Benefits of a Dog Backpack Carrier & Why I Love Mine

A dog backpack carrier is a type of rag suck that you sit your little pooch in and carry her in, whether at the front or on the back. Dog backpacks are usually best for small breeds of dogs such as Chihuahuas, Yorkies or puppies, though it can be used for any other small pets, too.

Just like baby carriers, these doggy backpacks come in different sizes and styles, normally from small to medium, depending on the design and for which breed or pet they've been manufactured, and whatever additional purposes they may be used for.

When should an owner consider buying a dog backpack? It's still uncommon to carry pets in backpacks, but if you are taking your dog with you by yourself and if you're carrying other doggy things with you: extra dog supplies, dog water bottles, dog treats, and your pooch's toys, you might want to consider getting a dog backpack carrier to make your trips easier.

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Doggy carriers are becoming more popular, so manufacturers are coming up with some very interesting designs.

Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack, Travel Carrier, Car Seat for Cats/Dogs, Mesh Ventilation, Included Tether, Telescoping Handle, Storage Pouch, 1 Model, Available in 5 Colors Want one with wheels on it? Pet Gear I-GO2, They have it. Personally, I started using dog backpack carriers a while ago since I took up walking on a daily basis. My friends choose strollers, but I'm not a fan of them, so I put my little one on the back, and off I go. I find these dog backpack carriers quite convenient and very fashionable.

I've even seen celebrities rocking them now and then.

Susan Sarandon Dog Backpack Carrier
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When Would You Need a Dog Backpack Carrier?

There was a day when my husband carried our little puppy in his arms while we were out with friends at all times, and he would tell you that even with our Chihuahua, his hands can get really tired, really quick.

When the time came for me to take over carrying our dog, those long walks with her didn't seem fun anymore.

Eventually, I overcame my fear of “not being fashionable enough” and got us a simple dog backpack for cheap just to try and see if this would work out. Lo and behold, it did.

I got addicted to having my pooch everywhere with me, and so did she. A carrier bag now helps to have my hands free, allowing me to be more in control and not strain my bony body.

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The greatest benefit of these carriers is that when my pet is close to me, she feels me close and remains calm and safe.

I don't need to use any dog leashes, collars, or anything else when I have her right there. On top of that, I can be certain my dog won't run away or do anything crazy.

Since my first dog backpack carrier, I've bought a few more after doing plenty of research. If you're looking to get one for yourself, these carriers come in different fabrics, strong and light, different colors, designs, with different pocket numbers, and all types of additional features if you need any of those.

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Dog owners who like being trendy and fashionable and are willing to spend an extra dollar on their pets' fancy toys and other dog supplies can get some amazing, well-designed, and very stylish dog backpacks made by known brands.

I cannot afford one of those yet, but I have to say, they do look pretty neat!

Benefits of a Dog Backpack Carrier & Why I Love ThemWhen do I use my dog backpacks? I pretty much go out with my dog all the time, and I'm too lazy to keep a dog leash on hand.

In particular, it's a quick run to the store, a short walk around the block (the only cardio that my lazy bum ever does), and even taking my pooch to a dog park.

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Instead of carrying two bags, I sometimes plan how I'm going to pack everything.

I take my doggy backpack and make sure there's enough room for some groceries or a few things I'll need when outside.

I'll sneak in a few snacks for the walk (as long as they don't smell too enticing to my pup), and I'm good to go!

PETCIOUS Airline Approved Pet Carrier Backpack Under seat, Soft Unique Dog Purse Travel Carriers Backpacks for Hiking Camping Outdoor, Tote Front Expandable Bag for Small Puppy Dogs in Airplane Car When it comes to choices for the “world's greatest dog backpack carrier,” there's no shortage of that as well. Need a doggy carrier with plenty of small pockets? They have that here. Don't like having a dog on the back and want her in the front? Here's a backpack for that.

If you're not big on walking a lot when you don't have to, a backpack may not be necessary for you.

However, there are many other reasons why pet parents choose to get one of these for themselves.

Dog owners who like to run with their dogs or love cycling with dogs may want to consider getting a pet backpack carrier as well if hands-free dog leashes aren't an option.

The same applies to hiking with dogs, backpacking, camping, hitchhiking, and so on.

I've seen tons of recreational (not professional) cyclists with canines on their back here in Los Angeles, but it may be just a California thing.

Cycling with a dog backpack carrier on the back

Top Dog Tips even published a few news pieces on more companies manufacturing new designs of these dog backpack carriers. Here are a few articles I found:

Where to Find the Best Dog Backpack Carriers?

My Chihuahua in a dog backpack carrierSince this “fashion statement” is becoming more prevalent among dog owners (and why wouldn't it, with dog strollers taking over dog parks nowadays), the choices are abundant almost anywhere and in every pet store and from online retailers.

I myself bought all of my backpacks for dogs from Amazon, which usually has the best prices. You can find a list of their best dog backpacks here.

However, there are plenty of selections on other dog supply websites and most likely in your local pet store since it's now a fairly popular dog product. Here are a few links to online stores where you can check some other options:

I would recommend buying one of the cheapest dog backpacks first so you can try and see if carrying your dog on your back is for you.

For some, it may be a hassle, and they'd rather keep their pets on a leash when walking outside.

Also, depending on how heavy your dog is and how athletic you are, this may or may not be a strain on your back, which is also an important consideration.

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Overall, I would definitely say that having a dog backpack carrier will be convenient for the majority of dog owners whose pets can actually fit in them and aren't too heavy.

Even if you're not using your carrier on a daily basis, there will be times when you'd think that you wish to have your pooch with you, but you cannot or would not “drag” her by the leash.


Why I Love My Dog Backpack Carrier

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