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Review: Larz Dog Products Hands Free Dog Leash System

Hands free dog walking leashes are relatively new, but they're gaining popularity with owners who like to run or jog with their pet. While some pet owners say they are much more convenient, others aren't as comfortable using them. In this review, I'll tell you all about the Larz Dog Products Hands Free Dog Leash System so you can find out if it's right for you and your Fido.

Typically a hands free leash system consists of a belt worn around the owners' waist and a dog leash that attaches to this belt. These types of leash systems are ideal for owners who walk or run with their pet often. However, they aren't suitable for seniors, handicapped pet owners or owners with trouble balancing.

If you walk or run with your pet frequently, you understand the hassle of trying to tie your shoe, switch to a different song on your iPod or even take a drink of water while trying to hang on to your dog's leash. A hands free leash, like this one from Larz Dog Products can help with that problem.

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Larz Dog Products Hands Free Dog Leash System Review

Larz Dog ProductsThis system consists of a collar for your dog, a belt for you and a leash that connects the two. You'll probably notice that the collar is about three times as wide most traditional dog collars. It is designed to spread the force from any pulling over a wider area, resulting in less pain and a more comfortable walking experience for your pet.

It is a martingale style collar, which is also referred to as a humane choke collar. Basically, it's made of two loops. The big loop goes around your dog's neck, and you clip the leash to the smaller loop. Thus, when your dog pulls on the leash the collar tightens and corrects the behavior.

It doesn't tighten enough to choke your pet, but just enough to teach him that the behavior is not acceptable.

The extra thickness of the collar also prevents your dog from dropping his head into the “pulling position,” which makes it harder for him to tug hard enough to throw you off balance. Both the collar and belt are also well padded, so they're comfortable for you and your pup.

The collars are available in 5 sizes, and I would highly encourage you to read the measuring instructions on the company's website to find the right size for your pet. Likewise, the belt is available in 3 adjustable sizes, so it's important that you check out the measurement guidelines if you want it to fit properly.

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Larz Dog ProductsThe belt has three D-rings that allow you to attach separate leashes or other items that you may have (such as a water bottle, dog poop bags, car keys, etc…). Larz Dog Products sells single and dual leashes, so you could potentially walk up to 6 dogs with this system!

I like the flexibility of being able to attach my dog's leash to the front or side of the belt. Typically, I like to have Saddie walk in front of me, but when we're jogging or when we're in a crowded area, I prefer to have her at my side.

Having a detachable handle is convenient for times when you come upon other people or animals during your daily walks. I love having the peace of mind in knowing that the handle is right there if Saddie and I encounter an unfriendly dog or a large crowd of people.

Speaking of walking in a crowded, you can see the included handle that comes with this system in my video review above. I keep it clipped to one of the side D-rings at all times. If I need to keep Saddie at an arm's length for any reason, the handle is right there for easy access.

The final (and most important) piece of the system is the leash. As you can see, it has two bungee sections that act as shock absorbers for dogs that pull. The strength of the bungee varies to compensate for dogs of different sizes and weights. This is another reason to be sure that you order the right size for your canine companion.


You'll also notice in my video review that the leash has three places with clips to attach to the collar. That is so that you can adjust the length depending on your current needs. You can use it as a heeler leash, two-thirds length, or full length of about 5 feet.

I enjoy using this system when I run or walk with my dog in a secluded area. I tried to take Saddie hiking with this system from Larz Dog Products, but because of the fluctuation in the terrain it was much easier to just use a standard leash.

Also, keep in mind that hands free systems are not for everyone. They are not well suited for seniors, handicapped dog owners or pet parents with balance difficulties. Hands free dog leashes are also more expensive than traditional leashes.

You have to remember that you're paying for the entire system (belt, collar and leash), and you're also paying extra for the convenience of walking your pet without having to use your hands. For those reasons, the Larz Dog Products Hands Free Dog Leash System costs about $50 on Amazon.

You can also buy each piece of the system separately, so if you want to purchase additional collars and leashes you have the ability to do so. Leashes cost about $25 and additional collars run approximately $20 each.

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larz-dog-products-reviewThis hands free dog leash system from Larz Dog Products is easy to use and comfortable for both you and your pet. Hands free systems like this aren't suitable for all owners, but if you run or job with your pooch often it's probably going to be right up your alley!