike most similar products, this pack can hold a dog weighing 30-80 pounds. There are 3 different sizes of the K9 Sport Sack Rover dog carrier backpack.

It can hold a dog with a length of 20″-29″ (from the collar to the base of the tail) and a chest girth of 34″- 40″.

dog carrier backpackThis pack is available in red, blue and green colors. This carrier is made for dogs owners who plan to hike long distances with their pooch and take along a fair amount of supplies.

In my video review above you can see that there are extra pockets and a good amount of space to carry dog food, extra water, bowls, collars, leashes and anything else you may need to bring along on your adventure. The K9 Sport Sack Rover also comes with an additional detachable storage bag if you need some more room for provisions.

The detachable bag features a hydro port in case you'd like to bring a camel back on your hike. There is even a rain/sun hood included with this dog backpack carrier to keep your pooch protected from the elements.

Because the K9 Sport Sack Rover is designed to hold more weight than similar backpack carriers, it also features a durable, extra-padded waist belt designed to help distribute the weight. It has padded shoulder straps to help ease the burden of heavier loads, as well as a padded back panel with airflow.

dog carrier backpackThe shoulder and chest straps adjust easily, and it's very comfortable. I've carried Molly in this for 2.5 hours consecutively, and I had no shoulder fatigue or pain. Keep in mind that Molly only weighs about 30 pounds. If your pup is pushing the 80-pound weight limit, it will be more difficult for you to heft him around on your back.

There is also a collar strap to secure your pet and adjustment straps on both sides to allow you to fit the sport sack to your pet's body type. The shoulder and chest straps adjust easily, and this pack is very comfortable to wear.

As you'll see in my video at the top of this review, it's easy to put your dog in the K9 Sport Sack Rover. There are two small slots at the top of the pack that Fido's legs will easily slide through.

K9 Sport Sack RoverI found that the easiest way to secure your pet is to slip his legs through the slots, secure the collar around his neck and then pull the zipper closed. The zipper runs the length of the backpack – from the base of your pet's tail to his neck.

I was very impressed with the durability and the quality of the materials used to make the K9 Sport Sack dog backpack carrier. There is padding on the bottom of the pack for your pet's comfort, and the material that the product is made from cannot be easily ripped by your dog's toenails.

The stitching is durable as well. I'm confident that we'll have this do backpack for many years. It's very well made. Plus, I can use the Rover as a large backpacking pack when we don't take Molly along on our hikes.

You can't buy this pack on Amazon yet, but you can find other K9 Sport Sack models available through the online retailer. You can purchase this pack through the K9 Sport Sack website or at some local pet stores around the country. It retails for $179.95.

It's true that the Rover is more expensive than many other dog backpack carriers, but it's also made of higher quality materials and can support a much larger dog. This pack was also designed with your dog's comfort and your comfort in mind. It won't fit in everyone's budget, but I think it is a good value for the money.

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Review of K9 Sport Sack Rover Dog Backpack Carrier

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k9-sport-sack-rover-reviewDog carrier backpacks are packs that you can sit your pooch inside to bring him along on adventures. Usually, these types of carriers are made only for small breeds. If you're looking for a pack for your medium sized pup to ride around in, check out the K9 Sport Sack Rover dog backpack carrier.