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Review: Lovoom Pet Camera

I always feel a little twinge of guilt when I walk out of the house and leave my dogs behind. I used to spend my days wondering what they were up to all day and worrying that they were sitting around just waiting for me to come home. Thankfully, products like the Lovoom Pet Camera make it possible for me to check on my girls when I'm not at home.

Lovoom Pet CameraI'm grateful that I get to work from home, because I can be with my dogs most of the time. Unfortunately, that means I worry about them even more when I can't be home with them. I'm always worried that they will get bored when I'm not there and get into something that they shouldn't to entertain themselves.

Using a pet camera has helped give me peace of mind. I've tried many different models, and I was curious to see how the Lovoom Pet Camera measured up to other similar models.

You'll have to keep reading or watch my video review above to get all the details, but I can tell you that this device makes it easy to check up on your pets when you're not at home. It's got some great features that may sway your decision on which pet camera is going to be best for you and your canine companion.

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Lovoom Pet Camera Review

Lovoom Pet Camera ReviewThe Lovoom Pet Camera connects to iOS and Android devices with the help of the company's free app. It sends a live stream, 720p HD video to your phone or tablet. This camera provides 90˚ angle views and has 4X zoom.

The one feature that the Lovoom Pet Camera offers that I've never seen on a similar product is it's ability to rotate 180˚. As I demonstrate in my video review above, it is simple to move the camera back and forth with the arrows on the app screen.

I've never used a pet camera that allows you to get this type of view in your home. Most sit stationary, but the Lovoom Pet Camera can pan back and forth to give you a view of the entire room. It is even equipped with the ability to snap still photos, so you can share them on social media with your friends and family.

Lovoom Pet CameraIt is also equipped with a 2-way microphone that allows you to hear when your dog barks and gives you the ability to send voice messages to your pup!

Some pet cameras, like this one, feature a treat tossing device. I highly recommend getting a camera with a treat tosser, for two reasons. First, of course, it is a great way to get your dog's attention. Also, it makes it really easy to train your dog to come over to the camera when it engages.

The treat dispenser on the Lovoom Pet Camera goes a step above other devices, as it allows you to adjust the distance the treat is thrown and the direction in which it is projected. The distance can be adjusted from 3-10 inches.

Lovoom Pet Camera ReviewIn my video review above I demonstrate how easy it is to fill the treat dispenser of this camera. The only thing that I don't like is that the treats need to be VERY small. Training treats are very small kibble would work.

Speaking of training your dog to come over when the camera engages, Lovoom makes it simple. Along with the treat dispenser, there are 5 melodies to provide an audible cue to your pup when the camera initiates.

Another feature that pushes the Lovoom Pet Camera ahead of competitors is the included remote control. I don't really find the remote control useful, because I only use the camera when I'm not at home. However, if you'd like to treat your pup when you are home you will surely find the remote helpful.

The camera is fairly small, measuring just 5.5″ x 5.7″ x 6.3″. You can purchase it on Amazon for $245 at the time of this review. This is comparative in price to other similar products, but it's still very expensive. While I think the camera is a great product, I know pet owners on a budget will not be able to afford this device.

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lovoom-pet-camera-reviewPet cameras give dog owners the ability to check in on their pet when not at home. The Lovoom camera also features a 2-way microphone and a treat launcher. It connects to iOS and Android devices via a free app.