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Review: Original Territory Pocket Towel for Dogs

We have a chocolate Labrador who always seems to find water, even in the most unlikely places. We also have a Beagle mix who always seems to find the most disgusting things to roll in. She's always in need of a bath. I knew this Pocket Towel from Original Territory was going to come in handy in our home.

We use a separate towel for our dogs for two reasons. First, it seems like no matter how many towels we have, there are never enough. There are four people in our home, and between regular use and our children leaving damp towels in their rooms for days before putting them in the hamper, it seems our linen closet is always running low.

Also, we keep one of the dog towels in our vehicle. Not only are we always prepared when traveling with our canine family members, but I don't have to sacrifice one of our good bath towels to leave in the car. They definitely aren't a necessity, but dog towels (like this one from Original Territory) are a very convenient and affordable product to keep around.

Original Territory Pocket Towel for Dogs Review

Original Territory Pocket Towel for Dogs Review

Measuring just 10 inches wide and 36 inches long, it's easy to see that this is a product made for small and medium breeds. I was disappointed to see that this is the only size that this towel comes in. Hopefully the company will add more size options in the future.

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The towel itself is well-made with a terry fiber material. Original Territory states that it is 50% more absorbent than cotton. It's also machine washable and dryable, which is something that I always look for.

Original Territory Pocket Towel for Dogs ReviewThis towel also has a very unique design. There are large pockets on either end of the towel, hence the name, which you can slide your hands into. These are really convenient and allow you to dry your dog much faster.

I also liked the small loops sewn onto each end of the towel. This allows you to hang it on a hook in your bathroom or on the doorknob. It dries quickly, so I like to keep it hanging on our front door on rainy days to dry the dogs as they come in the house.

Available in brown and navy blue, this towel has an adorable dog bone design that will set it apart from the “people” towels in your house. At just $9.99 it's very affordable, too!

I'm really happy with everything about this towel except for its size.

I love this towel for our Beagle, and it does work well to dry our dogs when they come in from the rain. The problem is that it isn't large enough to dry our lab or or our boxer when their coats are soaked through. A little rain on the top of their coat is one thing, but after a bath is another.

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I've tried it with both of our large breeds, as they have very different coats. The Pocket Towel does a sufficient job drying our boxer, but she has a thin, single coat. It still leaves her wet, but it absorbs enough water to keep her from dripping all over the house until we can get her outside.

With our lab, of course it helps a little, but this towel becomes completely saturated before her coat is even halfway dry. It isn't a question of whether or not this towel does its job. It's certainly very effective at absorbing water. The problem is that it isn't large enough for a dog over about 30 pounds. That strictly limits the pets that it will be effective for.

If you have a dog over who weighs more than 30 pounds, you will be better off shopping for a dog towel that is available in a much larger size.

Original Territory Pocket Towel for Dogs Review

It is very affordable, so I do recommend it for owners of small and medium breeds. I'd even recommend it for large breed owners who want to use it like I do. The Pocket Towel from Original Territory works perfectly to wipe the rain off our dogs' back and paws when they come inside, and the convenient loops on top allow you to hang it on the doorknob for easy access.

Summary of the Original Territory Pocket Towel for Dogs Review


  • Original Territory Pocket Towel for DogsVery absorbent
  • Convenient design that includes pockets to make it easier and faster to dry your dog and loops on either side to hang the towel on a hook or doorknob
  • Ideal for travel and hiking
  • Available in two colors – both with an adorable dog bone design
  • At just $9.99 it's very affordable


  • Only 36 inches long by 10 inches wide, making too small for larger dogs – I recommend it for pets under 30 pounds

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original-territory-pocket-towel-reviewThis pocket towel from Original Territory is a bit small, but it can absorb a lot of water. It's best for small breeds, but makes a convenient travel towel when space is limited.