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Review: Matching Friendship Collar For Dogs


If you're looking for an adorable fashion accessory for your pup or the perfect gift for the dog lover on your list, look no further than the Friendship Collar. I was sent this collar to review just in time for the holiday season, and I think it would make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift.

Matching Friendship Collar For Dogs Review
Photo: Samantha Randall

Each Friendship Collar for dogs comes with a matching bracelet for the dog owner. They are available in many different styles to show off your personal fashion preferences or pay homage to the season.

Right now they have a very cute blue collar with a snowflake pattern that would be perfect for pets living in a winter wonderland.

Matching Friendship Collar For Dogs Review

You can buy matching leads too, so everything will be coordinated. I can't tell you how many comments that I've gotten while walking Chloe with her FriendshipCollar. I always make sure my matching bracelet is visible, and we've had so many people compliment our matching apparel.

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FriendshipCollars are comfortable too. They are made with soft, animal-friendly, vegan leather. It's Peta Approved Vegan! They are also equipped with a gold-platted buckle and D-ring. This beautiful hardware gives the collar a sophisticated look while offering durability at the same time.

Matching FriendshipCollar For Dogs Review

There are so many different FriendshipCollar styles to choose from. They offer everything from basic collars in the The Classic Collection to funky patterns in their Urban Collection and everything in between.

The dog collar and bracelet combo is a little pricey, at $35, and you can purchase extra bracelets for $10 each. This would be great for children or homes where everyone in the family wanted matching bracelets. You can even get a matching collar for your cat if you have a multi-pet household.

Leashes range from $20-$30 depending on their length. That means you'll be spending more than $50 for a collar and matching lead. You can certainly find cheaper options, but these FriendshipCollars are unique and adorable.

Plus, they are made from leather with durable hardware, making them extremely strong. The only problem you may have is with a dog that likes to chew. I know our puppy goes bananas for anything made from leather, so be mindful of that.

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Do you have any experience with Matching Friendship Collar For Dogs? What are your thoughts on this product? Feel free to leave your own review and rating for the Matching Friendship Collar For Dogs below and let us know what you think!

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  1. My daughter bought a friendship collar and two bracelets. To be honest, we’re really very disappointed with them. Don’t be fooled by the “Vegan leather” boast. It’s just another name for plastic. They look cheap and tacky, and there’s no way I’d dream of putting it on my dog. On the website, the design my daughter chose looked as though it was woven. The reality is, it’s just a printed design. The matching “bracelets” look more like cat collars than bracelets. For what they are, they are overpriced. To add insult to injury, she was charged a £14.42 customs charge.

    Apologies if this sounds like a very negative review. If I could have found something positive to say, I would have. My opinion is that there are many more far nicer, better quality, and better value collars on the market than these. Shop around and you’ll find some.

    • I’m sorry that your daughter was not happy with her purchase! That is disappointing. I agree that for the money you can certainly find better products on the market, but as you can see from my photos the collar and bracelet that I received are of very good quality. They are soft and comfortable to wear for both myself and my dog. I’ve worn the bracelet many times and Chloe has been using the collar for months now. Both are very durable and we have been happy with them. Perhaps it is the difference in the designs?
      Thank you for sharing your experience. We always encourage readers to give their honest feedback! We appreciate you taking the time to comment and let other readers know your opinion.

  2. I purchased the solid black collar and bracelet for myself and my dog. Upon receiving the items, I immediately put them on because I’d been so excited to receive them. The collar, while very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, seemed cheaply made, like the leather would wear down and tear apart after a short time. However, what I really disliked was the bracelet. It was the same cheap material, and the buckle stuck out too far, so anytime you wear a long sleeve shirt/jacket, it would be very uncomfortable. Also, unlike a watch that has a loop on the band to put any extra strap through, this did not have that piece and since I have smaller wrists the extra strap stuck out too far and looked awful.

    I instantly wanted to return the items. I emailed their customer service department to clarify the return process. They would not send me a return label, claiming it isn’t part of their process, so I had to pay to return it. It was only $3.00 but I think free returns is a pretty common practice by companies nowadays. I dropped the package off at a post office on January 19th, 2017 and am still currently communicating with their customer service department to receive my refund.

    I do not recommend this product AT ALL. Overpriced, cheaply made, and lacking in customer service.

  3. I received this as a gift and immediately put it on my dog and myself. About 24 hours later I noticed a bald spot on my dogs neck about four inches long and two inches high. I of course immediately took it off of him. I will say there is no visible redness or sores and I thought it was cute but I don’t want my dog to have a bald ring around his neck… hopefully the hair grows back! Being such an expensive product I never imagined I would have to worry about this.

  4. I have had my friendship collars for less than a month, and my bracelet is already faded. I guess for the price I was expecting something a little bit more sturdy (both for the collar and the bracelet), however, both pieces are pretty flimsy. I love the thought of matching my pup, but when my bracelet fades in less than 20 days and therefore looks weird and tacky, well, that makes my decision for me… Overall disappointed with the product. A great idea, just lacking quality materials.


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